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Recent news and blog entries from Tim's Blog

Daemon Hedgehogs (4th Jan 2020)

Yeah, you read that right...Daemon Hedgehogs...I found these little guys on.. eBay...? or Amazon...? I don't even remember now. It was a couple bucks for a bag of them. When they arrived a week or so ago, I got this idea that I'd make a couple of ... Read More

Khorne Dogs (3rd Jan 2020)

First few items to roll off the workbench in the new year: Khorne Dogs....As I mentioned in Game Plan 2020 (Q1) and December Game Part Two, I have a new army I'm working on for 40K this year: Daemons of Chaos! The main focus will be Daemons of Sl ... Read More

Looking Back at 2019 (1st Jan 2020)

well...I set out a LOT of things to do in Game Plan 2019... some of them I got done... others, not so much... I kind of revisited the plan in October with the 2019 Q4 Plans... some of those things got done... others...Here's how it all rolled out ... Read More

December 2019 Games - Part Two - The HOLIDAZE (1st Jan 2020)

Part The Second...It kind of felt like the holidaze officially began on Saturday, 21 December (covered in Part One)- as that was the last scheduled activity for the year (Keira's last dance class and Finnegan's last D&D game in the campaign he ... Read More

Hellboy - Game Two - Perils of the Job (29th Dec 2019)

On Boxing Day (after heading to The Dragon's den for their annual Boxing Day sale) we settled down to play a second game of Hellboy: the Board Game. We Played B.P.R.D. Case File #125414 "Perils of the Job". In it the team had received an S.O.S. signal ... Read More

Hellboy - Game One - Eviction Notice (29th Dec 2019)

Yesterday we had our first crack at Hellboy: The Board Game from Mantic Games. We kickstarted the game over a year ago and kind of went ALL IN! We said it would be our collective gift to ourselves this holiday season and that we'd spend the week playi ... Read More

Game Plan 2020 - Q1 Plans (27th Dec 2019)

Originally I was planning to post a Look Back at 2019, and then follow it with THIS POST - my game plan for 2020-Q1. But I won't be posting the look back until the 31st - or possibly the morning of the 1 January2020 (so I an include all the last minut ... Read More

December 2019 Games (24th Dec 2019)

PART ONE - BEFORE the HOLIDAZEDecember got off to a slow start... But there was enough stuff going on that I'm going to separate this month into two parts: pre-Holidaze, and HOLIDAZE! As HOLIDAZE officially begins this afternoon, this is what we got u ... Read More

54mm!? (17th Dec 2019)

Sometimes the heavily caffeinated, squirrel on speed that lives in my head and drives about in this flesh-mech you all know as "Tim" makes some pretty poor decisions...Like; "Hey, we should put together an entire maniple of imperial titans in regular 28mm ... Read More

The Ratskin Hoarde (16th Dec 2019)

It all started with Skeevy McGee, see? His best friend's sister's boyfriend, knew this kid that talked to this Ratskin Scout who said his tribe came across a whole pile of archaeotech devices waaaaaaay down by the hive bottom, like, deeper than th ... Read More

Valhallan Commander, Imperial Fist Scout, Necromundan Greenback Spider, You Know, The Usual... (13th Dec 2019)

Just a few distractions from the Hellboy miniatures I'm trying to get done...Some of these were actually finished over a week ago, but I just didn't bother getting around to posting pics... I decided to wait until this morning... when the Wind Chi ... Read More

Hellboy! (4th Dec 2019)

Well I finally cleared of PART of the workbench and got going on some of the Hellboy miniatures - starting off with the Big Man himself- HELLBOYHellboy - from Mantic Games Hellboy: The Board GameWe kickstarted this back in... May...? of 2018...? and we de ... Read More

El Akarm Market Massacre (2nd Dec 2019)

Just outside the Snake Den lies the El Akarm Market. Close enough to the Den itself, it is considered Delaque territory - under their control - and protection.After the One-Eyed Red Snakes brazen attack on the Cawdor gangers of Durango Pipe, their leader, ... Read More

October AND November Games (30th Nov 2019)

I didn't play a LOT of games in October...I know it looks like there are a lot of has-marks on the 13th and 14th - but that represents one or two plays of the same game, each logged separately, with a few expansions being use with each...As previously ... Read More

The Dreaded Ambull Hulk (30th Nov 2019)

So I FINALLY got some of my Blackstone Fortress stuff done! Did I get some of the Heroes done? Nope. Did I get some of the generic baddies for beginner/basic encounters done? Nope. Infact, I painted three of the miniatures that are the LEAST USEFUL miniat ... Read More

The Bronze Gates Redux (26th Nov 2019)

Just a quick note to point out I have created a PAGE for the Bronze Gates Campaign. It is listed under PAGES over on the left of the screen there. Or you can follow this link:The Bronze Gates CampaignThe page has some background for the campaign and a lis ... Read More

Void Ships of the 41st Millennium (25th Nov 2019)

