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Recent news and blog entries from Tarletons Quarter

Salute 2019 (8th Apr 2019)

Having failed to post about Salute 2018, here's a summary of this year's show.  It was the second time I'd taken Hugo - one's experience and view of a show like this changes a lot with a little one in two.  As with last year, I s ... Read More

Apologia (7th Apr 2019)

So what happened? To be honest, various things. First, and most importantly, the boys found an interest in fantasy and sci-fi games.  I thought that they might like skirmish games set in pirate and fantasy settings, but this spiralled into Frostgrave ... Read More

Test (11th Mar 2019)

Just testing this all still works.  It's been a while... ... Read More

Back home... (14th Jan 2018)

...and rather surprised to see all my Photobucket-hosted photos still on the blog.  Who knows what's going on - did I somehow renew my account automatically and consequently they let me off the USD 400 per month charge?  It's a good thin ... Read More

Update (3rd Dec 2017)

Sorry - the blog died for a few months.  There are various reasons for that, primarily work being very bad of late; and general disinterest thanks to the Photobucket situation.  I've been exploring Photobucket alternatives, but very slowly, ... Read More

Militia cavalry (12th Sep 2017)

These are the Perry militia cavalry, sold in the American AWI range but I can't see any reason why they shouldn't be used for un-uniformed Loyalists.  Looking at the "British Grenadier!" scenarios, you need militia cavalry for Monmo ... Read More

1st Rhode Island State Regiment (4th Sep 2017)

Rhode Island was the first of the thirteen colonies to formally renounce its allegiance to George III, in May 1776.   The colony then proceeded to raise various regiments of troops as an "army of observation".  The 1st R ... Read More

The future? (10th Jul 2017)

A quick update - like others in this hobby, and indeed many other hobbies, I have used Photobucket as an image hosting service.  By now I expect most readers will have heard about Photobucket's change of terms and the global reacti ... Read More

Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Thomas Stirling (27th Jun 2017)

Thomas Stirling was born in 1733 into a family that held the baronetcy of Ardoch, a place near Perth in the Scottish highlands.  Thomas was the second son and received his first commission in October 1747, shortly after his 14th birthday, from the Pr ... Read More

North Carolina Light Dragoons (26th Jun 2017)

A unit of North Carolina Light Dragoons was first raised in April 1775.  Originally a militia unit, the regiment was the attached to the Continental Army and was present at Brandywine and Germantown.  The regiment was disbanded in 1779 ... Read More

South Carolina Dragoons (16th Jun 2017)

Many Loyalist units were raised in the South and these figures represent generic Loyalist cavalry. I like to give my units specific regimental designations, so I'm calling this one the South Carolina Dragoons, even though it's desig ... Read More

1st Continental Dragoons (1) (5th Jun 2017)

This unit was raised in June 1776 in Virginia, and was originally on the state's establishment as the Virginia Light Horse Regiment.  In November is was taken into the Continental Army and re-designated as the 1st Continental Light Drag ... Read More

Philadelphia Light Horse (21st May 2017)

The Light Horse of the City of Philadelphia, or "Philadelphia Light Horse", was established in 1774.  It was a volunteer militia unit, formed by "a group of prosperous gentlemen" (according to Uniformology's book on the Continental Light Dragoons ... Read More

Pulaski's Legion (2) (5th May 2017)

This is the infantry element of Pulaski's Legion (the mounted troops being here).  In the "British Grenadier!" scenarios it appears as a unit of 6 skirmishers at Savannah.  So far as I can tell, the only way to model this unit in 25mm withou ... Read More

Pulaski's Legion (1) (1st May 2017)

Casimir Pulaski was born in in Poland in 1745 and began soldiering at an early age. In 1777 he met Benjamin Franklin and Lafayette in Paris, who then introduced him to General Washington.  Pulaski seems to have started off with some sort of staf ... Read More

Salute 2017 (23rd Apr 2017)

So another Salute has come and gone.  I arrived at about 10.15am and entered the show about 20 minutes later, so the Warlords have really sorted out the queuing issues with their e-ticket system; and queuing up inside the adjacent room rather than al ... Read More

Captain Sir James Baird (21st Apr 2017)

The 71st Foot was one of several regiments raised specifically to serve in the AWI, raised in 1775 by Colonel Simon Fraser (a previous incarnation of "Fraser's Highlanders", numbered the 78th Foot, was raised in 1757 and disbanded in 1763).& ... Read More

