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Recent news and blog entries from Opposition Force

Adore the Immortals, for they are Ours! (27th Mar 2017)

 "Aye lads, gather 'round. Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the Sump Sea. This sad tale begins on the edge of the Great Sump, near a huge drainage tunnel that just happens to be the most direct route from the Underhive to what lies beyon ... Read More

True Atronian Fyrdalee WIP (29th May 2015)

Test paint on a War of Ashes model from Zombiesmith. Any resemblance to a certain television shield-maiden is purely coincidence. ... Read More

Overboard on eBay (23rd Jul 2014)

Went on a bit of a shopping spree with a focus on Necromunda. Goal is to build out a legit Delaque gang WYSIWYG using GW models. Below are the bits and bobs gathered so far to meet this end.Conversion bits from The shipment came quickly and sa ... Read More

Kublacon 2014: The Op-For Velvet Rope Game Experience (22nd May 2014)

I intended to make this announcement some weeks ago, but better late than never. Our shadowy Op-For Overlord and several others of us have sprung for a "Corner King" room at the Hyatt this weekend, 5/23-5/26 for KublaCon 2014. What's special about it ... Read More

Gribbleh Part 1 (21st Jan 2014)

Recently Skywatcher, myself and some of the other lads have been playing the classic Call of Cthulhu RPG. Doing it old school, with pen, paper, chips and soda. Just like Sandy Petersen intended.Being a miniatures gamer, I can't help wanting to bring p ... Read More

Kil Kil Kil (1st Aug 2013)

The difference between a great blogger and all the rest of us is remembering to have the camera on when you start a project. So.... here is the result of my latest painting efforts:I've been working on making my Necromunda terrain look a little more "live ... Read More

Kubla! Con! 2013 (3rd Jun 2013)

Memorial Day Weekend means a lot to many people. But to many gamers (around 1,000) in the North Bay it means 4 days of non-stop gaming at KublaCon! This year marked my 3rd KublaCon and it was my best one yet. Went with great friends, meet up with familia ... Read More

Litko Tokens for Battlefleet Gothic BFG (22nd Mar 2013)

 I had been on eBay a number of times watching and waiting to purchase tokens for Battlefleet Gothic. But they are in high demand, and the bids always got going crazy high, so I sought out an alternative. A little bit of digging headed me over to Lit ... Read More

BattleFleet Gothic Report: Tau vs Ork (25th Oct 2012)

Last week CB and Skywatcher took to the void of space to do battle in classic Battlefleet Gothic. This game doesn't get alot of playtime, but it is a favorite of mine. We set the limit of 750pts. Here are the forces brought to bear...Orks by CBGorbag's Re ... Read More

Future Wargame Predictions of the Future (2nd Oct 2012)

Today I make some wild (or maybe somewhat obvious) predictions on where tabletop miniature wargaming is headed. Over the years there have been many different changes it has gone through. Scale has varied from 6mm up to 54mm. The build materials have evolv ... Read More

How did they do that? (6th Sep 2012)

Enjoy a little (43min) documentary about boardgame production. This focuses on Ludo Fact, a German company, and what it takes to put a boardgame and all it's components together. A neat watch for those who want to know how they did that.Video: Made for Pl ... Read More

To Brand or not to Brand... (30th Aug 2012)

  So I had an idea. That's the cue for those who know me to run away screaming. I thought of a concept for a cross genre game to run at KublaCon next year. One that would bring the various groups of gamers together and sow harmony between the Miniatu ... Read More

But I'm the Dragonborn... (1st Jul 2012)

This is too nerdy for Facebook, but I thought you guys might find it funny. I spent 45 levels "Sandboxing" in Skyrim, mostly buffing out my Smithing and Enchanting skills, and killing bandits and taking their stuff. Moral questions about stealing from st ... Read More

Level 7 from Privateer Press (6th Jun 2012)

The gates are opening for the new Level 7 game from Privateer Press. We didn't know if it was to be another miniature game, a board game, or what. But the word is out now. It's a semi-cooperative survival-horror board game. Demos were given at the Lock an ... Read More

Community Showcase: The Chaos Manifesto (4th Jun 2012)

What is better than 1 Panda? 200 Pandas! The Chaos Manifesto blog (run by HotPanda) is celebrating their 200th post to the blog and wanted to celebrate with a great giveaway. Check em out if you get a chance.Here are some cool links he has shared on his b ... Read More

Axles & Alloys 2 at KublaCon 2012 (31st May 2012)

KublaCon 2012 has come and gone, and with it much gaming was had. On Saturday, Spooktalker hosted a story telling based RPG, then our Op-For Overlord ran an awesome Necromunda scenario game in the evening. I hope he posts some shots and the low down on th ... Read More

