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Tales From Farpoint

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Recent news and blog entries from TalesFromFarpoint

2019 Reviewed (3rd Jan 2020)

Hi!It's 2020, a new year and a new decade so I thought I'd take a peek back at what I got done during 2019:First up, I managed to paint 108 things ranging from 2mm up to 28mm in scale.The Tally5x 2mm Orc Wartowers6x 2mm Infantry Companies9x 28mm D ... Read More

Land Ironclads: Leviathan Edition (3rd Dec 2019)

Hi!I've spent the last few days pondering my Land Ironclads project with the aim of bringing it to the setting of Leviathan, a project I started late last year and actually got some gubbins painted too before I drifted off on other stuff.But here we a ... Read More

Land Ironclads Ponderings (19th Nov 2019)

Hi!I've been a tad busy with work related shenanigans over the last month or so since my last post but have managed to paint some more 15mm gubbins which I will try and get some pics of in the next week or so once the batch of them are all finished bu ... Read More

An Update! (12th Oct 2019)

Greetings!It's been a while since I had chance to update my blog as I've been run off my feet with work which has resulted in me being too tired to spend any time with my hobby but I happened to have today off and noticed that Skelp, the wargame s ... Read More

Davion Mechs Sighted! (25th Aug 2019)

Hi!While I've been rummaging my Flintloque stuff, I happened across some of my old Battletech SD sculpts and thought it might be rather fun to finish painting them up!Davion Light MechsI've now got three completed in the form of a pair of Valkyrie ... Read More

A Return to Flintloque (16th Aug 2019)

Hi!I can't believe it's already half way through August! I've taken a bit of a break from all the 15mm scale gubbins that I've been painting over the last few weeks to crack on with my small Flintloque project.Grigori Dracsul and Zombie Mu ... Read More

Steampowered Infantry (1st Aug 2019)

Hi!I've just finished a squad of steampowered infantry for my ongoing VSF/Steampunk/Weird West project!1st Texan Ironclad Infantry Constructed from plastic gubbins with some wire and putty to make rifles and a bit of cotton for their smokestacks, ... Read More

Cowboys vs Aliens (17th Jul 2019)

Hi!It's been a bit quiet here on my blog but I have been quietly beavering away with my ongoing Peter Pig Weird West mini project and have finished a second unit of 12 rifles!RiflemenThe figures are almost entirely comprised of Peter Pig's rather ... Read More

Weird West Cowboys (3rd Jul 2019)

Hi!Last week I previewed some 15mm scale Cowboys I've been painting and I've managed to finish a unit of 12 of the little chaps.CowboysI've had the little chaps for at least 10-15 years now and some were painted (badly) as colonial militia for ... Read More

Homicidal Pepperpots Tutorial (2nd Jul 2019)

Hi!Last week I made myself some Dalek proxies in 15mm scale and I've been asked to put together a step by step guide on how to make the angry little fellows so here goes!EXTERMINATE!SuppliesTo make the proxy Daleks, you will need a selection of plasti ... Read More

Re-Exploring Old Rulesets (29th Jun 2019)

Hi!I can't believe it's almost the end of June and I've not posted anything here for almost a month!Saying that, I've been rather busy both with my lovely wife's birthday, two weeks holidays and organising our spare room/man cave/libra ... Read More

Badlands Skirmish (25th May 2019)

Hi!After my angry review of the other day, I managed to get a quick game of a Song of Blasters using my Epic scaled Ultramarines versus some Eldar.I've also been working on getting some new scenery put together in the form of some rock columns to add ... Read More

Osprey's Ragnarok: An Angry Review (22nd May 2019)

Hi!I recently picked up a copy of Osprey's new wargame, Ragnarok and thought I'd share my initial thoughts on it.I'm sorry if I upset anyone with this review but rarely do I get so angered by something to the point of having to post a massive ... Read More

Epic Command Squads (3rd May 2019)

Hi!I've passed the blip of mentalness concerning 28mm and have been working on repairing my Epic command stands that my cat so thoughtfully ate the banners from last year.Ultramarine Command Squads, Techmarine, Captain and MedicWhilst pootling away wi ... Read More

Hitting a Snag (28th Apr 2019)

Hi!Well I seem to have hit a bit of a snag in that I find myself wanting to do about a million different projects in different scales all at the same time and it's resulted in me grinding to a halt with all things hobby!It's rather frustrating as ... Read More

Aldi Gaming Mat (26th Apr 2019)

Hi!I'd noticed mention on assorted sites over the last week that Aldi were selling a grass effect mat that many in the wargaming community suspected would do for a gaming mat so when we were out today getting our shopping, I nipped in and had a peruse ... Read More

Messing About With Epic (16th Apr 2019)

