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Ruth Talbot £4.00

Ruth Talbot

Despite coming from a long line of aristocratic spell-slingers Ruth Talbot ended up with the indignity of being sent to a crummy Magic(k)al Polly. Despite this inauspicious start she has made many good friends and excels at her studies. Furthermore she has spread the usually isolationist Wizkids' sphere of influence into the Bloodsucker and Chav Communities allowing them to act as kingmakers in local supernatural politics.

This schoolgirl spell-caster is appropriate for modern fantasy and horror games.

Product contains small items, and should be kept away from the reach of young children.

This miniature is provided unpainted and may require assembly.

Photographs may depict the original sculpt, miniature will be cast from White Metal.

© Product, Images and Text are the Intellectual Property of Kittiwake Classics. All rights reserved.

Price: £4.00
Contents: 1x miniature
Manufacturer: Kittiwake Classics
Code: KC9
Product ID: 499
Stock Status: Available (External Supplier)
Genre: Horror
Scale: 28mm
Material: White Metal
Race: Human
Faction: Wizkids
Type: Infantry
Product Type: Miniatures

Images of Ruth Talbot

Ruth Talbot Ruth Talbot