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Recent news and blog entries from One Sided Blog

World in Flames 21 (5th Jan 2020)

This Thursday we completed two Axis turns and one Allied.Moscow has fallen.The Axis are now threatening the Commonwealth in Murmansk.It is pretty bleak.Japan tried to ground strike the Chinese,but failed miserably.They declared war on the Commonwealth,but ... Read More

World in Flames 20 (21st Dec 2019)

Anyone spreading rumours that Stalin has left Moscow for a holiday in Hawaii will receive a visit from the NKVD.The session, the July/August turn for 1941, got of to a good start when I won the initiative.  But then it promptly disintegrated when the ... Read More

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Late Eastern Imperial Romans Again (19th Dec 2019)

For my last miniatures game of 2019 my usually triumphant Byzantines ran out of arrows. Dave won the roll to be attacker,but I won the role to decide who deployed first.My two terrain choices had both been null,so looking good. Game got off to a ... Read More

Operation Ochsenkopf Take Three (15th Dec 2019)

This time I took the British and Stephen went German.  It was a vicious game, unlike previous playthroughs of this excellent scenario from game took between four to five hours to complete the sixteen turns, whi ... Read More

Ju 88 - Props of Indecision (8th Dec 2019)

To paraphrase Mr Eddie from Lost Highway, this is where the search for perfection and excessive freetime really pays off, or not.  Having been impressed by the Zvedza military kits some time ago I bought one of their aircraft.  I was hoping for ... Read More

Light Infantry Remnants (7th Dec 2019)

These two units are a kind of "build them and they will field them."  Sadly my confidence that Byzantine army lists were bound to have Light Infantry armed with javelins seems to be misplaced.  The best I could find were the Manichei in the Comn ... Read More

World in Flames 19 (6th Dec 2019)

What seemed like the endless May/June 1941 turn finally is over.  It was a shocker!On the last of what must have been six impulses, the Axis finally rolled bad weather.  However that didn't stop them from taking Smolensk.(This is the "b ... Read More

Off to the races (5th Dec 2019)

Last night I had the good fortune to participate in one of Dave's famous chariot races using his new rules with no dice as movement is determined by value of cards drawn from a standard playing deck.  And I do mean good fortune.We're off!I ... Read More

World in Flames 18 (29th Nov 2019)

Two more impulses completed of the May/June 1941 turn.  The Axis were blessed with good weather, but a number of poor combat rolls.Down south the Soviets have lost Kiev and Odessa, but have formed a defensive line behind the Dnieper.  In the nor ... Read More

First and Last Byzantine Skuotai (25th Nov 2019)

One (and the emphasis is on one) of the first metal figures I ever painted was this chap, Minifigs PB150, Byzantine infantryman.  Not sure I knew what Byzantine meant back then (mid 70s).His spear was broke so I made a replacement from a paperclip.I ... Read More

Operation Ochsenkopf in 6 inches (22nd Nov 2019)

After playing this scenario with Simon on Saturday, I was able to play it again with Richard on Thursday.  However I had made a big effort and drew up a 6 inch hex mat.  The previous game had been on my commercial 4 inch hex mat which had proved ... Read More

Alexander 400 versus Classical Indian (21st Nov 2019)

Going back to 400 points, my Alexandrian Imperials had a tough fight  against Dave's Classical Indians. The "Heavy" command with CinC is on the right,the "Light" command is on the left.I got to deploy second and so lined up my pikes against ... Read More

World in Flames 17 (20th Nov 2019)

The May/June 1941 turn continues. End of the first Allied Impulse.Units are being sacrificed to slow the Axis advance. End of the second Allied impulse.The delaying tactic has allowed a defensive position to be established in the south.The north ... Read More

Operation Ochsenkopf (18th Nov 2019)

Another great scenario from that Simon and I played out on Saturday at the club.  I had converted the map to hexes, but got the orientation of the hex rows wrong.  Doesn't matte ... Read More

World in Flames 16 (16th Nov 2019)

March/April 1941 gave the USSR an extra impulse to finish its defensive preparations in the west.  Unfortunately the Axis now have the initiative in the plus 2 box.Builds for the Chinese were a cavalry corps (Com) and a garrison corps (Nat) (4BP - wh ... Read More

Another narrow aerial escape (14th Nov 2019)

 I take back to the air in this cute little Nieuport. Two huns are engaged. I almost have a victory when the enemy suffer a near miss aerial collision. But my crate was badly damaged in this dog fight.With all that engine damage I was ... Read More

Three Churchills for Tunisia (13th Nov 2019)