Hi!Sadly hobby time has had to be suspended for the time being as we've got guests visiting so the man cave has been converted back to a bedroom but I've taken the opportunity to have a sneaky peek at some of my posts over the last few years and h ... Read More

Tiny Steam Tanks (8th Apr 2019)

Hi!I've finally managed to get a trio of Steam Tanks painted up for my Land Ironclads project!Constructed from some plasticard, paper and cotton wool smoke, I really enjoyed putting the little tanks together and I'm really pleased to have finished ... Read More

Land Ironclads (2nd Apr 2019)

Hi!I managed to play a quick game of Land Ironclads this morning with my rather outnumbered Dwarven steamtanks giving the numerically superior Orcs a bloody nose.I must admit that I rather enjoyed the game as it lasted all of half an hour and saw two brig ... Read More

Song Of Blasters Ponderings (23rd Mar 2019)

Hi!I've had an unexpected week of holidays and have spent much of it off out enjoying the equally unexpectedly nice weather we've been having so must admit that hobby time has been rather limited. What little time I've had spare has been dedic ... Read More

Looking Back (8th Mar 2019)

Hi!I've been rather busy with Ye Reale Life shenanigans over the last couple of weeks but I've also spent a bit of time looking back over my blog.It's hard to believe that it's been running for ten years in various guises and in that time ... Read More

Deadloque Update (24th Feb 2019)

Hi!I've been a bit busy with work but finally have a week off and I'm hoping to be able to spend a little bit of time in hobby related shenanigans!I've been slowly painting my way through my Deadloque box and have finished another Zombie muske ... Read More

Ironclads, Infantry and Undead. Oh My! (14th Feb 2019)

Hi!It's been a while since I updated the blog but I've been rather busy with work and hobby related stuff so without further ado, here's some pics of what I've been getting up to:First up, here's the second brigade of my 2mm Orc Horde: ... Read More

Tiny Horde and Skeletal Reinforcements (23rd Jan 2019)

Hi!Well it's been a while since I last updated the blog but I've not been idle. I've been furiously painting my way through all sorts of oddments and seem to be keeping the hobby mojo going well for January!First up, here's my first infant ... Read More

Second Titanosaur Sighted (16th Jan 2019)

Hi!Just a quick update this morning before I head out to work. I've managed to finish my second Titanosaur for my 2mm fantasy project and have also finished a trio of skeletons for my Deadloque project too!Titanosaur WartowerThis gives me a couple of ... Read More

Little and Large (11th Jan 2019)

Hi!Well my new year seems to be continuing with painting stuff of random scales and sheer enjoyment as I finished another of my 2mm warbeasts, this time a Titanosaur and a 28mm scale Flintloque figure to boot!First up, here's my Titanosaur:Titanosaur ... Read More

2mm Necrosaur Detachment (8th Jan 2019)

Hi!Here's some pics of the first stuff I've painted for 2019 in the form of a trio of 2mm Necrosaurs: Necrosaur DetachmentMounted on 40mm bases for use with Wessex Games Land Ironclads rules, these are possibly the smallest figures I've e ... Read More

Looking Forward (4th Jan 2019)

Hi!Well here we are in 2019!I've got some assorted gubbins on the go for the coming months, both with existing projects and some new ones I've got planned.First off, I've been working on some Orc warbeasts in 2mm scale to have a go at a fantas ... Read More

Last Post (31st Dec 2018)

Hi!Just a quick post before the end of 2018 with a quick pic of my newest sculpts!Ork Nobz in 'Eavy ArmourI had originally planned on the guy in the centre being Orko Fatbelly, the Badmoon warboss for my Farpoint campaign but have decided on something ... Read More

Looking Forward (17th Dec 2018)

Hi!It's hard to believe that there's only two weeks left of 2018 but with the festive period upon us and a combination of work mentalness and family visiting, I doubt I'll be able to get much done hobbywise before the end of the year.I have, h ... Read More

Tales From Farpoint on Facebook! (15th Dec 2018)

Hi!Just a quick update this evening to let folks know that I've started a FACEBOOK PAGE for Tales from Farpoint!Ork BoyzI'll be adding much the same sort of content I do here but thought it would be handy for folks to peruse who don't do the w ... Read More

Epic 40k! (14th Dec 2018)

Hi!I've managed to play yet another game, this time a 250 point skirmish using Epic 40k!Epic 40kNow Epic 40k is possibly the game I played most back in the day and have very fond memories of playing epic battles fielding my Orks against my friends Imp ... Read More

Assault on Glazers Gulch (13th Dec 2018)

Hi!I've managed to try out Song of Blasters in 6mm scale using some of my Epic figures and thought I'd post a quick battle report!It had started with panicked calls over the vox from the small settlement of Glazers Gulch and then silence had falle ... Read More

Small Scale Shenanigans (12th Dec 2018)

