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Miniature Gaming News

This page show the most recent entries in a selection of miniature related blogs and news feeds from around the internet.

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Table Top Fix

Mantic Games - The Walking Dead : March to War Announcement (26th Mar 2019)

Mantic Games announced a new The Walking Dead game:Welcome to The Walking Dead: March to War (name TBC)! Designed once again by the hugely talented Mark Latham. This new game allows you to recreate the struggle for survival in a lawless new world. Groups ... Read More

Recent 1: Sarissa Precision - New Terrain (26th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: The Plastic Soldier Company - New 20mm Steyr Car (26th Mar 2019)

Tabletop Gaming News

Grey Fox Games Running Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down Board Game Kickstarter (25th Mar 2019)

I know I try and give you a bit of an intro to the game here, but looking at this Kickstarter campaign, what Grey Fox Games has typed at the top I can't improve on at all. "A game about killer robots, sad whales and moon demons. If that doesn't interest y ... Read More

Recent 1: Symbaroum: Mother of Darkness Up On Kickstarter (25th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Fantasy Flight Posts Free Adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk (25th Mar 2019)

Little Odo's Miniature Wargaming Blog

Middle Earth Magic and Mysteries II (25th Mar 2019)

The weekend allowed me to take a breather, put loads of the miniatures into their stortage cases away from harm, and to get out and purchase some more superglue to let me continue with my quest this week. I managed to finish off those pesky one-offs that ... Read More

Recent 1: Middle Earth Magic and Mysteries (22nd Mar 2019)

Recent 2: An Alliance of Men and Elves (21st Mar 2019)

Board Game Quest

Kickstarters of the Week: 3/25 (25th Mar 2019)

Welcome to this week’s batch of Kickstarters of the Week. It’s a somewhat lighter week compared to what we’ve been rolling with, but that happens sometimes. We are in the last week of March now, which edges us just a bit closer to convention season. I don ... Read More

Recent 1: Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica Review (22nd Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Poetry Slam Review (21st Mar 2019)

Meeples & Miniatures

Ranger of Shadow Deep – ‘The Missing’ miniature collection (25th Mar 2019)

Yesterday was spent working on the basing of the figures I have recently painted, with the result that all the miniatures (well, all bar a couple of birds) for the first mission of Rangers of Shadow Deep – ‘The Missing’ – have now been finished. I started ... Read More

Recent 1: In praise of Army Painter Strong Tone wash (24th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 263 – Warhammer Underworlds (15th Mar 2019)

One Sided Miniature Wargaming Discourse

Ardennes'44 via Vassal Day One and Two (25th Mar 2019)

When Richard and I started playing this it was very confusing, not the game system, but the interplay of the counters and the map and more importantly the strategic situation of the two sides.  I was trying to resist playing this game solo using Vass ... Read More

Recent 1: Ardennes'44 - Day 4 and 5 (24th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Battle of Bulson - Take Two (21st Mar 2019)

Analogue Hobbies

Syrian White Helmet Rescue Workers (24th Mar 2019)

This was my closing post for the ninth annual Painting Challenge. I wanted to return to our overarching theme of 'Fellowship' and decided to do a small vignette honouring a group of people whose selfless efforts I've admired for several years ... Read More

Recent 1: Pink Horror Daemons (21st Mar 2019)

Recent 2: LotR Warg Riders (18th Mar 2019)

Dust, Tears & Dice

Sharp Practice 2 - Zulu War Modifications. (24th Mar 2019)

Blimey 8 years ago I published a short note on adapting Sharp Practice for the Zulu Wars. Over the weekend I got to thinking about bringing these into line for Sharp Practice 2.I have been able to do away with units sizes as in SP2 these are clearly defin ... Read More

Recent 1: The Pearl of the Antillies. - The Haiti Campaign - End of Day Five - 5th August 1791 (23rd Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Crooked Dice - "Aliens" - V is for Visitors (17th Mar 2019)

Tales From Farpoint

Song Of Blasters Ponderings (23rd Mar 2019)

Hi!I've had an unexpected week of holidays and have spent much of it off out enjoying the equally unexpectedly nice weather we've been having so must admit that hobby time has been rather limited. What little time I've had spare has been dedic ... Read More

Recent 1: Looking Back (8th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Deadloque Update (24th Feb 2019)

Bob's Miniature Wargaming Blog

Gaming at the club (23rd Mar 2019)