I totally thought Games Workshop was going to drop a new version of Battlefleet Gothic this year. I mean, in the last few years they've rereleased Necromunda and Blood Bowl and Adeptus Titanicus and some other fabulous new games... So I thought it was ... Read More

Retribution! (25th Nov 2019)

Yesterday evening Jacob swung by to have a go at Necromunda. We've played a bit of Kill Team, but he hadn't tried out Necromunda yet...After last week's fiasco, the One-Eyed Red Snakes were DESPERATE to exact some retribution (and claw back a ... Read More

For All Those Who Seek Redemption (25th Nov 2019)

As the Bronze Gates kept expanding and growing, it was only time before gangs from other houses arrived. A new gang from House Cawdor took up residence in Durango Pipe and started calling themselves the "Moors". The One-Eyed Red Snakes - who have been par ... Read More

Durango Pipe Moors - a House Cawdor Gang (25th Nov 2019)

I recently finished up three more Cawdor Gangers and rebased the rest of them, so I thought it time to do and updated post about the whole gang...It was only a matter of time before Cawdor and the Cult of Redemption showed it's face in the Bronze Gate ... Read More

Tallarn Taurox (and Micro-Mini Shadowsword!) (20th Nov 2019)

I... I'm not sure I could explain the convoluted thought process that brought this onto the table to be finished. It could probably be summed up in two words: Squirrel Brain. (If a few more words were allowed: Highly Caffeinated Squirrel on Crystal Me ... Read More

A Few New Things for 40K/Necromunda (18th Nov 2019)

These are a few things I've finished up over the last few days (or, in one case, weeks) that I haven't gotten to posting yet...This is an objective marker for 40K. I thought I'd jazz up my objective markers a bit as tokens or a pile of barrels ... Read More

Necromunda Re-Basing Project: Part the Second (14th Nov 2019)

Instead of painting new figures this past week, I've mostly continued re-basing of all the existing Necromunda figures...The group for this week...Well... most of them...Okay I did finish off two totally new minis... another ganger and a miniature I t ... Read More

Whit's Fur Ye'll No Go Past Ye (8th Nov 2019)

My friend Bruce and I have been trying to get together weekly to play games. He's generally free in the late mornings/early afternoons as he works shifts starting in the late afternoon. WE've mostly been playing board/card games.I'd suggested ... Read More

Necromunda Re-Basing Project (31st Oct 2019)

Never say "Never!"I have learned this all too well, so many times over.I've never really been overly fond of plastic slotta bases - at least with metal figures. They were too light and I felt they made the over all model top heavy. I also thought they ... Read More

Foxy Wizard Vixen for Burrows and Badgers (24th Oct 2019)

I finished up the first of the critters I'm working on for Burrows and Badgers. Oddly, this isn't even for the warband I was planning for myself!? I'm working on a band of Highland Bunnies for myself. But I got it in my head to do some foxes f ... Read More

Phoenix Clan for Dragon Rampant (21st Oct 2019)

Hot on the tails of the Lion Rampant Clan Warband for Dragon Rampant, I finished up a small force of a Legend of the Five Rings Phoenix Clan for Dragon Rampant. This was mostly a re-basing operations - though I did paint up two new minis to make units the ... Read More

Necromunda Odds and Ends, Baby 'Thulhu, and RE-Based War or 1812 Militia!? (18th Oct 2019)

A few other things rolling off the workbench this week (in addition to the re-based Lion Clan Army for Dragon Rampant)...Four additions to the Necromunda collection. First (going from left to right of the picture) is some Hive Scum - another experiment wi ... Read More

Lion Clan for Dragon Rampant (18th Oct 2019)

Somehow I got thinking about my collection of East Asian Fantasy collection (I think it was probably from seeing the "Daimyo" expansion in the current Reaper Bones Kickstarter...?). I had previously planned to do Hordes of the Things armies for each of th ... Read More

Burrows and Badgers (16th Oct 2019)

Some time ago, Keira picked up Burrows and Badgers from Osprey Games - because cutesy, anthropomorphic critters! Who could resist!Occasionally, she hints at wanting to play it.I've had only the briefest of looks at the game - it is HER game, afte ... Read More

Rescue Mission - Bronze Gates Campaign (15th Oct 2019)

On Monday I'd originally planned to run a larger 3-player game (one of the scenarios I'd originally planned for the Necromunda Game Weekend). But then Amanda was keen to play a Rescue Mission to retrieve the ganger she'd lost to me in the prev ... Read More

Escort Mission - Bronze Gates Campaign (15th Oct 2019)

Sunday evening, after the kids had gone off to my folks, Amanda and I played another game of Necromunda. Earlier in the afternoon I'd played Finnegan's Genestealer Cult. The One-Eyed Red Snakes were not in a good way. They were down to six active ... Read More

Battle for the Bronze Gates (15th Oct 2019)

