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Recent news and blog entries from Blog With No Name

2019 A Load Of Balls (31st Dec 2019)

Not only does this sum up 2019 it's also my last purchase of 2019!! Having painted very little through the year some of my paints have started to come out a little thin so a ball bearing a bottle should help do the trick. I crashed out of last ye ... Read More

Commisioned Work (20th Sep 2018)

A fair few of you will be aware of my hobby crossover into Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) especially the sniper reminders that have popped up on occasion. However it came full circle when a friend asked me if I was prepared to paint up a trophy for a new ASL ... Read More

Dungeon Saga Heroes (13th Sep 2018)

As I continue to paint what grabs me rather than for a set project I decided to paint up the heroes from Dungeon Saga. I will also be doing the bad guys as well. Not to mention the furniture...…….I have taken the player characters off their stone effect b ... Read More

Leven Miniatures Blood Bowl Stadium (30th Aug 2018)

 Mick at Leven asked me to paint a rather large 6mm building for him, no rush he said, take your time.. he said...…Well I did that right enough. No real excuses other than Mick made it real easy to allow it to slide. Eventually though I finally did g ... Read More

Back in Black (21st Aug 2018)

Well it's been awhile again. Whilst I have painted some bits and bobs I have slowed down a great deal I suspect mostly down to not getting a game for , well since last year! However I have started to paint up more but mostly it's either a couple o ... Read More

Lancashire Games French SYW Heavy Cavalry (28th May 2018)

Recently finished up a couple of heavy cavalry units for The Boy. These are Lancashire Games French cavalry from their Seven Years War range. Having painted up quite a few of this suppliers figures I do find them really quick to paint. The detail is reaso ... Read More

6mm Napoleonic Prussian Artillery (19th May 2018)

To follow on from the last post on French SYW Artillery I felt I had to go with my latest addition to my Prussian Napoleonic Artillery.I don't need a massive amount more artillery for my Prussians in total so these are a bit of a tidy up. All four gun ... Read More

French SYW Artillery - Lancashire Games 15mm (6th May 2018)

The Boy's army continues to grow, he has had noticeable success in a recent game with his guns, blasting my poor infantry to bits as I advanced towards his troops so it was not surprising that he should favour yet more guns.As such I painted up a coup ... Read More

Three Prussian Landwehr Battalions (22nd Apr 2018)

I continue to expand the Prussians for the 100 Days Campaign with the three battalions of the 3rd Westphalie from the I Corp, 3rd Brigade. You Napoleonic experts will note that these did not get to fight at the Battle of Waterloo itself but did take part ... Read More

Two 15mm French Seven Years War French Infanty (17th Apr 2018)

I continue to add to The Boy's army, this time with Regiment 43 Bourgogne and as usual these are from Lancashire Games but a slight change to normal I had included grenadiers on one stand.Having painted a reasonable number of these fellows up it was s ... Read More

1812 Napoleons Fatal March on Moscow (12th Apr 2018)

It's a few years ago, but I read a review of this book and decided to buy it. Once bought it sat waiting for an opportunity to read it and was almost forgotten. Problem was that every time I thought about it I had a couple of books already waiting a t ... Read More

Baccus Slingers (9th Apr 2018)

For Project Magnesia I need a few units of slingers so added these to my Christmas wish list. Santa was kind and along they came with the three pike blocks, three elephants and a couple of scythed chariots. The phalanxes are painted and based just needing ... Read More

Not Dead Yet, Christmas Based (8th Apr 2018)

Hello and welcome back to the Blog with No Game. It's been awhile and as I stated before I went off the air I was in need of down time. Unfortunately it's far harder to just get on with a fresh post rather than just keep on not doing. I have inste ... Read More

Civil Strife in the Midlands 1642-1651 Book Review (11th Jan 2018)

I have promised myself that I will try to blog about all the historical books I read this year, something I got out of the habit of over the last couple of years. I have owned this book for years, it was published in 1974 but uses a lot of first hand snip ... Read More

To The Strongest Test Game (6th Jan 2018)

A few weeks ago Lee and myself threw a few units on the table and tried some test fights whilst trying out the rules. Our lack of a proper gridded battlefield did not help but we had enough of an idea for Lee to get a cloth and me another set of the rules ... Read More

Christmas Presents from Kind Friends (26th Dec 2017)

As many of you will realise I neither ran Secret Santa or took park in Santa Clause this year so it was quite a surprise when I received two presents from Secret Santa. Well Christmas day found me receiving not two but four presents.Words fail to show my ... Read More

Christmas Gifts (10th Dec 2017)

