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Recent news and blog entries from UK Roleplayers

Tabletop Scotland (1st Sep 2018)

Tabletop Scotland: At the heart of gaming in Scotland. A 2 day convention in Perth celebrating tabletop games. More details will be forthcoming as we approach the event itself, however we will bring together the following elements: Open Gaming space for h ... Read More

Continuum (20th Jul 2018)

Continuum is a convention dedicated to playing great games. It’s also more than just games, though! There will be vendors, parties, social get-togethers, and other Game-related events. Their goal is to bring together the best games they can find, of all s ... Read More

North Star (28th Apr 2018)

Come and play out amazing stories amongst the stars for a full weekend of tabletop SF RPGs. Avoid Imperial entanglements, set phasers to stun, survive the dark between the stars, or join the crew of the Free Trader Beowulf; whatever path you choose, enjoy ... Read More

Liminal RPG Kickstarter (27th Feb 2018)

Liminal is a new tabletop roleplaying game about those on the boundary between the modern day United Kingdom and the Hidden World- the world of secret societies of magicians, a police division investigating Fortean crimes, fae courts, werewolf gangs, and ... Read More

[DramaScape] The Mansion (26th Feb 2018)

This is a 32 x 30 inch Battlemap of the ground floor of a Mansion, it has Hex, Square and No Overlays, it also includes the VTT files for online play. “Welcome to the dining room. If this is being read by my butler, Mr. Hofmann, I am dead. All of you have ... Read More

Concord (24th Feb 2018)

Concord Gaming Convention opened its doors for the first time in 2016, and after a successful event, launched into 2017 going from a one day to a two day event. We go into 2018 with a larger committee, and a more organised approach to make sure that we co ... Read More

[DramaScape] Secret Bio Lab (17th Feb 2018)

This product is a 40 x 40 inch full-color, map of a Secret Bio Lab , with Hex, Square and No Overlays. The Zip file contains the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play). “My god. If this isn’t contained it might just be the end of humanity as we kn ... Read More

[Mongoose Publishing] Traveller Element Cruiser Box Set Kickstarter (17th Feb 2018)

The Kickstarter for the Element Class Cruiser Ship Builder’s Blueprints box set has just gone live! This Kickstarter project is to create a brand new box set for the Traveller roleplaying game, detailing the three main classes of cruiser within the Elemen ... Read More

Spaghetti ConJunction 2a (10th Feb 2018)

Yes, on Saturday, February 10th, 2018, Simon Burley, James Mullen, and Pookie will be hosting Spaghetti ConJunction 2a, the twice a year one-day roleplaying in Birmingham city centre. The venue is the Geek Retreat cafe, less than ten minutes walk from eac ... Read More

[Mongoose Publishing] Traveller – Marches Adventure 2: Mission to Mithril (1st Feb 2018)

This adventure takes place on the world of Mithril, a cold, low-population frontier world. The Travellers land at Mithril’s rudimentary starport, only to find their vessel disabled and the base strangely empty. As the Travellers explore, they discover the ... Read More

[DramaScape] US M4 Sherman and German Tiger I WWII Tanks (1st Feb 2018)

“Better too much spade work than too little! This work saves blood.”—Erwin Rommel  [Rommel’s tanks crushed American infantry digging shallow silt trenches in the rocky terrain of Tunisia. After the Battle of Kasserine Pass, deeper foxholes became a standa ... Read More

[Mongoose Publishing] Traveller – Great Rift Adventure 3: Flatlined (26th Jan 2018)

The term ‘flatlined’ is a common figure of speech in Charted Space. It typically refers to electronic equipment that has been disabled or broken. A person can also jokingly be referred to as flatlined if they are extremely tired or drunk, or just committe ... Read More

[DramaScape] SciFi Research Station (24th Jan 2018)