Anyone else wish 40k didn't suck? (25th Apr 2012)

I love everything about it, except the game. This is a photo of I manipulated. Its a battle scene featuring a Slaanesh Hell Strider I scratch built, its featured in BoLS's Lords of Battle. ... Read More

He's a big fan of Three Dog Night (11th Apr 2012)

Silver and green were colors unworthy to adorn the triumphant visage of not-Cobra Commander. So I whipped some paint on him. Still needs a bit of touching up and more work on the Cobra logo. My eyes were giving out, past my bed time, trying to use magnifi ... Read More

Vehicular Combat at KublaCon 2012 (6th Apr 2012)

Join us at KublaCon in Burlingame, CA on May 25-28, 2012. I have scheduled to run the vehicular combat game of Axles & Alloys 2 on Sunday at 10:00am."Come focus your pent up road rage in our radioactive desert landscape. Axles & Alloys 2 is fast p ... Read More

Work in Prog-Rock (25th Mar 2012)

A few weeks back Spooktalker, celebrating my arrival on your planet, gave me a set of Grindhouse Games Dogface Combots from their tennative JUNK line of miniatures. The Dogfaces are currently out of production, but Spooktalker was able to get his hands on ... Read More

Work in Progressssssssss. (20th Feb 2012)

Been working on a birthday gift for a friend, the very pulpy Kol. Zanzibar from East Riding Miniatures. He comes with a Not Cobra Commander alternate head, but what he real needs to take over the world is a good cape. How could he boogie to Three Dog Nigh ... Read More

BTW My Solo Project (4th Feb 2012)

At least a couple of you must have seen this already, but I realized I get up to Op-For HQ so infrequently these days (deep cover covert ops, etc, you know how it goes) the word has probably not got around. But for the past six months now I've been doing ... Read More

Miniature Review: St. Nikolaus by Tor Gaming (10th Jan 2012)

Let's do a product review. Have you heard of Tor Gaming? If not, go check them out. They produce 28mm scale miniatures and have created two gaming systems they work with (Relics and Unbridled Fury). We will talk about their Relics game which they coined " ... Read More

2012: Resolutions (2nd Jan 2012)

The clock struck 12 and 2012 is here. As are traditions, we made a few resolutions last year and now is the time we reflect on them. How did you do? Good, or not so much. For myself I made 6 hobby gaming resolutions. It looks like I completed 3 of them. F ... Read More

Community Showcase: Lance Cardinal (19th Dec 2011)

Today I am highlighting an amazing artist that creates wonderful miniature scenes. Lance Cardinal has a great collection of themed projects he has built including Dr. Seuss, Evil Dead, Little Shop of Horrors, Nightmare before Christmas. Here I am showcasi ... Read More

Twelve Days of Christmas / Wargaming Style (16th Dec 2011)

For the wargaming modeler in all of us,I introduce to you the 12 Days of Christmas... On the 1st day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... One can of Testors Dullcote!On the 2nd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...Two Tubes of Green Stuff, ... Read More

Haqqislam W I P (2nd Dec 2011)

I thought I'd give you all a little update on the infinity stuff I have been working on, I'm not super stoked on the paint jobs, but i think the are progress, and I am getting better (at least I hope). I also made some mine counters camo tokens and E/M ... Read More

Carnival of Chaos -=- WIP -=- Part 5 (19th Nov 2011)

The Plague Cart for my Carnival of Chaos Mordheim warband is built finally. Yay! Here are some shots of it before it got a spray of primer.If you've seen the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, then you will be familiar with the cart's design. Sinc ... Read More

Tutorial: Wood Texturing on Plastic Card (9th Nov 2011)

A Guide to creating wood texture using plasticard.I've found using plasticard is a good alternative to balsa wood for building. Large panels of it can be created, and overall strength is higher than gluing wood together. Below is a guide I created based o ... Read More

For the Glory of Menoth! (28th Oct 2011)

Check out this Menoth Battle Engine taken to the next level.Check out the progress on this model hereHe started out with creating a clear resin base and illuminating the underside with LED's. The model is also hollowed out with LED's all that flicker like ... Read More

Build a Better Hill (24th Oct 2011)

3T-Studios doesn't like ugly hills, and neither do we. Check out his guide to correct this problem plaguing our gaming tables. Here's a hint, step one is toss our current hill terrain....Read more ... Read More

Stuff I've been working on (14th Oct 2011)