Even though the Necromunda Game Weekend hadn't gone exactly as planned, on Sunday afternoon I did challenge Finnegan's Average Joes Genestealer Cult for control of the Bronze Gates - the toll crossing that gives it's name to the entire region. ... Read More

The (Not-So-)Necromunda Game Weekend (15th Oct 2019)

Generally speaking, I plan two big "events" a year. One is the Wargaming Weekend in February - which started out as my wargaming birthday bash (a one-evening/afternoon game held for local friends) but then evolved into a wargaming weekend at the end of Fe ... Read More

John's Orc Blood Bowl Team/Warband (11th Oct 2019)

A little over a decade and a half ago, before this blog was even started, my friend John was living in Calgary. Once or twice a year we'd get together and when we did we'd usually play Mordheim - which had been introduced to us by another friend - ... Read More

2019 - Q4 Plans (9th Oct 2019)

This weekend I have my Necromunda gaming weekend coming up and have been working feverishly to try and get everything ready for that. Despite that, I've already been casting an eye towards what's coming next... For the last... well... decade (or M ... Read More

STILL More Mistakes Were Made (8th Oct 2019)

Although this wasn't nearly so costly as some of the previous mistakes...and it didn't involve Eldar...(or Imperial Guard..)I ordered a bunch of plastic stuff from Russia...I'm not sure what I was thinking...Mouslings - seem to all be later re ... Read More

September Games - Week Four (1st Oct 2019)

Picking up where we left off...Sunday, 22 September 2019on Sunday evening Amanda and I played a game of Necromunda. Sunday evenings, in our fall schedule, were to be set aside for a Necromunda Campaign. I had hoped we'd get TWO games in each Sunday ev ... Read More

Space Rats, Melta Guns and Spooky Chibis (30th Sep 2019)

A few things rolling off the workbench this week...Superdeformed (or "chibi") spooky characters from Reaper bones. More experimenting with Contrast paints. How I've been doing a lot of these are undercoating with black gesso, then doing a heavy dry br ... Read More

Wooden Peg Warriors (25th Sep 2019)

Because I don't have enough projects on the go, I thought it might be fun to paint up some wooden peg characters. I thought the kids might be into it as well, especially Keira. She is ALL ABOUT making things these days. Every single day she sews or kn ... Read More

So... I Had an Idea... (24th Sep 2019)

... and a weak moment on Amazon...Because, you know, I didn't have enough projects on the go...Coming Soon to Tim's Miantiure Wargaming Blog:I just...I can't even... ... Read More

A Few More Genestealer Cultists (24th Sep 2019)

Just a quick post - I cranked out a few more Genestealer Cultists for Finnegan the other evening. His cult has been slightly more successful in our Necromunda Campaign and was in need of new cult members, but just wasn't getting to painting them up.Th ... Read More

Epic Space Marines for Apocalypse (23rd Sep 2019)

Here are the Marines I have (painted, so far...) organized for use in the current version of Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse!  The entire force (so far!)As with the Eldar, these were previously organized for Future War Commander - where an element ... Read More

A Few More Epic 40K Minis (23rd Sep 2019)

I finished up a few more Epic minis over the weekend...Four plastic Whirlwinds.Seven metal Vindicators (I already have another painted for a total of eight). not sure if any of those things out front count as a Siege Shield...?)All of these will probably ... Read More

Wenz Pipe - Battle for the Narco Den (23rd Sep 2019)

I totally thought this game was going to be played between the grrrlz... last week...I mean Finnegan and I got in a game on Sunday, but by the time we were done, Amanda and Keira just weren't up for playing a game - and I'd just picked up Stranger ... Read More

September Games - Week Three (23rd Sep 2019)

Carrying on into the third week of my September Game-A-Day Challenge 2019...Sunday, 15 September 2019Finnegan and I  got in another game in our Necromunda campaign. I had a terrible night and very little sleep so bailed on my own Sunday afternoon Dan ... Read More

Asuryani Force for Epic Apocalypse (21st Sep 2019)

I was going to include this in my previous painting update post, but it ended up being so much that I felt it deserved a whole post of its own.I've been toying with the idea of using the new Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse rules with my "Epic Scale" 40K ... Read More

An Unusual Assortment of Odd and Sundry Items (21st Sep 2019)

I've been painting. Some of it's been further experiments with Contrast® paints.So... eight and a half years ago I bought a pile of these dirt cheap 1/35 scale Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) models... and haven't really done anything with them. Thro ... Read More

The Pit (16th Sep 2019)

For them which comes from below, it seemed only natural and right that they should try to seize control of the Mine Workings - it does stretch down into their realm and impinge on the personal space of the Patriarch which rules over all of them. The sneak ... Read More

September Games - Week Two (15th Sep 2019)

Still doing pretty good on the SECOND week of my September Game-A-Day Challenge...Sunday, 8 September 2019We started our long anticipated Necromunda Dominion Campaign this evening!There is some background and details of the starting gangs and territories ... Read More