This product is a 32 x 20 inch full-color, map of a SciFi Research Station , with Hex, Square and No Overlays. The Zip file contains the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play).  [Alarm Klaxons sound.] “What is going on?”—Head Researcher  “We don’t ... Read More

[Mongoose Publishing] Traveller – Great Rift Adventure 2: Deepnight Endeavour (19th Jan 2018)

A terrifying struggle against a truly alien force in the depths of the Great Rift… Great Rift Adventure 2: Deepnight Endeavour takes place aboard a derelict exploration vessel which the Travellers must enter to locate fuel. With no way to get home, they d ... Read More

[DramaScape] Modern Zombies (18th Jan 2018)

Dramascape Miniatures Volume 14 “Braaainss?”–Zombie The Modern Zombies product is not suitable for VTT. Modern Zombies is a set of 36 zombie figure flats (12 per page x 3 pages) for modern games on the tabletop. There are 23 slow zombies and 13 fast runni ... Read More

ConTingency (17th Jan 2018)

5 DAYS OF GAMING IN THE NEW FOREST 17TH–21ST JANUARY 2018 ConTingency have exclusive use of the Woodside Suite which will house trade stalls, the admin area, bring and buy stall, raffle and several tables of games, plus a licensed bar and food outlet. The ... Read More

[DramaScape] SciFi Police Station (13th Jan 2018)

This product is a 48 x 30 inch full-color, map of a SciFi Police Station, with Hex, Square and No Overlays. The Zip file contains the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play). “My client wants an extensive operation destroying any and all evidence i ... Read More

Dark Times Issue 2 Now Available (12th Jan 2018)

Dark Times are pleased to announce that The Dark Times fanzine 02 is now available. This issue contains material for Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu, as well as a couple of neat systemless items and more besides. Download the PDF for free from here: ... Read More

[Mongoose Publishing] Traveller – Great Rift Adventure 1: Islands in the Rift (11th Jan 2018)

In Great Rift Adventure 1: Islands in the Rift, the Travellers are sent to Amondiage in the Old Islands subsector to pick up a starship. Their mission is to take it to Zuflucht for transfer into Imperial space ‘behind the claw’ in Deneb or the Trojan Reac ... Read More

[Chronicle City] Frankenstein Faktoria Role Playing Game (7th Jan 2018)

Frankenstein Faktoria is a tabletop horror roleplaying game unlike any you have seen before. It might well contain the usual dead bodies, corpses, and demonical villainy, but in this case you are the corpse, or at least an amalgam thereof. In Frankenstein ... Read More

[Reroll Productions] Age of Anarchy (6th Jan 2018)

50% sale will only last for the first 24 hours after release. Get your copy now! Age of Anarchy is a role-playing game set in Norman England at a time of civil strife which lasts for two decades. It’s a game grounded in real history, but not constrained b ... Read More

[DramaScape] SciFi Rocketship (5th Jan 2018)

This product is a full-color, map of a SciFi Rocketship , with Hex, Square and No Overlays. The Zip file contains the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play).  “All we know is that the sky has suddenly turned black on the horizon. You need to leave ... Read More

D101 Games Winter Sale (2nd Jan 2018)

By Krum, D101 Games are having a 50% off Winter Sale! That means the following have had their cover price hacked and slashed: Crypts and Things, OpenQuest, The Hollow West, Hunters of Alexandria, Gloranthan Adventures, Hearts in Glorantha, River of Heaven ... Read More

[Traveller] Eve of Rebellion (29th Dec 2017)

March Harrier Press have just published a Traveller scenario from forumite Steve Ellis. It’s a one shot scenario about playing the very top of the social ladder in the Third Imperium (the Emperor, his heirs and potential usurpers) on the eve of the Rebell ... Read More

[Cakebread & Walton] OneDice Space (21st Dec 2017)

Quick and easy space roleplaying rules OneDice Space is a game of space travel and adventure. If you want to play space games in a universe of your own devising or adventure in the ready-made futures described within, all the rules you need are in this bo ... Read More

