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AHPC X Day 15 - Third Submission (4th Jan 2020)

My third submission has been posted: linkI am (for now) in 18th place, and thanks to the bonus points from my first submission I am on track for my 1300 point target.I'm hoping to have my fourth submission finished tomorrow:They are mostly done; I' ... Read More

AHPC X Day 12 - 8th Blogiversary Post (1st Jan 2020)

Bloomin' 'eck! It really is eight years since I began this blog. Incredibly, I haven't got bored of it and people still seem to enjoy my posts so something must be going right.After AHPC X ended, I had a fallow couple of months in terms of pai ... Read More

AHPC X Day 08 - Saturday Workbench 28 December (28th Dec 2019)

As it happens, I took a few days off from painting this week - Tuesday and Wednesday were mostly taken up with cooking and eating, then I decided to catch up on DVDs the last two days. I finally resumed painting this afternoon and finished these chaps off ... Read More

AHPC X Day 03 - Second Submission (23rd Dec 2019)

My second submission is up now: linkI was meant to be heading down to Sussex today for Christmas, but I've been struck down with a D&V bug. Brilliant timing, thanks whoever passed it on to me. As a result, I will be staying in London on my lonesom ... Read More

AHPC X Day 02 - First Submission (22nd Dec 2019)

And we're off! This year's Challenge began at 0600 UK time yesterday. It was a few hours later that I hit the brushes (I'm not a morning person), but I managed to finish my first submission by 2100.Here's a pic of the figures:And a link to ... Read More

'Tis the Night Before Challenge (20th Dec 2019)

Curt Campbell did gush,So wipe down that workbenchAnd clean out that brushYou can begin paintingIn a few hours timeNot figures you've startedUnless they're just primedBy the time this drivel is posted there will be 10 hours left before the kick-of ... Read More

Wednesday Workbench 18 December (18th Dec 2019)

With just two full days left now before the Challenge kicks off, I've been slowly working through prep and priming of recent acquisitions, alongside doing some reading, catching up on DVD box sets etc.Over the past couple of days I have been priming t ... Read More

Wednesday Workbench 11 December (11th Dec 2019)

As I'm mostly in the midst of doing figure prep, there is no overall "on the workbench" photo today.Since Friday's post I have done a little bit of work apart from prepping figures. I used up the last of my basing gunk mix (I've since made up ... Read More

Finished - 28mm WW2 British Airborne Jeeps, Bikes and Carts (6th Dec 2019)

After much delay, I have finally finished these. And that's the last of the Airborne for now, although (as I'm sure you know) I do have a few more figures that haven't been prepped and primed yet.Hand CartsMotorbikesTwo Wellbikes and one 350cc ... Read More

Paint Table Saturday - AHPC X Is Upon Us (30th Nov 2019)

Well, in three weeks' time the tenth edition of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge will kick off and an intrepid band of 68 fools figure painters will retire to their workbenches, pick up their brushes, load their palettes, accidentally drink fro ... Read More

Finished: 28mm WW2 British Paras Batch 4 (26th Nov 2019)

Just a small batch this time, with some odds and ends that I bought in the past few weeks. It's not the final batch though - some figures I'd ordered in June from Black Tree Designs finally arrived on Saturday. I've also got the jeeps, trailer ... Read More

Finished: 28mm WW2 British Paras Batch 3 (20th Nov 2019)

And the third batch are finished, at last. This project is rapidly approaching its end (until I buy a load of armed jeeps for the Recce Troop...).The figures are a mix of Artizan, Crusader and Foundry.Senior LeadersThe chappie in the kilt is meant to repr ... Read More

Tuesday Update 19 November (19th Nov 2019)

As tomorrow will see a "Finished" post, I thought I'd do a quick workbench type post today.This afternoon I finished painting the final batch of paras from the third board. Tomorrow I will be varnishing all three batches.I also added basing gunk to a ... Read More

Sunday Update 17 November (17th Nov 2019)

Progress on the paras has been slower than I'd hoped. I had a bad bout of insomnia on Wednesday night, and wasn't up to painting on Thursday and then on Friday my right (painting) hand was aching for some reason. However, I have managed to make up ... Read More

Wednesday Workbench 13 November (13th Nov 2019)

As you can see, I've been making good progress with the third board of British paras - first batch done (apart from varnishing) and second batch started. I should finish the second batch on Friday leaving just one batch to do which (if all goes well) ... Read More

Finished: Some 15mm SYW Russian Bits plus an Update (10th Nov 2019)

I finally finished these this morning. Well, to be fair, all that needed doing was the flocking.Crews and GunThere is a good reason for their being two crews and just one gun - I already have eight crews and nine guns. After taking the photos, I decided t ... Read More

Sunday Update 03 November (3rd Nov 2019)