We had 7 guys out at the club this week with three games on deck. Jonathan and Scott played some Commands and Colors Machine Guns.I think this was the Verdun scenario, with the Germans advancing over the Meusse River? I left before it was done, but it loo ... Read More

Recent 1: Last of the Imperial Assault figures (19th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Model railway swap meet (16th Mar 2019)

Wargaming Girl

AHPC9 - The Final RoundUp Part 1 - My Submissions (23rd Mar 2019)

With 30 submissions by me this year, this will be quite a long and pic-heavy post.Rather than going through them in the order they were submitted, I have sorted them into themes.Let's start with World War Two as that was the biggest theme. There was a ... Read More

Recent 1: AHPC9 - Glad It's All Over! (21st Mar 2019)

Recent 2: AHPC9 Day 90 - Wednesday Workbench 20 March (20th Mar 2019)

Der Alte Fritz Journal

SYW Association Convention List of Games (23rd Mar 2019)

Battle of Zorndorf game at the 2018 SYWA convention.This year's Seven Years War Assocation Convention is being held on April 4th through 6th, 2019 at the Waterford Estates Lodge in South Bend, Indiana (Phone: 574-272-5220).The list of participation ga ... Read More

Recent 1: My New Favorite Wargame Unit (21st Mar 2019)

Recent 2: 71st Highlanders-WIP (18th Mar 2019)

Canister & Grape

Ev's Challenge - The Final Chapter (22nd Mar 2019)

So the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has come to an end for another year. And what a ride it's been! I've minioned for the first time (big shout-out to the Wednesday Warriors!), and I've produced a varied assembly of fantasy figures ... Read More

Recent 1: Ev's Challenge - The Saga Continues (7th Feb 2019)

Recent 2: Ev's Challenge - The Story So Far (14th Jan 2019)

Painting Wargames Figures

Prussian 28mm SYW: IR49 Sers Fusiliers (20th Mar 2019)

I have wanted to paint this regiment for a long time as the dark orange vest and trousers works well against a dark blue coat.This regiment was raised in 1741 as a regiment of pioneers and had no grenadiers. In 1758 it became a Fusilier regiment. It serve ... Read More

Recent 1: Prussian 28mm SYW: IR41 Wied zu Neuwied Fusiliers (14th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: SYW Kreis: Palatine, Westfalian and Saxon artillery (4th Mar 2019)

Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog

Dark Reapers (19th Mar 2019)

After a brief distraction with the Red Redemptionists, I'm back to painting the Eldar I need for the Battleforce: Recon tournament next month. (Actually I STARTED those Red Redemptionists BEFORE I started on all the Eldar, so, it's more that I too ... Read More

Recent 1: Return of the Red Redemptionists! (18th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Aeldari Autarch (13th Mar 2019)

for a few rounds more

Vichy Cambodians (17th Mar 2019)

Khmers constituted a portion of the units Vichy fielded in its defence of Cambodia, with one assessment of the campaign against the Thais singling them and the Montagnards of central Vietnam out for being the most reliable of Indochina’s native troops. Wh ... Read More

Recent 1: National Museum of Myanmar (5th Mar 2019)

Recent 2: Speedpainted Filipinos (25th Feb 2019)

Play The Past

Playing with Power: An Alternate French Revolution Role-Play (14th Mar 2019)

This article is part 2 of a series of posts on using the concept of ‘play’ to teach history in a Malaysian college setting. You can read part 1 by clicking here. On the first day of the final ‘Playing with Power’ session of 2018, I explained to the World ... Read More

Recent 1: Jon Shafer’s At the Gates: First Impressions (Part 2) (14th Feb 2019)

Recent 2: Jon Shafer’s At the Gates: First Impressions (Part 1) (12th Feb 2019)

Henry's Wargaming

All Quiet on the Henry Front? (13th Mar 2019)

Not likely! It’s true, dear visitor, that this blog has appeared somewhat quiet since the new year, but if you take a quick look over on the Patreon site, you’ll see that in fact, I’ve been a busy boy. Also,…Read more → ... Read More

Recent 1: For the Sake of Auld Lang Syne… (31st Dec 2018)

Recent 2: Bricking It (31st Oct 2018)

Tarleton's Quarter

Test (11th Mar 2019)

Just testing this all still works.  It's been a while... ... Read More

Recent 1: Back home... (14th Jan 2018)

Recent 2: Update (3rd Dec 2017)