[DramaScape] Dark Web Hex Tiles (21st Dec 2017)

“If you are looking for work, I’ve got a job for you. I want you to infiltrate the dark web for me. You interested?”—Well-Tailored Stranger Dark Web has 44 hex-shaped tiles with no overlay, the file includes the VTT files for online play. Dark Web include ... Read More

The End of an Era (15th Dec 2017)

Nearly fifteen years ago, I was sitting at home awaiting the birth of my son and reading on the Raven forums about how Raven was closing. Raven, for those who’s memories don’t stretch that far, was the organisation that grew from the ashes of the old RPGA ... Read More

[Just Crunch Games] The Cthulhu Hack: The Dark Brood (10th Dec 2017)

The Dark Brood slither forth from the fecund womb of Shub-Niggurath; undulating and hideous copious, it births strange and impossible children. Ever Their praises, and abundance to the Black Goat of the Woods. Iä! Shub-Niggurath! Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The B ... Read More

[DramaScape] Golf Course (6th Dec 2017)

This product is a full-color, 40 inch by 40 inch, Battlemap of a Golf Course, with Hex, Square and No overlay and comes with a Savage Worlds Adventure. The Zip file includes includes the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play). “Get off my green wi ... Read More

Dragonmeet (2nd Dec 2017)

Dragonmeet is one of the most vibrant tabletop gaming conventions and the largest of it’s kind in London. You’ll discover a day jam-packed with things for you to do. Expect new and old games to play, industry panels, book signings, art show, bring & buy, ... Read More

Brett M Bernstein Interview (29th Nov 2017)

Please welcome Brett M. Bernstein of Precis Intermedia. As well as bringing back classic RPGs such as Shatterzone and Bloodshadows, Precis Intermedia also has a few original roleplaying and war games under it’s belt as well as some fun paper miniatures an ... Read More

Preparing For Dragonmeet (29th Nov 2017)

Episode 62 – Preparing For Dragonmeet If you’re going to try a one day gaming convention in the Big Smoke, then Dragonmeet is the place to be. What to expect though? Baz and Gaz lead you through everything that’s going down, provide stories of previous ad ... Read More

[Fainting Goat Games] Space Supers #3: Starburst Sentinels [ICONS] (29th Nov 2017)

Space Supers is a line of characters PDFs set in the universe of the Cosmic Supers setting The Great Game for the ICONS RPG. Do you need some Ooga-Chaka in your game? Well – The Starburst Sentinels are a rag-tag band of cosmic adventurers. They’re statted ... Read More

[D101 Games] Cyber Monday Sale (27th Nov 2017)

D101 Games are going Cyberpunk and Sci-fi for their Cyber Monday 2017 sale over at the D101 Games Web Store. 50% off the usual price of their Sci-Fi games Project Darklight and River of Heaven in print with PDF. Project Darklight £7.5/ usually £15/. ... Read More

[Ennead Games] Quick Generator: Creature Concept 2 (27th Nov 2017)

Sometimes you don’t need an insane amount of tables and charts. You may just need something quick and simple to help flesh out basic details without going overboard on the details. This is where the Quick Generator is helpful, providing you with a simple ... Read More

Scott A Woodard Interview (27th Nov 2017)

Please welcome to the site Scott A Woodard of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, brand manager and lead writer of THE SAVAGE WORLD OF FLASH GORDON, running on Kickstarter as of this interview. This is all pretty exciting for me as I’m a huge Flash Gordon fan, ... Read More

Ken Rolston at The Kraken (24th Nov 2017)

Ken Rolston at The Kraken Known for his work on Elder Scrolls (Morrowind and Oblivion), Paranoia and many other gaming successes, joins us for a chat about all things game related. From his long and storied history in the hobby, producing an RPG, the stat ... Read More

Rick Meints at The Kraken (24th Nov 2017)