As well as varnishing the second batch of paras on Thursday, I also got a bunch of priming done while I had the airbrush booth set up. I haven't primed the barbarians yet as I plan to do them all in one go and I am waiting for the extra figures I orde ... Read More

Finished: 28mm British Paras Batch 2 - Supports (31st Oct 2019)

I got the varnishing done on these this morning, so I can declare the second batch of British paras complete (apart from the basing, which will be done when the third batch are finished). This batch contains various support weapons and some Jump Off Point ... Read More

Wednesday Workbench 30 October (30th Oct 2019)

Progress has been grindingly slow over the past few days as this lurgy keeps coming and going. I've also had to spend a fair bit of time visiting various pharmacies to see if they are able to get hold of one of my prescriptions - without joy as it see ... Read More

Sunday Update 27 October (27th Oct 2019)

Despite my grotiness slowing things down, I have managed to finish painting the next set of Paras - just the support weapons themselves to paint, which should be a pretty quick job to do tomorrow. All of the figures and weapons will then get varnished on ... Read More

Wednesday Workbench 23 October (23rd Oct 2019)

Not quite as much progress as I'd hoped for - I didn't get any painting done yesterday as I was feeling grotty. I was still feeling grotty this morning, but have since knuckled down and got the highlighting and detailing on the next batch of Paras ... Read More

Paint Scheme for my WW2 British Airborne (22nd Oct 2019)

I thought it might be helpful to post my painting scheme for the British Airborne, so here you go. All paints are Vallejo Model Colour unless otherwise indicated. Most base colours will need two (or three) thin coats to cover the black primer.Primed black ... Read More

SELWG 2019: The Games (21st Oct 2019)

As promised yesterday, here are the pics I took of all the games at SELWG this year. Comparing the programme to what was actually there, four of the listed games were missing, but there were six games present that weren't on the list.The pics:Tunbridg ... Read More

SELWG 2019: The Loot (20th Oct 2019)

I've been to the SELWG show today. I got home about two hours ago, but needed some time to sort the loot, sort the photos, catch up on Facebook, emails etc before writing this post.It was a bit quieter than normal, particularly after midday. There wer ... Read More

Finished: 28mm British Paras Batch 1 (18th Oct 2019)

That's the first batch of Paras painted and varnished. All that's left to do is add rubble and static grass to the bases, but I'll do that at the end when the other batches are finished.Senior Leaders (Officer and Platoon Sergeants)Junior Lead ... Read More

Wednesday Workbench 16 October (16th Oct 2019)

After a bit of a hiccup thanks to a weekend lurgy, work on the Paras has cracked on apace. I finished painting the second batch yesterday and today have made good progress on the third batch:I've done a little bit more work since taking the above phot ... Read More

Paint Table Saturday 12 October (12th Oct 2019)

How many different paints and washes?As you can probably tell, I have commenced work on painting up the main part of my British airborne troops. Over the past couple of days I have completed painting the first 16 figures, all riflemen:Also in the picture ... Read More

Finished: 28mm WW2 British Para Jeep Crews (9th Oct 2019)

That was a quick turnaround. I started painting these yesterday afternoon and finished them this afternoon. I even took plenty of time out to do other things like reading and watching painting tutorials on YouTube.I used this batch to try out a couple of ... Read More

Monday Workbench (7th Oct 2019)

Yes, yes, yes, I know - I haven't posted for over a week now. It's not because I've been completely idle though. I have been doing something in the background as well as ploughing my way through a couple of books.A few weeks ago I ordered a pa ... Read More

Finished: 28mm WW2 Aussie Additions (28th Sep 2019)

OK, that's it. No more additions to my WW2 Australians...Engineers (Brigade Games)Flamethrower teamMine clearance teamThese figures are a touch smaller than the other Aussies in my collection, but not too badly. Luckily, I don't need to add any mo ... Read More

Friday Workbench 27 September (27th Sep 2019)

Normal service will be resuming now that my Arnhem 75th series of posts has come to an end. There were so many little tidbits that I could have added, but didn't in the end, that I might do another post with them.However, this is meant to be a workben ... Read More

Arnhem 75th, Day 10: The Gongs And The Butcher's Bill (26th Sep 2019)

On Tuesday 26th September 1944, those members of the squadron were reunited with the seaborne tail in Nijmegen. They were able to recover their spare uniforms, sleeping bags and other kit. Personnel were still reporting in on Wednesday 27th September.On T ... Read More

Arnhem 75th, Day Nine: Bash On Recce! Part 6 (25th Sep 2019)

For this penultimate post of the series, I will be covering the final day and night of Market Garden for the Recce Squadron.Monday 25th September 1944A Troop0730 - enemy patrols dominate the area, intense fire from rifles and MGs. Germans use bundled gren ... Read More

Wednesday Workbench 25 September (25th Sep 2019)

I normally do these posts in the evening, but with the Arnhem 75th series I've had to slot it in this morning.After finishing the Korean rocket artillery, I decided to clear out some other quick wins from the paint queue.WW2 Aussie Forward Observation ... Read More

