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Peter Rogerson

Peter Rogerson


Prefer to sculpt figures, in any genre, scale or time period.


* In the business for over 40 years
* Was Cheif Designer for Timpo Toys
* Reaver Castings - World War 1
* Sgts Mmess - World War 2
* Falcon Figures - Trackside
* Gateshead Gaming - Fantasy
* Old Glory Corporation - Napoleonic
* Shellhole Scenics - WW2


Prices will vary according to the amount of time spent of the master.

Prices work out to be around GBP2 to GBP3 per mm.

Prices for modifications vary depending on how much of the figure is to be modified


Sculpts can be completed according to realistic deadlines.

Expect to wait around 2 weeks, more for larger or more complex figures.


Quite Flexible, works to deadlines.

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