Well I have not posted in an age as I expected but a couple of very nice surprises have given me the desire to post. I have received to gifts in the last week. One in the form of a box labelled from Secret Santa and a second as a Gift Voucher from Baccus. ... Read More

No Secret Santa This Year (13th Sep 2017)

It is with some regret that I announce we will not be doing Secret Santa this year. In the last few months I have struggled to get more than a few posts together and before I knew it we are in September. Given that it's been a month since I blogged an ... Read More

Command and Colours Napoleonic Battle of Pultusk AAR (10th Aug 2017)

I have actually played a few various games of late most of which I have as yet failed to write up but may get around to them. This ones a bit special as I played it against my son The Boy. Habit is a terrible or good thing depending on the habit. Me and T ... Read More

Joy of Six and Spends (23rd Jul 2017)

Joy of Six has come and gone, I was really looking forward to this years as we were having a year off from putting on a display game. The only issue was getting to the event! Unknown to the organisers and most of Sheffield's population the vast m ... Read More

Baccus 6mm Cataphracts (15th Jul 2017)

With Joy of Six tomorrow I thought I had better show some recently purchased and painted 6mm figures. These are from Baccus and will be used in our display game next year. You see some nice symmetry goes into these posts LOL.These were a quick paint as I ... Read More

As Good As Done (6th Jul 2017)

Finished the Zombie bust I received last week. Really enjoyed working on it and made a nice change from the usual work I do. Not that it is 100% finished yet as I have to sort out a socket to base him on, also varnish the bust and a few finishing touches ... Read More

Zombee Bust (28th Jun 2017)

I stumbled on this Zombie bust just the other day on Facebook. These are produced by Steve an independent sculptor and Commission Painter. At the moment he just has a bust called The Beast Handler but he also does limited run busts like this Zombie. Origi ... Read More

15mm Macedonian Phalanx or Two (22nd Jun 2017)

These are the first figures finished post challenge that was not actually started during the challenge. I don't even know the supplier of the figures as these were given to me by a friend years and years ago now. I ended up just doing a very basic pai ... Read More

Han Chinese Persian AAR (18th Jun 2017)

Over a month between posts! Well whilst painting has been on an all time low I have been playing games, just not recording them. Hopefully I will get back to normal and get posting again. I have a Saga game this week and a Black Powder game the week ... Read More

Persian Satrap Cavalry Part 2 (14th May 2017)

The second post on my Persians is a little different. These are of course my 6mm Baccus Persians and these give me a total of eight units of Persian cavalry so enough to start thinking about playing games.I went with mixed colours for these two units rath ... Read More

Persian Satrap Cavalry Part 1 (7th May 2017)

OK almost a month between posts! Still sluggish from the Painting Challenge but my mojo is returning as I finish off the figures started during the challenge. It is  unusual for me not to paint from start to finish so having unfinished work for any a ... Read More

Persian Chariots (13th Apr 2017)

I have done very little painting since the challenge finished and what I have done is not fully finished. You can blame a couple of new computer games and the kids being off school for the most part. Burnout from the challenge is far less a factor. As I a ... Read More

The Battle of Magnesia 190BC (5th Apr 2017)

As I have mentioned before, Lee and myself are planning on putting an Ancients battle at Joy of Six 2018 and we have finally selected the Battle of Magnesia between the Seleucid and Roman armies. I have used a OOB from the internet . This is a truly massi ... Read More

The Final Pike Down? (29th Mar 2017)

OK that was corny and not accurate as I still have a minimum of two more blocks to buy and paint. But during the challenge I painted up a total of eight blocks to give me eighteen in total.You have seen enough of these to know the drill. However these are ... Read More

15mm Lancashire Games French SYW Infantry (18th Mar 2017)

Well a month without posts and it flew past. Not having your own computer was a real pain in the backside. Though I was not aware it had been a whole month since I posted here. Well I now have my own computer again so expect more posts again, though I hav ... Read More

Back To The Prussian Napoleonic's in 6mm (16th Feb 2017)

I continue to flip back and forwards between 6mm and 15mm each week of the Challenge and that continues with these Adler Prussians.I am now looking to fill out the other Corp's that did not fight at Waterloo but did fight during the 100 days campaign. ... Read More

15mm French SYW Infantry and Vapnartak 2017 (6th Feb 2017)

Posting is a bit irregular at the moment. Partly down to the painting challenge, ironic that. Also my computer is in the last gasp of life as it keeps freezing and is a right pain to use far too much of the time.First up the show at York, not much to show ... Read More

Adler Prussian Cuirassiers (2nd Feb 2017)