So I thought I'd just add a few things that I have been working on lately to the blog.This is the start of my Tomb Guardians Mordhiem warband.Chaos Khorne Terminator painted in a blue Tzench theme to match the rest of the army but with some distinctly Kh ... Read More

Rick Priestley interview at Tales from the Maelstrom (2nd Oct 2011)

Tales from the Maelstrom has a fantastic new interview with Rick Priestley with, among other things, insights into the early days of Rogue Trader—the impetus and inspirations, the play style of the time and the rapid evolution of 40k into the two-pl ... Read More

Infinity - Alien Scum (30th Sep 2011)

Been working on getting my Infinity Combined Army stuff painted up to a tabletop standard. This is a little wierd, because they are my LEAST favorite Infinity models in my collection. The play style is super sweet though and I don't feel a ton of pressure ... Read More

How Miniatures are Born (26th Sep 2011)

Here is a great video showing the process of casting miniatures from Zombiesmith Miniatures. DIY style! ... Read More

Carnival of Chaos -=- WIP -=- Part 4 (29th Aug 2011)

Quick/Teaser update:The Carnival of Chaos Plague Cart construction is underway. I have most all the main structure built now. It will turn out some size larger than the official model, so I am unclear if I will be using it in gameplay or just for added c ... Read More

Community Showcase: Two Sides Of The Coin (24th Aug 2011)

After seeing this diorama on Massive Voodoo, I wanted to post it here to share with others in hopes more people will enjoy it. It is called The Return Of The Warlord – Two Sides Of The Coin and was created by Matt Cexwish. It appears to have won both a Go ... Read More

Carnival of Chaos -=- WIP -=- Part 3 (22nd Jul 2011)

I've been making progress with the CoC warband. Most characters are modeled up. I've also glued rare-earth magnets into their bases, so I can try out a new method of transport.Here the Tainted One and a Brethren are finished.2 more Brethren and the last o ... Read More

Carnival of Chaos -=- WIP -=- Part 2 (28th Jun 2011)

Carnival Warband Update!I have made some progress assembling the group. First here is one of the Brethren. Spear, knife and a quiver of arrows on his back.Brute strongman with a big a$$ hammer. I replaced the head of the hammer that he came with with a la ... Read More

Carnival of Chaos -=- WIP -=- Part 1 (21st Jun 2011)

The next project on my table is create a new warband for Mordheim. For those who haven't tried it, give it a shot. It's a fun skirmish game that plays well with a small model count and terrain heavy boards. Although it's not very well supporte ... Read More

Warmachine: Newest Rumors (20th Jun 2011)

New hotness from Privateer Press...2012 will see book releases for both Warmachine & Hordes (including version 3 of Asphyxious and Lylyth)Iron Kingdom RPG will be released for GenCon 2012 using it's own systemAnother Bodgers game called Heap to be rel ... Read More

Product Review: Secret Weapon Bases (1st Jun 2011)

Next up for review is two sets of bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I just received this in yesterday and wanted to do a quick overview.I ordered two sets of the Secret Weapon Miniatures 25mm beveled base sets: Flight Deck & Steel Plating.What's in ... Read More

Blog Connect: Wolves for the Wolf God (18th May 2011)

I wanted to quickly recommend a wargaming blog out there called The Wolves for the Wolf God. Mostly covering 40k stuff.Check em out at: http://wolvesforthewolfgod.blogspot.comThey are running a mini giveaway until June 15th for their 100th post. Giving a ... Read More

Miniature Review: Valkyrie by Art Crime Productions (15th May 2011)

Now for a product review. Lately I've been watching and learning about 15mm Sci-Fi wargaming options. One of them the new Gruntz rules ( It's nice because you just build stats to the miniatures you already have, they don't have thei ... Read More

Axles & Alloys 2 at KublaCon (1st Apr 2011)

I am running a demo game of the Axles & Alloys 2 game at KublaCon.Sunday, May 29@ KublaCon, Burlingame, CA10:00 AM and last 6 hoursFor up to 6 peopleSome come and try it out.Come focus your pent up road rage in our radioactive desert landscape. Axles ... Read More

Aces and Eights. (14th Mar 2011)

The Underhive is never a peaceful, relaxing place. Last year it was Genestealers, this year its Zombies. I know the Zombie genre is played, but like Heavy Metal, it will never truly die. Fitting. The game I'm going to run at KublaCon this year will be dif ... Read More

*The New Shiny* - Dystopian Wars (16th Feb 2011)

Imagine a world similar to our own, but subtly different....Dystopian Wars is the newest game to be picked up by the gaming club and the wargaming community as a whole. It embraces steampunk, naval combat and beautiful miniatures. Created by Spartan Games ... Read More