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Sister Sadie £4.00

Sister Sadie

All religions have their extremists and the Church of the Goddess Empress is no exception: Driven completely mad by the constant bombardment of propaganda and moralising Zealots like Sister Sadie froth with selfloathing frenzy.

This nude with whip has obvious potential as a "gentleman's collectable" but can also be used for a fanatical warrior or priestess in all manner of Tabletop games.

Product contains small items, and should be kept away from the reach of young children.

This miniature is provided unpainted and may require assembly.

Photographs may depict the original sculpt, miniature will be cast from White Metal.

© Product, Images and Text are the Intellectual Property of Kittiwake Classics. All rights reserved.

Price: £4.00
Contents: 1x miniature
Manufacturer: Kittiwake Classics
Code: KC3
Product ID: 493
Stock Status: Available (External Supplier)
Scale: 28mm
Material: White Metal
Race: Human
Type: Infantry
Product Type: Miniatures

Images of Sister Sadie

Sister Sadie Sister Sadie