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Sgts Mess

Sgts Mess

Sgts' Mess is the partnership of Garry and Ellen (formerly of SHQ Miniatures).

Based in Basingstoke, Garry (aka Fat Boy) specialises in casting, and has been working in the industry for 16 years. Ellen (aka Dorris) has been working with miniatures for 8 years, and specialises in mould making.

All figures in the Sgt's Mess collection are 20mm (1:72nd scale) and made from white metal.

The main range covers the Second World War and includes a large selection of infantry, artilery and tanks. In addition they have a large range of 1940's civilians figures and transports. Due to their scale, these civilians are also ideal for train sets.

In addition to their large World War II range, Sgts' Mess also count a number of American Civil War miniatures in their stocks.