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Recent news and blog entries from Warseer

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 37 (12th Jun 2016)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30 Things move quickly and we’ve got a lot happening in the coming few weeks. SeminART is all sold out and we’re really looking forward to heading down to Cardiff with Fernando Ruiz for the first of many painting seminars with the top art ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 36 (16th May 2016)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30 In issue 36, we have some great stuff for you this issue, including unboxing reviews of miniatures from Aradia, H&V, Nutsplanet, Parallax and Pedro Fernández Works. We also talk to Matt DiPietr ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 34 (7th Mar 2016)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30We have a pretty cool issue for you this month, kicking off with an Insight interview with one of my favourite painters, Diego Esteban, who not only tells us about his painting, but also about his latest venture, HeraModels. We also have ... Read More

WarSeer is Back! (20th Feb 2016)

Yes we are back.We experienced a major problem with our database files. On examination the problem had been prevalent for sometime which meant it had been copied into some of our backup file. To make matters worse the issue also effected the webserver. As ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 32 (11th Jan 2016)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Welcome to issue 32 of Figure Painter Magazine.*Happy New Year to all our readers. In this, our biggest issue ever, 144 pages dedicated to our wonderful industry/hobby, we have something pretty special. A huge tutorial by Fernando Ruiz o ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 31 (5th Dec 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Welcome to issue 31 of Figure Painter Magazine.We have a cracking issue for this month with show reports from all over the world. Hussar, Monte San Savino and Chicago all feature. We also have event reports from Golem Studio’s Painting w ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 30 (22nd Nov 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Welcome to issue 30 of Figure Painter Magazine.One of the goals of FPM is to show you, our readers, things that you may have never seen before and introduce you to new ideas. That’s why this issue is a bit of a special one dedicated to f ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 29 (18th Oct 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Welcome to issue 29 of Figure Painter Magazine.So, the big one is over again for another year. I a of course referring to Euro Militaire and I’d like to say well done to all that took part on the painting competition and congratulate tho ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 28 (16th Sep 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Welcome to issue 28 of Figure Painter Magazine.I must say we have a stonking issue for you this month (that’s a good thing for our non-UK readers ). We have four brilliant tutorials from the likes of Thor Studio, Justin McCoy and a massi ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 27 (11th Aug 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Welcome to issue 27 of Figure Painter Magazine.We have a pretty cool issue for you this month, which kicks off with a fantastic Insight interview with Italian painter Francesco ‘Franciuus’ Farabi who, I’m sure you’ll all agree, is a true ... Read More

Warhammer Classics Storm (16th Jul 2015)

Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000 classics return. Available digitally for the first time ever, exclusively on partnership with Games Workshop, Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000 classics premiere digitally on! Three titles return to mode ... Read More

Age of Sigmar - Extensive Starter Set Review with lots of pictures (4th Jul 2015)

Sorry for the shameless plug, but here is an extensive review of the Age of Sigmar starter set, including a closer look at the book and the lore, as well as large high quality pictures of the sprues, and what we think about Age of Sigmar: http://taleofpai ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 26 (2nd Jul 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Welcome to issue 26 of Figure Painter Magazine.For this issue the review guys have been busy and bring you seven…yes, seven reviews! We also have some fantastic tutorials including one from Sean Fulton on how he is painting his Chapter M ... Read More

GothiComp 2015 (24th Jun 2015)

Hi all, Perhaps beyond expectations but it is that time of the year again:GothiComp 2015 Following are the rules for GothiComp 2015, feedback appreciated:Rules GothiComp 2015.This is the eleventh annual GothiComp, and will be run in a similar way to last ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 25 (8th Jun 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Issue 25 — our 2nd Birthday issue!We would like you to help us celebrate this milestone by entering our Birthday giveaway contest. more details of how to do this is in the magazine. Also in there, you’ll find some fantastic tutorials, gr ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 24 (3rd May 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30In this issue we have something for everyone. Barry Ford returns to our pages with a fantastic tutorial on how he painted his James Bond garage kit (and quite a nice cheesecake recipe ). Regular contributors Marko Paunovic, continues his ... Read More


Raging Heroes' Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are back on Kickstarter with 6 new armies of miniatures: Striking Dark Elves, Lustful Demons and Unflinching Sisters, ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 23 (29th Mar 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30In our biggest issue yet, we have something for every level of painter. For beginners (or more advance modellers wanting to improve), Marta Åšlusarska begins a new series of tutorials detailing the basics of miniature painting. We also ha ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 22 (8th Mar 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30In this issue we have great reviews from Black Crow, Mindwork Games, N-S Prod, Carmine Giugliano, and Scale75. We also take a good look at Firestorm Games’ great new gaming venue based in South Wales, plus our regular Putty&Paint Sho ... Read More