Arnhem 75th, Day Eight: Bash On Recce! Part 5 (24th Sep 2019)

The second part of today's post will include a list of "Further Reading"Sunday 24th September 1944HQ and Support Troop0630 "The ground shakes like jelly" from the morning "hate". Bombs and shells are incomign from all direction. There is a lull from 0 ... Read More

Arnhem 75th, Day Seven: Bash On Recce! Part Four (23rd Sep 2019)

Phew! I'm back on schedule and the posting dates will match the event dates! There is also much less in the war diaries to report. As the battle goes on, entries seem to become more amusing.I'll also be covering the squadron's TOE in the secon ... Read More

Arnhem 75th, Day Six: Bash On Recce! Part 3 (22nd Sep 2019)

Phew! Over the past two days I have managed to write and schedule the rest of the posts for the series! My time is free! My time is free!Today I will be covering the squadron's activities of the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.Wednesday 20th September ... Read More

Finished: 15mm Choson Korean Rocket Artillery (22nd Sep 2019)

Another quick win, to help clear the backlog!These Hwatcha add two bases of light rocket artillery to my Choson Korean army for ADLG/FOG-AM/FoGR. In total, they took less than a day to paint, varnish and base but with long gaps between some stages.The fig ... Read More

Arnhem 75th, Day Five: Bash On Recce! Pt 2 (21st Sep 2019)

Bleedin' 'eck, guv'nor, these posts take an age to write. If only I'd thought to do this series a few weeks ago, I could have had them all nicely written and scheduled for publication. Oh well, too late now.Today's post will cover what ... Read More

Arnhem 75th, Day Four: Black Soldiers at Arnhem (20th Sep 2019)

In amongst all of my recent Arnhem reading, I came across the first example I have noticed (I may have read it before, but forgotten) about there being a small number of black and mixed-race soldiers with 1st Airborne Division at Arnhem. The individual me ... Read More

Friday Workbench 20 September (20th Sep 2019)

Over the past few days, since finishing the Warlord Games paras, I have got a fair bit done besides writing posts for my "Arnhem 75th" series.On Wednesday I got the airbrush out and primed a few bits and bobs - the 15mm SYW figures bought at Colours; the ... Read More

Arnhem Day Three: Sunday Afternoon drives in the Dutch Countryside (19th Sep 2019)

Featuring:Lieutenant John Marshall and Trooper Joe Irala of 10 Section, D TroopMajor Freddie Gough and his merry band of men.The (Mis)Adventures of Lt Marshall(or "How A Reconnaissance Officer Got Lost In The Space Of A Quarter Of A Mile Whilst Following ... Read More

Arnhem Day Two - Bash on Recce! (18th Sep 2019)

As it's the 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden, I've decided to do some relevant posts over the next few days. I'm going to start off with a post on the Recce Squadron. Actually, I suspect that most of these posts will be about them. ... Read More

Finished: Warlord WW2 British Paras (17th Sep 2019)

And that's the rest of the Warlord Paras painted. I finished the painting yesterday and gave them a coat of Klear, but had to wait for this morning to airbrush them with matt varnish.It feels somewhat appropriate posting some finished British Paras to ... Read More

Sunday Workbench 15 September (15th Sep 2019)

Well, that's the first set of the remaining Warlord figures finished. I followed the same scheme apart from the trousers where I tried a couple of different colours for the highlighting.Left to right:1) English Uniform, Soft Tone wash, dry-brush Green ... Read More

Test Paints - WW2 British Paras #3 (14th Sep 2019)

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts this week. I took a few days to finish reading a couple of books (I generally have two to four on the go at once) and to prep all the figures I purchased at Colours. I have, however, spent the past two days pa ... Read More

Colours 2019 - The Games (8th Sep 2019)

As promised yesterday, here are the pics I took of the various games at Colours 2019. There was one game - the Ministry of Gentlemanly warfare's "Thud and Blunder" - which I didn't take pics of as it was the vary same one that was at Partizan the ... Read More

Colours 2019 - The Loot (7th Sep 2019)

After an horrifically early start this morning, having stupidly decided to catch a train that would get me to Newbury before the show opened, I attended this year's Colours. Yes, three weeks after going to "The Other Partizan" I was at another wargame ... Read More

Test Paints - WW2 British Paras #2 (5th Sep 2019)

I knuckled down today and worked my way through the next batch of test painting. The figures I used were all 1st Corps.Even while I was painting them I realised that some of my colour choices weren't quite right. After applying the soft tone wash, I c ... Read More

Test Paints - WW2 British Paras (4th Sep 2019)

In between doing quite a bit of reading and chasing squirrels down rabbit holes, I have been doing some more test paints for my WW2 British Paras. They are done now, and I have been able to narrow down which colours work best, which don't work and als ... Read More