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New Middle-earth Releases Available to Order From Forge World (31st Dec 2019)

The regular Earth is experiencing a New Year. I don't know when New Year's is for the citizens of Middle-earth, but either way, you can go order some new kits from Forge World to add to your forces. Let's take a look.Though they may not possess the riding ... Read More

New Scenery Strips Available From Deep-Cut Studio (31st Dec 2019)

I know. I know. "Shouldn't this go in the Terrain Corner?" It should, but it's a light news time, so you get it right here. Anyway, as you're getting out all those new minis you got for the holidays, you'll want your gaming table to look as good as possib ... Read More

Podcast Radio (31st Dec 2019)

It's that weird, interim time between Christmas and New Year's. I've been enjoying a bit of a vacation, though it's not been everything I expected (hooray for sudden 0 car repairs for Christmas! Whee!), but it's been good to unwind. It seems most game ... Read More

Corvus Belli Looks Forward to 2020 (31st Dec 2019)

They say that hindsight is 20/20. Well, at the moment, forward sight is 2020. Corvus Belli is looking ahead with crystal clarity at what they'll be working on for the next year. Want to know where your favorite games are headed? Well, they don't give away ... Read More

Mantic Running Crazy Bobby Cyber Sale Now (31st Dec 2019)

Warlord isn't the only company taking the opportunity to help you correct any gift-giving mistakes that might've occurred over the last couple weeks. Mantic's in on the action as well. They've let Crazy Bobby go all Lawnmower Man, and so he's giving some ... Read More

Warlord Games' Bad Santa Sale Happening Now (31st Dec 2019)

Warlord Games is having their annual Bad Santa sale. No, they're not selling Blu-Rays of that Billy Bob Thorton movie. They're saying that sometimes you don't always get what you wanted as a present and so, "if you want it done right, you gotta do it your ... Read More

Fantasy Flight Previews New Pilots Coming For X-Wing (31st Dec 2019)

I'm guessing a lot of you have Star Wars fever right now. There's a new movie out and pretty much everyone's going to see it. If you're wanting to bring that excitement to your tabletops, Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures Game is a great way to do it. An ... Read More

New Releases Available From Privateer Press (31st Dec 2019)

Privateer Press is ending the year on a high note. They've got a new batch of releases available over in their webshop. Flush with holiday cash and looking where to spend it? Maybe see if any of these new figures tickle your fancy. There's Riot Quest. The ... Read More

2020 X-Wing Organized Play Roadmap (30th Dec 2019)

Alex Watkins, the Global Director of Organized Play for Fantasy Flight Games, looks back on 2019 and shares his plans for the coming year of Star Wars™: X-Wing Organized Play:Star Wars: X-Wing has gone through its transition year in 2019 and will have ful ... Read More

Old School Renaissance Like A (Censored) Boss Available From Kort'thalis Publishing (23rd Dec 2019)

Venger Satanis over at Kort'thalis Publishing has a deep love of those nostalgic RPGs of the 80s. And he wants to share that love with you. To do so, he's created Old School Renaissance Like A (Censored) Boss, a new book designed to help you run old-schoo ... Read More

One Page Rules Releases Six New Sets of Game Rules (23rd Dec 2019)

The folks over at One Page Rules have been busy, little bees. They're giving you a special holiday gift with six, yes, six new sets of miniatures game rules. There's a little bit of everything. There's sci-fi fleets. There's fantasy sports. There's modern ... Read More

New Marvel Champions Releases Available From Fantasy Flight (23rd Dec 2019)

Fantasy Flight has some new releases for Marvel Champions available for you to pick up from your local game shop. You can fight the nefarious Norman Osborn in his Green Goblin form. And to do so, you can take up the mantle of Captain America or Ms. Marvel ... Read More

New Titan Weapon and Bundle Available To Order From Forge World (20th Dec 2019)

Finishing out the week with a Giant Robot Alert. And considering that this is a 40k titan, it's one of the giantest giant robot alerts. Forge World is taking orders for the new Macro Gatling Blaster for your Titans, as well as a Titan bundle where you can ... Read More

Funforge and Modiphius Teaming uP (20th Dec 2019)

Unfortunately, babelfish aren't real. We can't all just understand all languages. As such, we're still translating games to different languages. If you find that French is your preferred language of choice, Funforge is here for you. They're teaming up wit ... Read More

Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Available Now (20th Dec 2019)

The OP Games has a new release available for you. If you're looking for that last-minute gift for the gamer on your list, this might just be it. Heaven and Hell have been at war. Stuck in the middle is Death. Fed up with the whole situation, they're looki ... Read More

New Free Downloadable Supplements Available From Warlord Games (20th Dec 2019)

This time of year, many people take a bit of a vacation. That means lots of chances to get some gaming in. Warlord Games is here to help out with some new free downloadable supplements for Blood Red Skies, Cruel Seas, Hail Caesar, and Black Seas. Head on ... Read More

December Infinity Releases Available From Corvus Belli (20th Dec 2019)