Introducing Warhammer 40,000: Dark Nexus Arena (25th Feb 2015)

I've just received the following news item Whitebox Interactive is pleased to announce our upcoming title - Warhammer 40,000: Dark Nexus Arena! Set in the Wych arenas of Commorragh, Dark Nexus Arena is a blend of the twin stick shooter and MO ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 21 (3rd Feb 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1.30Happy New Year to everyone and we hope you had a good Christmas Break. Our reviewers have been very busy unwrapping all their presses and hitting the keyboards to bring you a bumper crop of reviews for this issue. We also have tutorials ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 20 (6th Jan 2015)

ON SALE NOW: £1THIS ISSUE IS HUGE! 120 pages full of miniatures goodness that will certainly sate your miniature lust Inside we have reviews from Fallen Frontiers, Olivier Bouchet, Siren Miniatures, Nocturna and Miniaturas Fortes. Luke Wilson and Ian Suc ... Read More

The End Times of the Elves! Short Story Competition 2014 (14th Dec 2014) PresentsThe End Times of the Elves! Short Story Competition 2014"The dividing line between Asuryan and Khaine cuts through the centre of every Elven heart"- Hotek, Priest of VaulOpen to Elven enthusiasts of all three races, tell us the tale of ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 19 (30th Nov 2014)

ON SALE NOW: £1We have another large issue for you jam packed full of articles. This issue has five tutorials from great sculptors and painters like Ian Succamore, Luke Wilson and our very own News Editor, Jason Martin. We have a look at Norsgard, Guards ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 18 (1st Nov 2014)

ON SALE NOW: £1This month we have a huge issue for you. We have tutorials from Sergey Chasnyk, Nicolas Rouanet and we are beginning to draw to an end the epic Malifaux gaming table build. We also have product reports from Tim Fitch, Davide Rainone as well ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 17 (28th Sep 2014)

ON SALE NOW: £1Welcome to Figure Painter Magazine issue 17. In this issue we have some great articles for modelers, painters and gamers alike. We have a special article where Marko, our terrain guru, shows you have to make a hilltop gaming table. Justin M ... Read More

Wayland Games 2014 Cutomer Survey (14th Sep 2014)

Wayland Games have announced their 2014 customer survey and they are giving out a prize of a £500 store voucher for one lucky winner ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 16 (31st Aug 2014)

ON SALE NOW: £1In this issue, we bring you reviews of products from Scale75, Ax Faction, Fantasy Realms Models, Painting Buddha and Sergeant BlackArt. We also have some brilliant tutorials including Sean Fulton painting the model he converted in last mont ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 15 (26th Jul 2014)

ON SALE NOW: £1Welcome to issue 15 of Figure Painter Magazine and we have a tutorial bonanza for you! Five great tutorials including how Sean Fulton converted his Venomthrope, Thor Intararangson painted his Ultramarine’s Space Marine Banner and Martyn Dor ... Read More

The Golden Bat Competition 2014 (27th Jun 2014)

Carpe Noctem Presents The Golden Bat Competition 2014 Sponsored by Mantic Games I am very pleased to announce the return of Carpe Noctem's Golden Bat Competition, with revamped (pun intended ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 14 (26th Jun 2014)

ON SALE NOW: £1Issue 14 is packed full of articles to suit all types of painters. We have reviews of products from BrokenToad, Badger Airbrush Company, Games Workshop, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Figone and Scale75. Tutorials from Myles ‘lil-loser’ David an ... Read More

New from Chapter House Studios: Space Undead Defence Lines (4th May 2014)

Each 39 piece kit is available with Green or Blue clear components and come with 4 short walls, 4 long walls, and a weapon turret/comms relay that has 3 loadout options and was designed to be fully compatible ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 7 (3rd Dec 2013)

ON SALE NOW: £1Figure Painter Magazine issue 7. In this issue we have a brilliant insight interview with Spanish painter Pepa Saavedra. We also have tutorials from Sergey "We7" Chasnyk and Alex "Warploque" Huntley as well as chapter 7 of our regular gamin ... Read More

Avatars of War new releases: Dwarves, Saurian & Apoc (9th Nov 2013)

Legions of the ApocalypseAfter the great acceptance of the special pre-order deals with exclusive miniature (all are already sold out), this month arrive the Corrupters of the Apocalypse with hand weapon and shield with their own pre-order exclusive Lord ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 6 (20th Oct 2013)