Rick Meints at The Kraken You’re in a German Schloss, it’s 4am, and you’ve been drinking and eating fit to burst. What could top this off? Chatting to President of Chaosium, Rick Meints about Runequest, running Chaosium, the fan community and ducks. Slurr ... Read More

The Grognard Files (24th Nov 2017)

Episode 61 – The Grognard Files Baz and Gaz are joined by Chris (a.k.a Dirk the Dice) from The Grognard Files, to talk about old, comforting RPG gaming. Something eldritch occurred with Gaz’s voice and he sounds like a dusty robot, but never mind that, ou ... Read More

The Grognard Files (24th Nov 2017)

Episode 61 – The Grognard Files Baz and Gaz are joined by Chris (a.k.a Dirk the Dice) from The Grognard Files, to talk about old, comforting RPG gaming. Something eldritch occurred with Gaz’s voice and he sounds like a dusty robot, but never mind that, ou ... Read More

Francesca Baerald Interview (24th Nov 2017)

Freelance Artist and Cartographer Francesca Baerald has a professional background working on published Games, Book Covers, CD Covers, Videogames, Maps, RPGs , Trading Card Games and Children’s Illustrations. I first heard of Francesca when I came across a ... Read More

Russell Morrissey Interview (22nd Nov 2017)

The WOIN supplement Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing has had a very successful Kickstarter campaign and promises plenty of dark action-packed sci-fi grimness. I got in touch with Russell Morrissey who, along with Darren Pearce and Angus Abranson, ... Read More

Sarah Newton Interview (21st Nov 2017)

Sarah Newton at Mindjammer Press is bringing us the English version of ‘a fantasy roleplaying game set in an imaginary Arabia-like world. It borrows from the tales of the One Thousand and One Nights, as well as semitic legends and the ancient and mediaeva ... Read More

[Mongoose Publishing] Paranoia: Implausible Deniability (21st Nov 2017)

CONGRATULATIONS, CITIZEN!  You have been selected for an EXCITING MISSION. Your assignment is to: [ ] Determine why there’s a microscopic shortfall in food vat yields [ ] Test experimental brain interface technology [ ] Terminate terrorist mutant traitors ... Read More

[Mongoose Publishing] Paranoia: Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues (Remastered) (15th Nov 2017)

You are YELLOW Clearance! Congratulations! The original Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues – revised, updated… Remastered! One of the most famous missions in Troubleshooter history has returned to enhance the lives of a new generation of clones. Once more T ... Read More

Sandy Petersen Interview (14th Nov 2017)

Special Guest and Great Old One, Sandy Petersen (creator of Call of Cthulhu and mind behind Petersen Games talks to us about his upcoming board games, getting into Call of Cthulhu and his foray into video games. A fantastic German gaming retreat happens o ... Read More

[Just Crunch Games] Three Faces of the Wendigo (14th Nov 2017)

“That stern quality of the tangled backwoods which can only be described as merciless and terrible, rose out of these far blue woods swimming upon the horizon, and revealed itself. He understood the silent warning. He realized his own utter helplessness.” ... Read More

[Ennead Games] Encounters & Events: SciFi Volume 3 – Planets (13th Nov 2017)

Throughout your adventures, quests and missions, you will run into various individuals and experience odd sometimes random-seeming events and encounters. They might puzzle you, endanger your group or simply be a mystery you can never solve. This volume of ... Read More

[Grim & Perilous Studios] ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG: Core Book (12th Nov 2017)

By Daniel Fox Released by Grim & Perilous Studios From the game: ‘ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG is an OSR, retro-clone spiritual successor to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay first and second editions, an unrepentant heartbreaker released under Creative Common ... Read More

[Ennead Games] Equipment Maker 5: Rings (6th Nov 2017)

Everyone who goes on an adventure uses equipment. Without it, their adventuring days would come to a halt quite quickly. This generator doesn’t give you the details of any powers or abilities that are named or generated, that part is left up to you. It co ... Read More