Cianty's Tabletop Wargames Blog

Legends of the High Seas Resources (3rd Feb 2019)

Legends of the High Seas coverJust a short update: After a recent request I have just uploaded some old resources for Legends of the High Seas to the LotHS section of the blog:Crew reference sheetRandom HappeningsScenario: Mine, All Mine!Scenario: Do ... Read More

Recent 1: Review: Merchant Shop from Tabletop World (13th Jan 2019)

Recent 2: Résine Miniatures (4th Jan 2019)

G*M*S Magazine

Marketing in RPGs with Ed Healy (29th Jan 2019)

Marketing in RPGs is a vast topic that I have spoken about a few times in the past. Now we have a proper expert to tell us some secrets! Ed Healy has been doing marketing in RPGs for a very long time now and his company has specialised in both marketing a ... Read More

Recent 1: Joseph Carriker and representation in RPGs (26th Dec 2018)

Recent 2: Bedrock Games and House of Paper Shadows (13th Dec 2018)

The Blog With No Name

Commisioned Work (20th Sep 2018)

A fair few of you will be aware of my hobby crossover into Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) especially the sniper reminders that have popped up on occasion. However it came full circle when a friend asked me if I was prepared to paint up a trophy for a new ASL ... Read More

Recent 1: Dungeon Saga Heroes (13th Sep 2018)

Recent 2: Leven Miniatures Blood Bowl Stadium (30th Aug 2018)

Lion Tower Miniatures

Wrathborn BETA testing rules available to download (10th Sep 2018)

In the run up to the launch of our Kickstarter, we are releasing the BETA rules for Wrathborn to start public playtesting!Cutout dollies will also be uploaded soon to allow you to field some of the cha ... Read More

Recent 1: Wrathborn KickStarter to launch 2nd October 2018 @8pm GMT (23rd Aug 2018)

Recent 2: Kickstarter Campaign successfully funded! (26th Mar 2017)

UK Roleplayers

Tabletop Scotland (1st Sep 2018)

Tabletop Scotland: At the heart of gaming in Scotland. A 2 day convention in Perth celebrating tabletop games. More details will be forthcoming as we approach the event itself, however we will bring together the following elements: Open Gaming space for h ... Read More

Recent 1: Continuum (20th Jul 2018)

Recent 2: North Star (28th Apr 2018)

Op-For ~ Miniature Wargaming & Board Game Gaming Club

Adore the Immortals, for they are Ours! (27th Mar 2017)

 "Aye lads, gather 'round. Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the Sump Sea. This sad tale begins on the edge of the Great Sump, near a huge drainage tunnel that just happens to be the most direct route from the Underhive to what lies beyon ... Read More

Recent 1: True Atronian Fyrdalee WIP (29th May 2015)

Recent 2: Overboard on eBay (23rd Jul 2014)

Mosse's Gaming Blog

What a random happenstance - that the day I decide to reinstall... (31st Aug 2016)

What a random happenstance - that the day I decide to reinstall and replay the fantastic Battle of the Bulge wargame Slitherine release a statement that they are bringing the second game in the same line; Drive on Moscow to the PC as well!With BotB I wait ... Read More

Recent 1: Re-downloaded World of Warplanes, and gave it another go. My... (7th Jul 2016)

Recent 2: Not only did I just beat the A.I. in Twilight Struggle, a feat... (12th Jun 2016)

WarSeer - Wargaming Rumours, News and Reviews

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 37 (12th Jun 2016)

ON SALE NOW: 1.30 Things move quickly and weve got a lot happening in the coming few weeks. SeminART is all sold out and were really looking forward to heading down to Cardiff with Fernando Ruiz for the first of many painting seminars with the top art ... Read More

Recent 1: Figure Painter Magazine Issue 36 (16th May 2016)

Recent 2: Figure Painter Magazine Issue 34 (7th Mar 2016)

The Rooks Bailey

Guardians of the Galaxy Could Learn from Neon Genesis Evangelion (12th Jan 2015)

Attachment 48460 ( If you are expecting a comprehensive overview of Neon Genesis... ... Read More

Recent 1: Tomorrow's War: You Made Me Do This (Revisited) (28th Nov 2014)

Recent 2: Reviewed: Hellsing Ultimate (21st Sep 2014)

Pawnderings on Games

(19th Oct 2014)

OK, Fatal Choices is outWith this project almost completed I should be able to start posting here much more regularly. ... Read More