Meant to post about these last week, seems I have been too busy painting instead. I had enough figures left to paint up a further three regiments to add to the two I already had painted over a year ago. Prussia had four regiments at the time of Water ... Read More

Commission Figurines 6mm MDF Cavalry (26th Jan 2017)

I finally get round to painting up the Commission Figurines 6mm Light Cavalry figures I was sent over a year ago. The biggest advantage at least from my point of view these figures have is the speed and ease of painting.If your aim is to paint up a large ... Read More

1st and 5th Regiments, Prussian SYW Dragoons (16th Jan 2017)

I can now boast a fully playable Prussian SYW army, whilst of course Lee can boast TWO painted armies, these being Russian and Austrian.I now have three of the six dragoon regiments that took part in the invasion of Saxony. I have the figures for the othe ... Read More

6mm ECW Infantry, Painting Both Sides (11th Jan 2017)

Back to 6mm and my own painting, though not all my figures. Baccus will be releasing a much expanded and by the looks excellent new ECW and TYW range. Shame then both Lee and me have four starter armies between us! Indeed we have rather too many for the r ... Read More

Number 2 Regiment Zieten Hussars (10th Jan 2017)

This is the cavalry that Lee also managed to buy by mistake (so he says), They are a very colourful bunch as are most of the Hussars of the period.We base our cavalry all on the same sized bases but the number of figures on the bases denotes the troop typ ... Read More

Santa Clause Gets Based (6th Jan 2017)

I was basing up my next entry in the challenge so took the opportunity to get these based up as well. I received these great looking figures as part of the Santa Clause. I wanted to get them based as soon as I could so happy to add them to the 6mm basing ... Read More

Prussian SYW Infantry by Lancashire Games (4th Jan 2017)

My third entry for the painting challenge was back to the SYW with these two battalions of Prussians supplied by Lancashire Games. The basis for my army is the army that invaded Saxony at the start of the war. As such I have plenty of scope for what ... Read More

That was 2016! (30th Dec 2016)

Finishing off table clutterHaving just read last years update post I see that I had a few aims at that point. Firstly the desire to get my Italian Napoleonic's bottomed. That happened and linked to this was a start of the Poles. Well 1 out of 2 then b ... Read More

That's A Lot of Bristles. (28th Dec 2016)

As 2016 limps out of the building I managed a few good long sessions at the painting table and I needed them! I knew I had another 400(ish) Baccus figures landing in my lap Christmas day so I wanted to get this lot off the table before the year came to an ... Read More

SYW Prussian Guns 1st Entry Into This Years Challenge (26th Dec 2016)

I wanted to get something finished on the first day of the challenge and was lucky enough to get the day off work so rushed these over the line.Two are Old Glory via Timecast. As you would expect the figures and guns had a good level of detail which was n ... Read More

Thank You Santa Clause (25th Dec 2016)

Can't wait till I can get these based up, my Santa Clause has been a big hit with me and a real big THANK YOU to my giver.My gift is the 9th Prinz von Schonaich-Carolath Cuirassiers for my SYW Prussian army and is a perfect addition. This will give me ... Read More

Secret Santa 2015 Finally Finished (23rd Dec 2016)

I hang my head in shame as I write today's post. Whilst I quickly made up the wagon and the thunderbox I failed to actually paint the other parts of my wonderful present from last years Santa Clause. But with the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge ab ... Read More

French SYW Dragoons by Lancashire Games (21st Dec 2016)

Sorry it's been over a week since my last post. Not that I have nothing to post about, just mostly worn down by a busy end to our busy period at work along with being more than a little under the weather. I managed to resist posting about all my prep ... Read More

A Week In ASL (10th Dec 2016)

I always have a number of games of Advanced Squad Leader going at any one time. These games are played via email using a platform called VASL. Strange how a game that relies on fairly constant interaction  between players can actually work in this ma ... Read More

Fredrick The Great in 15mm (7th Dec 2016)

I needed to add at least one new command stand for my army as it is growing at a reasonable pace. So who better than the gaffer himself?All figures are Old Glory via Timecast and have a good amount of detail, not all of which I have graced with paint ... Read More

SYW Prussian Converged Grenadiers (4th Dec 2016)

Been a gap in posting, lots of reasons none of them that good but I am back with something new to show you. Whilst I have not blogged for over a week I have been painting and prepping, sometimes at real stupid times but until I can get back to normal I wi ... Read More

Thanks Lee (25th Nov 2016)

I went over to Lee's to continue a 6mm game we are currently playing, lets call it the last big play test before Waterloo. He had already said he had accidentally bid on a painted SYW Prussian Hussar unit that if he won I could have. Turns out he had ... Read More