Hi!Sadly I've not managed to get any more games played in the last couple of days as work has been getting SO busy with the run up to Christmas that I've not had the energy to set up and play a game when I get home. I've not been entirely idle ... Read More

Hostile Takeover (9th Dec 2018)

Hi!I've managed to get a quick game in this evening pitting my fledgling Bauhaus force against the Battleaxe Brigade Mercenaries!Bauhaus Megacorp has limited resources on Farpoint as it's largely arid landscape is far from the lush forested worlds ... Read More

Incident at Promethium Plant 17 (3rd Dec 2018)

Hi!I've just managed to play a couple of really quick little skirmishes using my Blades and Blasters test rules and thought I'd post the results here!Seething at the loss of his snazzy new lander last month at the hands of some uncouth Badmoon Ork ... Read More

Project Challenge: 2nd Edition 40k Small Scale (2nd Dec 2018)

Hi!I've been humming and hahing about a post for the last couple of weeks and have even typed up a couple extolling the virtues of small scale gaming but haven't posted them as I suspect I've already posted similar articles over the last coupl ... Read More

40k 15mm Style: Orks Part 2 (20th Nov 2018)

Hi!So I've spent a little bit of time trawling the interwebs for suitable 15mm scale Ork proxies and this is what I've found thus far:Ground Zero GamesPossibly the largest selection of 15mm scale sci-fi figures in the UK at the present and they ev ... Read More

40k 15mm Style: Orks Part 1 (19th Nov 2018)

Hi!I thought I'd spend a little bit of time pondering on playing games set in my re-imagined Imperium in 15mm scale and thought I'd get the ball rolling with the Orks!Now in my version of the Imperium, Humanity has moved from a scientific dark age ... Read More

Skirmish at Con-Am 17 (12th Nov 2018)

Hi!I managed to play a quick game of my heavily modified Song of Blades last night which pitted the forces of the Governor General against the local Orkish tribe.I didn't manage to grab a few pics of the action:The Imperial forces suffered from a deci ... Read More

Civilians! (31st Oct 2018)

Hi!While I've been spending a lot of my spare time sorting out the flat, I've managed to paint up a few civilian types to inhabit the frontier towns of Farpoint!Civilians!I picked up a pack of Ground Zero Games civilians a few months ago in their ... Read More

Osprey Wargames (28th Oct 2018)

Hi!Over the last couple of years I've picked up a fair number of the Osprey Wargames series and have been swithering about the possibility of putting together some small warbands based on them.First off, there's Dragon Rampant and Frostgrave, poss ... Read More

English Civil War With A Twist (21st Oct 2018)

Hi!It's been really busy with work of late with a last minute book festival to deal with but I've been putting a little bit of thought into a 15mm fantasy project and have found myself thinking of doing a bit of a twist on the English Civil War.I& ... Read More

The Siren Call... (14th Oct 2018)

Morning folks!It's been a while since I updated the blog but with lots of Real Life goings on, I've not really had much chance to do anything hobby related for ages.My return to 15mm sci-fi gaming has really reinvigorated my hobby interest and I&# ... Read More

Squigs Spotted! (22nd Sep 2018)

Hi!Sadly I'm down to my last couple of days of holiday but I have managed to paint a couple of new additions to my Badmoon Warband in the form of a trio of Squigs:Chomp!I sculpted these little chaps from a plastic bead with some wire and a bit of gree ... Read More

Space Pudding Cultist Temple (11th Sep 2018)

Hi!I'm about to flit off on a weeks much needed holidays but have managed to finish the newest addition to my terrain collection, the Pudding Cultist Temple! The Space Pudding Temple in all it's glory with Brother Maynard, resident loon.Const ... Read More

15mm Scale Hive Terrain (4th Sep 2018)

Hi!It's been a bit quiet here for the last couple of weeks but I've been really busy with hobby related shenanigans!I've been collecting used till rolls for quite a while now to use for some suitably grubby industrial hive terrain and I've ... Read More

O.G.R.E. Warzone (13th Aug 2018)

Hi!I'm not going to be talking about mythological humanoids or cybertanks from the far future this morning but my new project, O.G.R.E or Old Game Retried Experiments (a handy acronym if I do say so!).I've settled on Warzone 1st edition as my firs ... Read More

Where Games Go To Die (5th Aug 2018)

Hi!I've been perusing my old rulebook collection and have been pondering why so many great games that have come out over the years have little or no interest on the interwebs.Yes, they are out of production and often the miniatures are difficult to ge ... Read More

Blazing Saddles (5th Aug 2018)

Hi!I've finally managed to paint a couple of cowboys from Peter Pig. I've had these chaps for about 15 years and it was high time I get the little guys painted. PosseAlthough historical figures, I plan on using them for armed colonists and Gr ... Read More