Recent 1: Charge! Polish cavalry tackles tanks in AAM (11th Aug 2014)

Recent 2: Sorry for the long gap -- update (3rd Aug 2014)

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tabletop Gaming

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Database Update (24th Sep 2014)

Current edition army books only filter, 5,000 searchable battles archive, double batrep notes and more exclusive member accolades. Hi folks, I've been tweaking the database and current pages in the run up to version 2 which I'm working on no ... Read More

Recent 1: Warhammer Fantasy Batrep Database - with over 1,000 Batreps (13th Jun 2014)

Recent 2: Warhammer Fantasy Stats from 2,400 Battles and hundreds of gamers (11th Apr 2014)

Illuminating Games

Freedom: The Underground Railroad (7th Apr 2014)

If you haven't switched over to my WordPress blog yet, now is the time!I can also be found on Tumblr now, and as usual I'm on Twitter and G+.There are a fairly limited number of core go-to backdrops for games: railroad bui ... Read More

Recent 1: Caverna (21st Mar 2014)

Recent 2: High Frontier Colonization (18th Mar 2014)

The Battlegames Blog

Site archived (5th Aug 2013)

I regret that owing to concerted spam and hacking attacks, I have removed the content from this site. Those of you interested in following what I’m up to can find my new blog alive and well at Henry’s Wargaming: An Editor At Play and the site ... Read More

Recent 1: Site archived (5th Aug 2013)

Recent 2: The Battlegames Blog is moving (12th Jan 2012)

Jon's wargames minis

Trying out a kickstarter (25th Jul 2013)

If you frequent TMP much you'll have noticed that Kick-starters have taken off in a big way the last year or so. Up until now I have quite happily avoid them for various reasons. Two nights ago though I found a link to Ramshackle games ... Read More

Recent 1: The £40 Dark Angel army (17th Jul 2013)

Recent 2: Hellbrute (10th Jul 2013)

Dungeon Crawlers

WizKids Games To Release MAGE KNIGHT: RESURRECTION – HeroClix by Wizkids Games (12th Feb 2013)

I’ll be watching this closely. Dungeon Crawlers has a long history of supporting Mage Knight. Just check our Mage Knight download section WizKids Games To Release MAGE KNIGHT: RESURRECTION – HeroClix by Wizkids Games. Hillside, New Jersey – Fe ... Read More

Recent 1: WizKids Games To Release MAGE KNIGHT: RESURRECTION – HeroClix by Wizkids Games (12th Feb 2013)

Recent 2: Dungeon Crawler Miniatures (DCMs) Kickstarter TIDAL WAVE Redeux. (2nd Nov 2012)

The Great Redoubt

1813 Project Order of Battle (5th Feb 2013)

Having committed to the new 1813 project described by Immer Vorwarts, I started looking at an order of battle to model.  Jason & Eric are focusing on units that fought at Mockern in the fall of 1813 as part of the Battle of Nations (Leipzig).  Since IR ... Read More

Recent 1: 1813 Project Order of Battle (5th Feb 2013)

Recent 2: 28mm Napoleonics Painting Update (4th Feb 2013)

Guts N Gears Warmachine and Horde Podcast

Guts & Gears: Exclusive on Games & Gears Gaming boards (27th Nov 2012)

Notice: We will resume our Hordes & Warmachine coverage shortly; This show was a segment pre recorded as part of our Warmachine & Hordes shows but all our interviews have been delayed due to unforseen circumstance. We will be back on track next week this ... Read More

Recent 1: New Sponsor, Games & Gears Revolutionary Gaming Boards Teaser Trailer (19th Nov 2012)

Recent 2: Guts N Gears: Tournament philosophy & Privateer Press Staff Tournament SR2013 alpha Wrap up show.. (3rd Nov 2012)

Josiah's Miniature Wargaming

Private James C. "Jim" Burba, Co. B, 9th Regiment, 1st Kentucky (Orphan) Brigade (CSA) (20th Feb 2012)

This is one of my wife's ancestors, and he fought with the famed Orphan Brigade. Because of this, there are a wealth of books and information available for research.He enlisted as a Private in Company B on October 2nd 1861 at Camp Green River in Kentucky. ... Read More

Recent 1: Redoubt Confederate Casualties and Skirmishers (14th Jan 2012)

Recent 2: "Ragged Reb Wounded and Stragglers" (7th Jan 2012)