3rd Virginia (18th Apr 2017)

The 3rd Virginia was raised in December 1775 as a Continental Army unit.  It lost its initial colonels, Hugh Mercer and George Weedon, to promotion within a couple of months and was then commanded for by Thomas Marshall.  William Heth then ... Read More

2nd New Jersey (13th Apr 2017)

It's been much too long since my last post - usual reasons of too much work and a severe reduction of painting time over the past couple of months.  This is the 2nd New Jersey, a regiment raised at the end of 1775 under the command of Colonel Wil ... Read More

Something different (29th Jan 2017)

In September last year, or thereabouts, I decided that the boys, or Hugo at least, might respond to and enjoy "X-Wing", the game of Star Wars spaceship combat.  The game has a huge following, involves model ships, and the boys are pret ... Read More

King's Royal Regiment of New York (1) (23rd Jan 2017)

The King's Royal Regiment of New York ("KRRNY") was raised in June 1776 by Sir John Johnson, a loyalist who had fled with his family and other loyalists to Canada in May after harassment by local patriots.  Johnson had started ... Read More

Rhode Island Train of Artillery (16th Jan 2017)

In May 1775 the Rhode Island Assembly voted to raise troops to contribute towards what then became the Continental Army (the Rhode Island contingent being called initially the Rhode Island Army of Observation).  Three infantry regiments and a unit of ... Read More

Colonel Frederick Visscher (11th Jan 2017)

Frederick Visscher commanded the Third Regiment of Tryon's County's militia, and fought at Oriskany in the rearguard of the American column.  Visscher was born in 1740 and, like many settlers in the Albany area, was of Dutch descent.&nbs ... Read More

Lieutenant-Colonel Ebenezer Cox (9th Jan 2017)

I'm going to kick off the new year with some more personalities.  Colonel Ebenezer Cox was one of the commanders of the vanguard of the American column that was ambushed at the battle of Oriskany on 6 August 1777 while on its way to relieve  ... Read More

Tenth year anniversary (4th Jan 2017)

My first post of the year is almost always a self-congratulatory celebration of another year of blogging.  At times over the years I've felt rather embarrassed when writing this post, as some years saw far less output than others and there h ... Read More

5th Pennsylvania (13th Dec 2016)

The 5th Pennsylvania Regiment had its origins in the 4th Pennsylvania Battalion, which was raised in early 1776 with Anthony Wayne as its Colonel.  A year later, the enlistments of the men who had joined this unit expired, but many of them ... Read More

The Volunteers of Ireland (6th Dec 2016)

The Volunteers of Ireland was a corps of Loyalists that was raised in Philadelphia in May 1778.  A letter from General Clinton to Lord Germain (the British Secretary of State for America at the time) suggests that the motive for establishing a r ... Read More

Iroquois (7) (5th Dec 2016)

Here's the final pack of Indian figures for now, the Conquest Miniatures "Iroquois Warriors A".  I now have 50 Iroquois/generic Woodland Indian rank-and-file, 12 chiefs, 3 mounted Indians, a pack of civilians and 6 each of the Delaware, ... Read More

Sauk/Fox Indians (1) (23rd Nov 2016)

This is another Conquest Miniatures pack, "Sauk & Fox Indians A".  The Sauk (or Sac) and Fox people were distinct tribes that (I believe) came together in the 1730s to provide mutual shelter and support as a result of conflict with the& ... Read More

American riflemen (4) (20th Nov 2016)

This is one of the two Conquest Miniatures packs called "Frontiersmen".  I've had this pack in the leadpile for years and knocked it off a few weeks ago as part of my plan to paint most of my outstanding AWI lead by the end of the year. ... Read More

Hanyery Tewahangarahken (9th Nov 2016)

Hanyery (or Han Yerry) Tewahangarahken (c. 1724-1794) was a warrior of the Oneida tribe who fought on the Patriot side at the battle of Oriskany in August 1777.  I gather his name means "He Who Takes Up the Snow Shoe" and he was t ... Read More

Iroquois (6) (6th Nov 2016)

One of my very first posts on this blog was about Conquest Miniatures' French & Indian War range, 18 woodland Indians that I'd painted in 2006.  Ten years later, here is another pack from Conquest (sold in the UK ... Read More

13e Légère (1) (2nd Nov 2016)

These are Perry Miniatures French light infantry skirmishers from their 1815 range.  Five are metal figures and chap about to bite his cartridge is from the plastic box set.  He was required because I used one of the figures from ... Read More

