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The Rooks Bailey

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Recent news and blog entries from The Rooks Bailey

Guardians of the Galaxy Could Learn from Neon Genesis Evangelion (12th Jan 2015)

Attachment 48460 ( If you are expecting a comprehensive overview of Neon Genesis... ... Read More

Tomorrow's War: You Made Me Do This (Revisited) (28th Nov 2014)

Attachment 48057 ( Almost a year ago to the day, I posted a blog entry entitled "You... ... Read More

Reviewed: Hellsing Ultimate (21st Sep 2014)

Attachment 47261 ( Ready for some Halloween entertainment? Hellsing Ultimate... ... Read More

The Not-So-Secret Secret World (24th Aug 2014)

Attachment 47015 ( I think one the greatest events in any gamer's life is that... ... Read More

Your Friendly Guide to DCGs (5th Aug 2014)

Attachment 46811 ( As I just blogged about... ... Read More

Summer Games: Battlefield 4 (10th Jul 2014)

Image: Lately, I've been... ... Read More

WALB: Talon versus Claw (5th Mar 2014)

Attachment 45090 ( Russia. Crimea. Ukraine. What more needs to be said? ... ... Read More

Duke Lucidio The Ripper (14th Jan 2014)

Attachment 44249 ( alert Rock Paper Gloria Steinem: we have a bona fide... ... Read More

Reviewed: I Declare War (28th Dec 2013)

Attachment 43984 ( I Declare War, a recent independent film from Jason Lapeyre and ... ... Read More

FCRS: The Thieving Bear (26th Dec 2013)

Attachment 43929 ( Wow, this was a long time coming: I am actually going to blog... ... Read More

Delaying the Devil Dogs: A Wargame ALB War Story (11th Dec 2013)

Attachment 43764 ( I'd thought I do another AAR, this time with me playing as the... ... Read More

Oh Canada: the Assault on Delta 3 (8th Dec 2013)

Attachment 43721 ( It looked like such a nice place to work. I mean, the map... ... Read More

You Made Me Do This! (1st Dec 2013)

Attachment 43592 ( ...And by "this" I mean a return to tabletop gaming. Oh, and by... ... Read More

Reviewed: Pacific Rim (29th Nov 2013)

Attachment 43580 ( Under the weather, so not much to do but to watch movies...and... ... Read More

Reviewed: Girls und Panzer (22nd Aug 2013)

Attachment 42290 ( This is going to be a first for me: I am actually going to... ... Read More

Get Your Snoopy On! (9th Aug 2013)

Attachment 42161 ( It is one of those things where one game leads to another, which... ... Read More

Game Over? (10th Jun 2013)

Attachment 41162 ( I made a startling realization today: E3, the world's... ... Read More

The Cannons Bark and Jump for Joy (20th May 2013)

Attachment 40877 ( * "Sound out the trumpet noise, the cannons bark and jump for joy... ... Read More

The Battle of Old McDonald's Farm (15th Apr 2013)

Attachment 40373 ( Still having fun with NorbSoft's Scourge of War: Gettysburg. I... ... Read More

The Long March (6th Apr 2013)

Attachment 40184 ( I know we all like to idolize teachers, but in my experience... ... Read More

The Most Unlikely Action Hero (24th Mar 2013)

Attachment 39997 ( Here I am again, in another gaming lull. I really have come... ... Read More

Far Cry 3: MEIV Day 3 (20th Jan 2013)

Attachment 38943 ( Ready for some more tropical highjinks? Turns out day 3 was... ... Read More

Far Cry 3: My Excellent Island Vacation (19th Jan 2013)

Attachment 38928 ( Ahh, a tropical island and guns. Is that not the perfect... ... Read More

Borderlands: The Other Stalker (16th Jan 2013)

Attachment 38891 ( Wow, a rarity to report: I actually finished another SP... ... Read More

Why BlOps 2 Maps Pwn those found in BF3 (22nd Nov 2012)

Attachment 38268 ( [WARNING 1: Image heavy blog posting follows!] [WARNING 2: BF3... ... Read More

Black Ops 2: Cordis Die! (17th Nov 2012)

Attachment 38216 ( I knew there was going to be something special about... ... Read More

Goodbye, Old Friend (12th Nov 2012)

Attachment 38165 ( It is done. I have completed the SP campaign in Call of Duty:... ... Read More

Fry Me Some Fraticelli! (13th Oct 2012)

Attachment 37779 ( Ready for another epic tale of medieval mayhem? I didn't think... ... Read More

Sitrep (3rd Oct 2012)

Attachment 37652 ( I iz bak! Amazing how everything can change in a matter of... ... Read More

The Prestige (12th Aug 2012)

Image: Wow, I can't believe I made it. I am now an... ... Read More

The Journal of the Hapless Pilot: Day 1 (7th Aug 2012)

Image: Dear Diary, What a day it has been! At long last, I have... ... Read More