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Recent news and blog entries from Pawnderings

(19th Oct 2014)

OK, Fatal Choices is outWith this project almost completed I should be able to start posting here much more regularly. ... Read More

Charge! Polish cavalry tackles tanks in AAM (11th Aug 2014)

When I was in elementary school back in the 1960s I had several of the How and Why Wonder books. One in particular that I still remember vividly was the one on World War II. It had, as I recall, a dramatic illustration of Polish cavalry being attacked by ... Read More

Sorry for the long gap -- update (3rd Aug 2014)

So the Fatal Choices Kickstarter was successful. I have been spending most of my time working on finishing up the book and the Rewards. This is the final version of the countersheet that goes with the book. Kickstarter backers will get a copy of the ... Read More

(31st May 2014)

Kickstarter for Fatal Choices launched! ... Read More

Some recent gaming (26th May 2014)

I've had a recent binge of Napoleon at Waterloo on Hexwar with my usual 60-40 split.For face-to-face gaming I finally got he chance to get Fast Action Battle: Bulge on the table. I played it once when it first came out, but only recently found a gamin ... Read More

(3rd May 2014)

Marred by some poor spelling, but I suspect the creator may not be a native English speaker. Anyway, that is easily fixed. ... Read More

Trenton Session report for Hold the Line (3rd May 2014)

Wargamers want fair contests. There's little sense of triumph in willing a foregone conclusion and it's disheartening to feel that no matter how well you play, you may lose. Yet it's undeniable that a "fair' fight implies a failure of gene ... Read More

Sparse posts (25th Jan 2014)

Sorry for the hiatus in posts and it's likely to continue a bit longer as I have been very busy with a big project.More will follow, but as a teaser it involves World War I, Larry Bond and Graf Spee ... Read More

Designer Edition OGRE user review (2nd Dec 2013)

Up until now most of the reviews posted online have concentrated on the massive physical size of the Designer Edition OGRE package. There's no doubt it is enormous. Words really can't do it justice. Even the videos don't. Until you actually ha ... Read More

It's Big, It's Bruising, It's OGRE! (14th Nov 2013)

So the Boxes arrived!Dominion box for scaleThe long-awaited Kickstarter Edition of OGRE:It's enormous!Inside were 40 sheets of counters!It took me 2 days to punch everything outAnd there were maps galore.GEV and Shockwave shownAnd all of it fit into a ... Read More

Test of Fire Review (7th Oct 2013)

I rather like Test of Fire better than most, it seems. I rated it a “9” on BoardGame Geek while the game’s average rating doesn’t break a “seven.”This is a fairly wide difference of opinion, which prompted some consideration of how it came about that a ga ... Read More

Gas! (15th Aug 2013)

Wilfred OwenDulce Et Decorum EstBent double, like old beggars under sacks,Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,Till on the haunting flares we turned our backsAnd towards our distant rest began to trudge.Men marched asleep. Many had lo ... Read More

(13th Aug 2013)

Our Katarina wasn't quite so cute, but we had a good time as Katarina the Outlaw (Nate), The Scarlet Shadow (Kenn) and Brother Marcus (Seth) battled the Dreamweaver to save the town of Shadowbrook.We played the game cooperatively, which made the villa ... Read More

Napoleon 4th Edition order of battle compared to 2nd Edition (25th Jul 2013)

I plan to take a closer look at the differences in the orders of battle between all the editions, but first let's look at the changes between the Avalon Hill edition and the new 4th Edition.While there aren't as many blocks as the 3rd Edition, whi ... Read More

Unboxing thoughts on Napoleon 4th Edition (21st Jul 2013)

The long-anticipated 4th Edition of Napoleon arrived at my door just before the weekend. More elaborate judgement will have to await a chance to actually play the game, but my initial impressions were positive. The physical presentation is good, if not o ... Read More

First opposed play of Guns of Gettysburg (10th Jul 2013)

I got to try out The Guns of Gettysburg in my first opposed play through (in contrast to solitaire playings). I'm pretty sure we made a number of mistakes so I'm not really going to get into details of how it went. I'm more certain we played t ... Read More

50 years of Gettysburg games -- From Charles Roberts to Bowen Simmons (2nd Jul 2013)

I haven't had the chance to play Bowen Simmons' new The Guns of Gettysburg against anyone yet, but I did go through a solitaire play through last night.Like Simmons earlier games, Bonaparte at Marengo and Napleon's Triumph, The Guns of Gettysb ... Read More

And now for something completely different .. Wallace's Gettysburg (27th Jun 2013)

Martin Wallace's Gettysburg is a special limited edition (1,500 copies) euro-style wargame about America's most famous Civil War battle.Wallace explicitly denies any simulation intent, but I think he may be too modest, as it's at least as rea ... Read More

A good thing it's called Cemetery Hill, because it sure ain't Gettysburg (21st Jun 2013)

Starting setup for the Decision Games editionThe Blue & Gray system was a passably authentic depiction of civil war battles at the introductory level that was very popular in the 1970s under SPI and was updated with some changes by Decision Games a co ... Read More

Is it a gamble because there are dice? Lee's Greatest Gamble (21st Jun 2013)

Set up for Gettysburg: Lee's Greatest GambleThe approach of the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and the appearance of some games explicitly tied to that commemoration such as The Guns of Gettysburg and Gettysburg 150 prompted me to re- ... Read More

Has it just been 25 years?! Gettysburg 125th Anniversary Edition reviewed (19th Jun 2013)

The 125th anniversary of something isn't usually a big deal, but Avalon Hill decided it was enough of a hook to latch onto for the 1988 update of the venerable Gettysburg title. The resulting Gettysburg 125th Anniversary Edition didn't bear much r ... Read More

Gettysburg 1964 -- just a curio now (17th Jun 2013)

Starting units Gettysburg 64The approaching 150th anniversary of the battle has re-kindled my interest in things Gettysburg, especially with the arrival of The Guns of Gettysburg this week, so I thought I'd take a relook at some of the older games, in ... Read More

A nice full day of gaming -- Hold the Line, CCA, Midway and more (10th Jun 2013)

My Bay State friend Mark K. came down to visit for a nice full day of gaming -- our second in a monTH!It's a long drive, so we try to make it worth his while by getting in a bunch of games.We started off with a match of Hold the Line, one of our stapl ... Read More