76th Foot (2) (24th Oct 2016)

When I first posted about the 76th Foot in June 2014 (see here) I explained how I intended to paint up two units' worth of figures.  As I explained in that earlier post, in the published "British Grenadier!" scenario books, the 76th appear i ... Read More

Butler's Rangers (20th Oct 2016)

John Butler (1728–1796) lived in the Mohawk Valley from his early teens and became highly proficient in the local Indian languages.  This led to his employment as an officer in the Indian Department during the French & Indian War.  After the ... Read More

Brigadier-General Nicholas Herkimer (12th Oct 2016)

Nicholas Herkimer was born in 1728 (or thereabouts), the son of German immigrants.  His family lived in the German Flatts area of upstate New York, in the Mohawk Valley.  Herkimer saw action in the French attack on German Flatts in November 1757 ... Read More

Magua (2) (5th Oct 2016)

This is the first Indian/Native American figure that I've painted in 6 years.  I painted a horde of Conquest Miniatures Iroquois back in 2006 (see here) and then more Conquest and Perry figures over the course of 2006/2007.  I finished ... Read More

Loyalist camp (3rd Oct 2016)

I regret that posts have been thin on the ground over the past couple of months.  However, that can be remedied as a result of a good session in the garden with my camera yesterday.  Highlanders, loyalist rangers and some personalities are to co ... Read More

British reinforcements (2) (9th Sep 2016)

This is my second "reinforcements" post and it gives me an excuse to think about British grenadiers.  I'll start with the basics. These troops served in composite battalions that combined the grenadier companies of the various regi ... Read More

British reinforcements (1) (13th Jul 2016)

I mentioned earlier this year that one thing on my AWI radar is to bulk up existing units to ensure they are of sufficient strength to cope with all relevant scenarios.  I keep a detailed spread-sheet of all units that feature in the published " ... Read More

43rd Foot (10th Jul 2016)

The 43rd was originally raised in 1741 as Fowke's Regiment of Foot and received the designation as 43rd Foot in 1751.  The regiment was sent to America in 1757 and fought in the centre of Wolfe's line at Quebec.  After the capture of Mon ... Read More

Conestoga wagon (6th Jul 2016)

This is the Conestoga wagon from Perry Miniatures.  The model represents a type of heavy, covered wagon that was used during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the eastern USA.  It could carry loads of up to 6 tons.   ... Read More

The end of American Civil War week (5th Jul 2016)

So it turned out to be a month with a missing 4 weeks in the middle, but that was ACW week here at Tarleton's Quarter.  I wouldn't say that the ACW bug has necessarily been caught, but I enjoyed inspecting these units again and I am working o ... Read More

Bull Run Confederates (2) (4th Jul 2016)

Picking up as if nothing has happened....this is my second unit of 1861 Rebs, again intended as part of the Stonewall Brigade.  The figures are from the same Perry Miniatures packs as my previous unit, but with the other half of the&nb ... Read More

Bull Run Confederates (1) (29th May 2016)

There's a reason for the lack of any unit designation for this post - I don't have one.  For reasons I can't quite now remember, I bought some packs of Perry "early Confederates" and painted them up with an eye on the Jackson Bull Ru ... Read More

10th Virginia (28th May 2016)

The 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment mustered at Harper's Ferry in May 1861.  Apparently four companies consisted of the 4th Regiment, Virginia Volunteers, a pre-war militia unit. The men were raised in the counties of She ... Read More

5th Virginia (27th May 2016)

The 5th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment follows a similar story to the other regiments I have been featuring this week.  It was formed in May 1861, with men drawn from Augusta and Frederick Counties in the Shenandoah.  Like the 2nd Vir ... Read More

23rd Virginia (26th May 2016)

The 23rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was formed in May 1861, recruiting in Richmond and surrounding areas.  As with the other units I've been posting about, the 23rd spent most of the war on service with the Army of Northern Virgini ... Read More

2nd Virginia (25th May 2016)

The 2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was raised in Charles Town, West Virginia in April 1861.  It was a founding regiment of the "Stonewall Brigade".  The 2nd Virginia fought at Bull Run and participated in many of the famous e ... Read More

21st Virginia (24th May 2016)

The 21st Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was raised in June/July 1861 and took recruits from the city of Richmond and neighbouring counties.  It saw action as part of the Army of Northern Virginia, participating in Jackson's Valley Campaign, ... Read More