For the next Rommel scenario I need three Churchills.Voila! Three will not quite fit in one mat, but they may have to, as I want to try Rommel using hexes. Lovely models from the Plastic Soldier Company.I remember with horror making th ... Read More

World in Flames 15 (8th Nov 2019)

Tension is rising.The weather has been horrible, but an initial burst of fine weather in March/April 1941 saw a Japanese offensive blast a part of the Nationalist Chinese defences.  Another hex lost.Partisan activity in Indo-China is hotting up,go go ... Read More

Alexander 500 versus Classical Indian (7th Nov 2019)

Last night at the club my Alexandrian pikes took on Dave's Indian longbow in a 500 point game of Impetus Second Edition.  We started a tad late, suffered a few interruptions and inflicted only minor casualties as will be seen. Deployment on ... Read More

Fortress Europa - Part Seven (1st Nov 2019)

 The situation end of winter 44/45.The Germans have just had a failed offensive against Frankfurt.All over by the end of March thanks to clear weather and good rolling.A most enjoyable game.  A classic! ... Read More

World in Flames 14 (31st Oct 2019)

It is amazing how quickly the game moves when there is bad weather... Germany has aligned Hungary and Romania.The weather has been blizzards and storm and so both sides are struggling to redeploy. The rotten weather has allowed the Chinese to sa ... Read More

World in Flames - 13 (30th Oct 2019)

Our thirteenth session was unlucky for China.  With one good weather impulse Japan struck and in a massive display of airpower captured Chunking.At the same time the Communists pulled back.The Chinese army is quiet substantive (losses have been low), ... Read More

Up in the Air (25th Oct 2019)

 I take to the air in this Nieuport. Straight up I have my tail clipped by the hun! We circle round. He has a friend, but will he be in time for the action? Another blast and my kite is on fire! I can only hope that the enemy ... Read More

Fortress Europa - Part Six (22nd Oct 2019)

By mid February 1945 the Allies are across the Rhine in three places.  The end is nigh.The Axis had to withdraw the Sixth Panzer Army, but not before it roughed up the British Army in a bad way.  However the Allied progress has been accelerating ... Read More

World in Flames - 12 (19th Oct 2019)

In Fortress Europa I roll on a six sided die wanting a low roll for clear weather.  I WiF I roll a ten sided dice wanting a high number for bad weather.  It's doing my head in! China hung on for all of the September/October 1940 turn&nb ... Read More

Fortress Europa - Part Five (17th Oct 2019)

In our last session Richard and I had just got up to the big German counterattack.  It went like this: The drive on Antwerp was successful. And on the border with Switzerland the French Army was badly mauled.BUT... It immediately came ... Read More

Napoleon's Battles via Scharnhorst (13th Oct 2019)

I had not got my act together for the Club's Games Day and just thought I would go with NB Scenario One yet again, but then I had a thought, let's front end it with Scharnhorst.  I'd done this successfully before a few years back, but had ... Read More

Fortress Europa - Part Four (11th Oct 2019)

Richard and I just managed to get in about three turns, completing November 1944. So we've raced up to the border...But noe the Germans will be launching a huge counterattack with these new reinforcements! ... Read More

Nikephorian Byzantine versus Late Eastern Imperial Roman (10th Oct 2019)

500 points on a 6x4, quite different to recent games using Impetus Second Edition.  My Byzantines against Dave's Romans.  To account for the table size we added an extra terrain piece each, however we both threw "nothing"on the terrain table ... Read More

World in Flames - 11 (9th Oct 2019)

It's the waiting that's getting to me.  The tension is high as the Japanese have built up a massive force in China and in Europe the Axis are massing on the border.  I can do little against the fgormer, but the latter is a bit more trick ... Read More

Hexes A Go Go (8th Oct 2019)

One of the major challenges being a blogger is thinking up amusing titles for posts.I've always wanted a hex mat and now I have one.  However I can't decide what to do with it, so I've tried it out with a range of my figures and models to ... Read More

Random WW2 German Reinforcements (6th Oct 2019)

These are basically just completing single models I'd picked up from either bargains or surplus. A nice if somewhat unnecessary addition to my Afrika Korps. I think the crew are Command Decision, but the Kubelwagen and Pak 40 are an unk ... Read More

World in Flames - 10 (5th Oct 2019)

It is now July/August 1940.  The French are still holding out in Toulouse.  There has been havoc wreaked on Allied convoys, although the Axis naval predations now seem to be contained.  Some revenge was had with successful bombing strikes o ... Read More