Corvus Belli has a holiday present for you over in their webshop as well as down at your local gaming store. The December releases for Infinity are now available. Looking for a last-minute gift? This might just be it.From the post:Available now at our onl ... Read More

Sanctorvm Sci-Fi Survival Board Game Up On Kickstarter (20th Dec 2019)

In deep space, humanity struggles for survival. In particular, the humans in Sanctorvm (because Rome?). It's a new sci-fi horror/survival board game with heavy RPG elements that's up on Kickstarter now. Play in two modes: Adventure mode with 15 huge missi ... Read More

New Releases Available From Privateer Press (20th Dec 2019)

The holidays are pretty much upon us already. But there's still time to pick up some last-minute gifts for the gamer on your list. And Privateer Press is helping as they have a bunch of new releases available now over in their webshop and down at your loc ... Read More

Fantasy Flight Previews Piloting From Covert Missions (20th Dec 2019)

A new Star Wars: Destiny set is coming out soon. It's called Covert Missions. In it, vehicles will play a heavy role, as will those behind the wheel/stick, the pilots. In this preview, we get a look at just what those pilots are capable of and some of the ... Read More

CMON Previews Targaryen Starter Set for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game (20th Dec 2019)

The Horse Lords are coming. From across the sea, the Dothraki are making their way to the Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Invading next month, the Targaryen Starter Set is unlike others from the game, being composed of only cavalry units. ... Read More

Modiphius Announces Release Date For Vampire: The Masquerade: Fall of London (19th Dec 2019)

What do you get when you combine the classic songs London Bridge is Falling Down and London Calling?A really weird tune, but you also get Fall of London (you really don't, but this is where my brain went, ok?). It's a new book for Vampire: The Masquerade ... Read More

Harebrained Schemes Looking For Narrative Designer/Writer (19th Dec 2019)

Do you words good? Can you create interesting narrative and compelling characters? Can you sculpt witty dialog? Do you use the Oxford comma? If you answered "yes" to these questions, Harebrained Schemes might just be looking for you. They are hiring a new ... Read More

CMON Posts Festive Foods Scenario for Foodies (19th Dec 2019)

Damn the diets! Full speed ahead to the buffet table!Look, this time of year, many people are having feasts of all types. CMON is bringing the joy of eating good food in too large of quantities to Foodies, their food-stall board game. They've posted a spe ... Read More

Corvus Belli Previews Lucien Sforza Sculpt for Infinity: Defiance (19th Dec 2019)

Since the end of their Kickstarter campaign, Corvus Belli has been working hard at making Infinity: Defiance a real thing. They're happy to show off some of their work, giving us a look at the sculpt for Lucien Sforza. Missed out on the campaign? Don't wo ... Read More

Fantasy Flight Announces Season 5-8 Expansion for Game of Thrones Trivia Game (19th Dec 2019)

Did you watch all of Game of Thrones? And I mean, really watch all of it? Like, several times and memorize all the minute details of the setting and characters? If so, you're probably going to win the Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game from Fantasy Flight. ... Read More

Call of Cthulhu Now Available On Roll20 (18th Dec 2019)

Sure, it's the season of Christmas and Hanukkah and other such winter holidays, but what if you want some horror and madness thrown in? Well, now during your winter break, you can play Call of Cthulhu with your friends all over the world via Roll20, as th ... Read More

Alexa Can Now Play Starfinder (18th Dec 2019)

Now, playing Starfinder can be as easy as simply asking Alexa to start a game for you. No need for grabbing the group together. You can just talk to your house and it'll begin. Paizo has released this entirely new way to play. And it's not just a start wi ... Read More

Vampire: The Masquerade: Cults of the Blood Gods Up On Kickstarter (18th Dec 2019)

Blood for the Blood G- ... oh, sorry, wrong game.It should come as no surprise that Vampire: The Masquerade has a lot to do with blood. It's a vampire's main sustenence, of course (along with plasma fruit). Well, a new sourcebook for the 5th edition for t ... Read More

CMON Previews Sculpts From Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game (18th Dec 2019)

Mike McVey has created a ton of amazing minis in his years as a leading sculptor in the industry. Now, he's trying his hand at making some rather inconic characters in the form of the survivors and ghouls from Night of the Living Dead. In this article, Mc ... Read More

Judge Dredd Wave 2 Now Available to Pre-Order (18th Dec 2019)

Warlord Games is giving you an early Christmas present. You can head over into their webshop and grab yourself pre-orders of the Wave 2 releases for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. New Judges. New Foes. New Vehicles. There's a little bit of everything fo ... Read More

Podcast Radio (17th Dec 2019)

We're making our way to the holidays, everyone. I actually have some vacation time coming up. It'll be nice to kick back and relax some. This is the slow time of year for news anyway, as I'm sure you've noticed. But I'll still be coming in to give you upd ... Read More

Singles From Starter Sets Now Available For Bushido (17th Dec 2019)

I have often lauded starter sets for games as a great place to get going in a game. They're usually a force ready-to-play once out of the box (and sometimes assembled) that can get you going. But what if you're wanting just a single mini out of a starter ... Read More