A Year of Frugal Gaming

The End of the Frugal Year(s) (20th Dec 2011)

As you may have noticed I haven't been posting on the blog too much recently.  This is, in part, to it's success; I've been playing too many games and getting too many models painted to actually blog about it!As I don't have as much time to dedicate ... Read More

Recent 1: The End of the Frugal Year(s) (20th Dec 2011)

Recent 2: V for Vondetta (7th Nov 2011)

Dave's miniature wargames

well, that didn't go so well. (9th Dec 2011)

a new record, out of a period before I even post a picture! well true enough but there are extenuating circumstances. I haven't really had a ton of time to paint with working about 50 hours a week and a minor rant. For a while I was very interested in g ... Read More

Recent 1: Let's restart the blog Man! (10th Sep 2011)

Recent 2: Failed my morale check! (24th Dec 2010)

Miniature Wargaming Geek

Napoleonic wargame 54mm (12th Nov 2011)

Here are some photos from a game of Songs of Drums and Shakos we played last night. The Allies beat back the French and won the day. Overall, the game was fairly straightforward with both sides fighting for control of the bridge. The bridge was critical a ... Read More

Recent 1: Miniature Wargamer Attention Deficit Disorder (10th Nov 2011)

Recent 2: Spotsylvania Court House game at Cold Wars 2012 (8th Nov 2011)

The Napoleonic Wargamer

New Napoleonic Rules - Tremble Ye Tyrants (7th Sep 2011)

I must say a set I hadn't heard about till I read the announcement, but they will be carried by North Star.The latest set of rules from Chris Peers’ Ruga Ruga Publishing will be with us next week.Tremble ye Tyrants! is a set of rules for medium to large s ... Read More

Recent 1: Lock and Load Tomorrow! (17th Jun 2011)

Recent 2: Miniature Monday: Reform Candidate (14th Jun 2011)

Death by Inches

Lock and Load Tomorrow! (17th Jun 2011)

I am not bringing my laptop, so I won’t be updating the blog (more play time!), but Privateer Press is going to be liveblogging at the following link: I am very excited to get my butt handed to me by a bunch of peopl ... Read More

Recent 1: Lock and Load Tomorrow! (17th Jun 2011)

Recent 2: Miniature Monday: Reform Candidate (14th Jun 2011)

The Shotgun Or Grapple Podcast

Sog Show - Final: Bye Bye (14th Oct 2010)

Well its seems like yesterday we were stumbling through our first show and here we are at the end already :-(. I have had to make the very very tough decision to cancel the show due mainly to the sheer amount of personal time it took to run things. T ... Read More

Recent 1: SoG Reloaded 5.5: Glasgow Indie Gamers, have Camera will travel (6th Oct 2010)

Recent 2: SoG Show-5: Of Vampires Plagues and Mistooks (4th Oct 2010)

Pangloss' Miniature Wargaming Blogspot

Malifaux - The Guild (12th Sep 2010)

I was originally put off Malifaux by the aesthetic of the game - it looked too cartoony. BUT everyone seems to be playing it at the moment so I thought that I would try and paint up a box of minis to see if I could try and overcome what I didn't like abou ... Read More

Recent 1: Ultramarines: The Movie - EPIC FAIL (28th Aug 2010)

Recent 2: One Month without GW and Counting (and some Flames of War) (10th Jun 2010)

Wargaming with 15mm Miniatures

Too Much Football Too Little Time (24th Apr 2010)

The South Africa World Cup; the Champions; the Europa League (formerly UEFA Cup); and of course the national leagues all conspire to pack close together a lot of interesting Football matches (Soccer for Americans). For example, today and tomorrow there ar ... Read More

Recent 1: Too Much Football Too Little Time (24th Apr 2010)

Recent 2: Russian Infantry Battalion 1812 (6th Apr 2010)

Tale of Painters

WIP: Eldar Crimson Hunter #2 (1st Jan 1970)

Hey guys, some progress on my Crimson Hunter. So far I've basecoated everything with my airbrush, sprayed on some highlights, and worked on the base. As you can see, I'm going for my standard Iybraesil turquoise for the hull. I felt that a single vehicle ... Read More

Recent 1: WIP: Dwarfs Longbeards #8 (1st Jan 1970)

Recent 2: WIP: Tyranid Warriors from Deathstorm #1 (1st Jan 1970)