ON SALE NOW: £1Welcome to issue 6 of Figure Painter Magazine. In this issue we have An Insight interview with Kev White from Hasslefree Miniatures. Tutorials from Barry Ford and Michał “ARBAL” Walczak as well the next chapter in our gaming table buil ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 5 (29th Sep 2013)

ON SALE NOW: £1Figure Painter Magazine issue 5; our first 100 page issue. In issue 5 you'll find an insight interview with sculptor and painter Sang-Eon Lee of Life Miniatures, four great tutorials and product reviews including one about the new Scalecolo ... Read More

Dwarf Army Indiegogo Campaign and Plastic (20th Sep 2013)

The Dwarf army Indiegogo campaign was designed to produce the regiments in Warcast. As some of you may already know, after months of attempts & frustration, we had to discard this material for regiments that require a wide distribution, and switch ... Read More

Avatars of War: Thunder, Amazon & Pestilence! (17th Sep 2013)

After the great success that was the limited offer of Dwarf Pathfinders along with an exclusive dwarf miniature, we have decided to repeat the offer with the new Thunder Warriors plastic regiment. ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 4 (31st Aug 2013)

ON SALE NOW: £1Every month Figure Painter Magazine is packed full of hobby news, painting tutorials, product reviews and all the best new releases making it the number one source for your hobby information. With our magazine you can keep you in touch with ... Read More

Auction for Painted 28mm WWII British - Iron Man II 24-Hour Charity (23rd Aug 2013)

As part of the IRON MAN II charity challenge, Stuart McC and Mark M painted a 48-model 28mm WWII British infantry platoon from Artizan Designs, donated by Great Escape Games. And now Great Escape Games are offering it for sale by auction here:. Pictures ... Read More

Avatars of War: Go Pathfinders! (10th Aug 2013)

After receiving the first batch of orders from retailers, we have about 200 boxes of Dwarf Pathfinders left in the AoW warehouse. Since it would be a big success if this first run of boxes ... Read More

4th Annual AI Campaign (6th Aug 2013)

The bridge of the Valiant Heart rocked violently, and Rear-Admiral Harks was forced to steady himself with a hand. His command ship was under close bombardment by a cruiser of the Great Enemy, but she was giving as good as she got. However, the gunne ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 3 Out Now (4th Aug 2013)

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 3 and our biggest issue to date. Inside you'll find our insight interview with sculptor Roberto Chaudon. Reviews of Ammon's Ana Bot Hunter and Spellcrow's Plagure Prince. We also have the second part of Barry Fords Tale of Tw ... Read More

New Portal Magazine (#33) Available - free online magazine for all miniature enthusiasts! (30th Jul 2013)

This month’s issue has been a tight squeeze to get it all ready for you, but we’ve got a great selection of treats for you this month! Our cover story and article features one of the biggest names in fantasy art, Mr. Paul Bonner, as well as a very thoroug ... Read More

AoW New Releases: Plastic Dwarf Pathfinders and Dwarf Berserker with great weapon (28th Jul 2013)

This month two new releases for Dwarfs!Dwarf Pathfinders (plastic): This box contains the plastic pieces to assemble one 20-strong or two ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 2 (27th Jun 2013)

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 2 is a whopping 72 page miniature bonanza! In this issue we have a fantastic insight interview with Chris Clayton, aka GiganticDark! We also have tutorials from Barry Ford and Jaroslaw "Camelson" Drabek. Part 2 of the Malifau ... Read More

Portal 32 (22nd Jun 2013)

Portal 32 is here and its a cracking issue, perhaps the best ever? It certainly needs to be good to live up to last months issue that smashed all previous records and firmly showed why Portal is the number 1 digital magazine for miniature painters.Salu ... Read More

Portal 31 is here (3rd Jun 2013)

Portal 31 is here.Guide To Painting the Stonehorn with We7Grular Invader,Alkemy and Reaper reviewsBarbarian Dude give-awayGolden Thrall ReportPainting Avatars of War Orc ShamanHasslefree contest DetailsNews,new releases,and galleryMini RadarRandom Musings ... Read More

Figure Painter Magazine (1st Jun 2013)

Figure Painter Magazine is a new independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine will have details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top ... Read More

Well Forged Films & Wayland Games to Develop Tabletop Games (16th Apr 2013)

Well Forged Films and Wayland Games are proud to announce their partnership to produce a range of tabletop games based on their own original IP. Their first collaborative project, codenamed HOX, incorporates sci-fi and horror elements to bring an ... Read More