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Recent news and blog entries from Pangloss' Blog

Malifaux - The Guild (12th Sep 2010)

I was originally put off Malifaux by the aesthetic of the game - it looked too cartoony. BUT everyone seems to be playing it at the moment so I thought that I would try and paint up a box of minis to see if I could try and overcome what I didn't like abou ... Read More

Ultramarines: The Movie - EPIC FAIL (28th Aug 2010)

I've returned to the blogosphere (more on that tomorrow). What has brought me back is partly the need to comment on the trailer for the Ultramarines film that was released a few days ago. In many ways I'm reiterating and expanding on what others have alre ... Read More

One Month without GW and Counting (and some Flames of War) (10th Jun 2010)

Using considerably less willpower than I thought it would take, I've managed to avoid buying any GW products (even my secret weapons: babab black and devlan mud washes) over the last month since my post/moan about the price rise. This has to be the longes ... Read More

1500pts of Imperial Fists Completed (31st May 2010)

In record time (at least for me), I've completed the 1.5k gold Imperial Fist army that I began just over a month ago. I would have completed it faster if I hadn't got distracted by painting up my FoW Panzer list and generally got disillusioned by all thin ... Read More

Ultramarines: The Movie Trailer: WAS THAT IT???!!! (29th May 2010)

After much hype and speculation, a trailer for the forthcoming Ultramarines film was released today on the official site. The production company had been previewing loads of shots of what the weapons are going to look like (cos, hey, that's all we are int ... Read More

Getting Started with Flames of War (23rd May 2010)

Further to my plan in the last post to diversify the wargames that I play, I've decided to take the leap into playing Flames of War with a German [sic.] Panzerkompanie. I've spent the last week or so painting up StuGs and Panzers and getting my head aroun ... Read More

ANOTHER &%*$£^ GW Price Rise???!!! (11th May 2010)

Well, it looks like it's that time of the year again: the time when GW hike up their prices. Since I got back in the Hobby in 2007, there have already been two rises and this latest one will mean that, for example, Terminators will be 2 quid more, codexes ... Read More

More Imperial Fists (27th Apr 2010)

Using the montana gold spray for undercoat is REALLY helping me whizz through my Imperial Fist army (so much so, in fact, that I'm dreading going back to my old school approach on my Guard army). In just a couple of days since my last post, I've managed t ... Read More

Gold Imperial Fist Terminators (24th Apr 2010)

Back when I painted my Salamanders army, my initial idea was to paint an Imperial Fist list. The test mini that i painted looked dire, though, and so I opted for the green of the Salamanders. This week I decided to have another go with them - just on an i ... Read More

I HATE metal minis :-/ (18th Apr 2010)

On his soapbox again...The last two days, and the last two that I have painted (namely Kharn and this Commissar), have really brought home to me how much I really hate painting metal minis. I appreciate that metal minis have more depth to them, but I rea ... Read More

1,500pts of Khorne CSM Completed (17th Apr 2010)

Another Saturday, another army finished off - this time my Khorne CSM army that I began back in September. It started off as just 1k, but then grew via 1.2k to bang on 1.5k, with the recent addition of Kharn the Betrayer:HQDaemon Prince (wings & warpt ... Read More

Vendetta Gunship Complete (15th Apr 2010)

One of the things that got me into the Guard was that I loved the look of the Valkyrie model. I didn't have much room for one in my 1k Guard list, but in my move to 1.5k I now have space for two of them as Vendetta gunships carrying Veterans: ... Read More

2,000pts of Nurgle CSM Completed (10th Apr 2010)

I've been working on my Nurgle CSM army on and off since November, and have managed to reach the 2k level (twice the number of points that I initially envisaged). I also have the Nurgle defiler ready, but will probably flog it on the bay of e as I've neve ... Read More

A Thousand Sons - wow. (1st Apr 2010)

In a previous post, I bemoaned how I was getting completely bored by the whole BL Horus Heresy series. Well, after reading A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeil, I may have to re-evaluate.A Thousand Sons is easily the best book for me in the entire series, if ... Read More

Orks: Third Time Lucky (7th Mar 2010)

Over the last couple of years (since Black Reach to be precise), I've begun painting and then flogged two 1.5k Space Ork armies. I always start with the best of intentions, but somewhere during the process of painting up 180 boyz, I give up and then flog ... Read More

Gearing up for more Combat Patrol: 500pts Chaos Space Marines (28th Feb 2010)

I'm gearing up for (hopefully) another round of Combat Patrol this week, this time fielding 500pts of my Khorne CSM army:Squad 1 (150pts)7x CSMs with Meltagun & RhinoSquad 2 (200pts)8x CSM with Flamer, Aspiring Champion & Rhino)Squad 3 (150pts)7x ... Read More

Combat Patrol: Imperial Guard Vs CSM (and Chaos) (26th Feb 2010)

"Prepare to die for the Emperor!!"Had my first real go at Combat Patrol today, fielding 500pts of Guard Vs CSMs and Chaos using a couple of the missions from the tournament over in Philly. I forget the exact results, but I know I definitely one won (wiped ... Read More

Imperial Guard out on (Snow) Patrol (21st Feb 2010)

"Look, someone is taking our picture! Look sharpish, lads!"I woke up this morning (as an old bluesman might say) to find a lovely blanket of snow outside, so I quickly gathered up my 500pt IG Combat Patrol army and got some pictures of them before it all ... Read More

Sisters in Battle: Looking to Interview Female 40K fans (18th Feb 2010)

Feeling inspired by some really interesting (and at times somewhat fraught discussions over female 40K players), I've decided that the next stage of my project looking at 40K fandom would be to interview some female gamers regarding their motivations and ... Read More

Combat Patrol: Thoughts on Missions (16th Feb 2010)

I've really buzzed off the discussion that has emerged from thinking about Combat Patrol. I think I will have a go at the rules that Joe posted over at his blog once i get my initial 500pts of Guard finished (only one more Chimera and a PCS to go):HQCCS ... Read More

A Quick Post: A Muddy Chimera (14th Feb 2010)

Will post some more thoughts on Combat Patrol later. In the meantime, here are some pictures of a Chimera that I've just finished. I painted it and thought 'hmmm, this needs more' so i ended up experimenting with weathering and battle damage: ... Read More

More Thinking About Combat Patrol (10th Feb 2010)

Thanks to everyone who replied to my last thread on combat patrol, it has certainly helped to further develop my thoughts on how it could be brought into 5th edition.Thinking aloud, and attempting to bridge the various ideas that have been floated, howabo ... Read More

Thinking about Combat Patrol (10th Feb 2010)

I've been thinking a fair bit about 40K Combat Patrol (AKA 40K in 40 Mins) recently, especially since I started my Guard army as CS would be a great way into starting to game with them before I reach 1k, 1.2. or 1.5k. Combat Patrol was part of the 4th edi ... Read More

Imperial Guard Project: Over half-way there (7th Feb 2010)

Managed to do quite a bit of painting this week, finishing of my 3rd 10-man squad and a platoon command squad. I'm now hovering around 610pts, although Im going to repaint 300 pts of that (my 2 Leman Russes) once my spray-gun arrives.Progress has been slo ... Read More

40K Fan Projects: A quick Update (7th Feb 2010)

This week has been a pretty hectic week for my 40K fanstudies project. I heard back from Popular Entertainment Studies that they didn't want my fanfiction article for their first edition. I was half expecting this as I knew that it didn't fit in the theme ... Read More