Nikephorian Byzantine versus 100 Years War English (4th Oct 2019)

In the first game for the Club's Impetus League 2019-2020 competition my Byzantines were drawn against Geoff's English.  Information on the competition can be found here: ... Read More

Fortress Europa - Part Three (2nd Oct 2019)

October and November have been a bit of a roller coaster as will be seen. October and the Axis launch another counterattack. Still October and still they are attacking.Although note breakout to the west. However come November and things hav ... Read More

A Voluptuousness of Valentines (1st Oct 2019)

It has taken me eight months to get around to painting these.  So it goes.Background to this project can be found in this post: These ar ... Read More

WiF Barbarossa - Fifth Impulse and End of Turn (30th Sep 2019)

The weather roll is a 5 that becomes a 7 - fine everywhere! The Germans take a Land Action using one oil (three left).The Germans use their 5 factor artillery unit to ground strike the Soviet mountain corps. It fails (roll of a 10).Army Group Centre attac ... Read More

World in Flames - 9 (29th Sep 2019)

The May/June 1940 turn is a long one, but not much happens.  Germany is going for conquest and does not declare Vichy.China is down to just 2 Build Points due to Japanese strategic bombing and starts to recruit a garrison unit.The USSR is way ahead b ... Read More

Fortress Europa - Part Two (28th Sep 2019)

This game has a few things arse about compared with more modern games (principally terrain effects), but all the same it is a remarkably good game. Things were going really well until this disaster.Teaches me for not knowing the rules.I didn't re ... Read More

Scenario One Again - Napoleon's Battles (27th Sep 2019)

This time it was Dave's turn to play, first time since Waterloo (I think that might have been the actual battle, not the more recent bicentenary).  We rolled dice and I went Prussian.  The aim was to test out my new disorder counters (succes ... Read More

WiF Barbarossa - Second, Third and Fourth Impulses (22nd Sep 2019)

Germany aligns Hungary and takes a land move using one oil (leaving them with 5).  The weather roll is a 9, fine everywhere.They hold off on ground strikes, which would only have been for mopping up operations against trapped Soviets in the swamps an ... Read More

Fortress Europa - Part One (22nd Sep 2019)

You can never be playing too many games...And Friday it was time for Fortress Europa with Richard.  I had never played this classic game before and wasn't too sure of what best strategy to follow, so I went historical. The paratroops got sca ... Read More

World in Flames - 8 (20th Sep 2019)

May/June 1940 started with bad weather and the Allies with first impulse.  This saved China only a bit as eventually the Japaneses airforce found its target and their army completed the task.  Result, one lost hex.  The rain is in the ... Read More

WiF Barbarossa - First Impulses (16th Sep 2019)

This is very much a learning exercise to help me prepare for the coming attack in the Thursday night World in Flames game.The Vassal module required purchasing, fair enough.  My computer needed upgrading (long over due).  Unlike my use of Vassal ... Read More

Return to the Skies (15th Sep 2019)

At last Saturday's Games Day I only had a little time, perfect to fit in an old favourite, Wings of Glory.Stephen N piloted the bad guys: Albatros D VA and Albatros D III (the one in red) top left hand corner.  In my flight was a Spad XIII (Nr 1) ... Read More

World in Flames - 7 (14th Sep 2019)

Thursday night we finished the March/April 1940 turn and set up for May/June.  The weather which was unseasonably good over winter turned nasty in the summer.  Paris has fallen, but the French are fighting on.  Meanwhile the USSR has starte ... Read More

Scenario One - Napoleon's Battles (13th Sep 2019)

Sounds impressive.  It is the first scenario in the green scenario book that accompanied the original Avalon Hill edition of Napoleon's Battles.  I thought it would be quick to play, but I had not considered the defensive nature of the two p ... Read More

Amoeba Wars on Vassal (12th Sep 2019)

I could have titled this post The Amoebas Strike Back, but they have been the least of the problem.I have previously used vassal to play a number of boardgames very successfully solitaire.  Bruce and I have been playing a variety of online computer g ... Read More

Markers, Labels, Counters - The Next Post (8th Sep 2019)

This figure kind of sums up my progress on this topic.First up, thanks for all the comments on the previous post on this topic and the discussions I have had with people who read the post and talked to me directly.A mix of types of markers might be best.I ... Read More

World in Flames - 6 (6th Sep 2019)

This session commenced with the builds.  China was able to recruit one infantry corps while the USSR started to ramp up building one each of an infantry, mountain and mechanised corps as well as training another batch of pilots (to say trained one mo ... Read More