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Table Warfare

Table Warfare

Table Warfare Ltd aim to try and bring the miniature world and the online world a little closer together. We also strive to try and make the process of creating and releasing new miniatures, cheaper and more efficient.

For the Gamer:

Paradox Wars; a 32mm scifi war game where humans and aliens battle for the time line.
Includes high powered futuristic weapons, time control, and mechanised walkers

Wars of Tonan; a fantasy series themed around the Tonan world, built over the last few years by the communities of the Monarchy and Canon browser based games.

For the Sculptor or Manufacturer:

Master Collection Armatures; a selection of metal dollies scaled in a selection of common gaming scales. Armatures are available for personal use, or for production use with a casting license.

Shared Moulds; bringing a single miniature to market can be a bit expensive. Shared Moulds include spaces in Library and Production moulds, for a fraction of the price needed to buy the entire mould.