Fantasy Flight Previews Environments for X-Wing (17th Dec 2019)

Space Weather!Ok, so we might think of space as just empty... well... space, there are a lot of things out there, and when fights between fleets of ships happen, there could be much more than just the enemy ships to deal with. Fantasy Flight has announced ... Read More

CMON Previews Tiles From Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game (17th Dec 2019)

When creating the tiles for the Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, artist Henning Ludvigsen did his best to recreate the actual sets used. He really goes all-out when creating these pieces, not simply throwing together whatever, but actually doin ... Read More

Steamforged Previews Veteran Greede for Guild Ball (17th Dec 2019)

You wouldn't think that a turtle would be a good addition to a sports team. But the Union isn't like most sports teams. The Union is getting itself a new captain in the form of Captain Greede. You can already pre-order this model, but what does he do on t ... Read More

New Age of Sigmar Update Posted (17th Dec 2019)

'Tis the season for updating games, apparently. We've had a few recently, and Games Workshop is jumping in on the bandwagon. So, if you're an Age of Sigmar player, you'll want to head over and see what's been changed. Be sure you're using the right rules! ... Read More

Digital Edition of Malifaux Faction Books Now Available (16th Dec 2019)

While I like having a physical version of a book to read through, I do also greatly appreciate digital versions of rulebooks. At the very least, it's a lot easier to carry a whole library on your smart device instead of having to lug around a bookshelf fu ... Read More

Unsettled Board Game Up On Kickstarter (16th Dec 2019)

The far reaches of outer space. All the familiar things we have here at home are nowhere to be seen. You and your crew must work together to survive in this strange place. That's what you're up to in Unsettled, a new sandbox cooperative board game that's ... Read More

CMON Previews Artwork From Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game (16th Dec 2019)

The artwork for a game is arguably one of the most important aspects of it. And when a game is an adaptation of a beloved movie, that just goes doubly-so. Well, CMON is adapting Night of the Living Dead into a Zombicide game. In this article, Karl Kopinsk ... Read More

Fantasy Flight Games Posts Genesys RPG Update (16th Dec 2019)

While every RPG book, in my opinion, is more like guidelines , that doesn't mean that the rules are made up and the points don't matter. They do. You just want to start out with a good foundation to then manipulate. And that's where sometimes updating th ... Read More

Hobby World Announces Spycon (16th Dec 2019)

It's a giant meeting of spies. Secret information is being passed back and forth like crazy. Contacts are being found and deals are being made... err... hopefully they're the right contacts and deals, anyway. With everyone being spies and disguised someho ... Read More

CMON Previews Airship City (16th Dec 2019)

"The sky's the limit." It's an old saying that means anything's possible. Well, for the people in Airship City, they've decided that they want the sky to be their new home. They're building a city among the clouds and need some more resources up there. So ... Read More

Adventure Mode Available For Journeys in Middle-earth (16th Dec 2019)

Fantasy Flight Games is rolling out more digital assets for their games. In this case, it's Journeys in Middle-earth. They have released the new Adventure Mode. This lets you link your various games together, being joined by the app. You can even pick you ... Read More

An Interview With Venger Satanis (13th Dec 2019)

Venger Satanis. Head of Kort'thalis Publishing and writer of, among many other things, the Cha'alt megadungeon and setting. Also, a lover of mid-word apostrophes. What inspires him? Where does he draw his inspiration? What is he excited about in the OSR? ... Read More

Skirmisher Publishing Updates Amphitheaters, Racetracks & Other Entertainment Places Book (13th Dec 2019)

Food and Circuses.It's what kept the people of Rome happy during dark times. And now, in your fantasy game, you can offer the same. Skirmisher Publishing continues to update their City Builder line to its latest form by upgrading Volume 3: Amphitheaters, ... Read More

Renegade Game Studios Releases Christmas Chaos Scenario for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid (13th Dec 2019)

Go! Go, Power Rangers!It's Christmastime in Hill Valley, but that doesn't mean everyone can just drop their guard. The Power Rangers are in need in this new scenario for Heroes of the Grid. Renegade Game Studio has released this special holiday scenario o ... Read More

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth The Card Game Now Available (13th Dec 2019)

Jim Henson's Labyrinth The Card Game is now available from River Horse. This new trick-taking game includes elements inspired by the lovely images and artwork from the original movie. It includes two different modes of play, depending on the level of comp ... Read More

Friday Snippets (13th Dec 2019)

I didn't end up getting picked for the jury, if anyone was wondering. Can't say that I'm disappointed over that. I mean, sure, I can be judgemental, but in an actual, legal capacity? That's too much, man.But anyway, this odd week is almost at an end. Just ... Read More

CMON Posts Interview With Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game Developers (13th Dec 2019)

There are many ways that game designers can approach taking a movie or TV show and turning it into a board game. How did the Zombicide developers do it with Night of the Living Dead? We may never know... ... ... Actually, we know exactly, because they tol ... Read More