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Recent news and blog entries from Wargaming Geek

Napoleonic wargame 54mm (12th Nov 2011)

Here are some photos from a game of Songs of Drums and Shakos we played last night. The Allies beat back the French and won the day. Overall, the game was fairly straightforward with both sides fighting for control of the bridge. The bridge was critical a ... Read More

Miniature Wargamer Attention Deficit Disorder (10th Nov 2011)

As a teenager I loved trying new games like Magic: The Gathering or The Star Trek card game. I never had the money to seriously play either, and didn’t really start gaming again until college. I worked a full time job at a bank, and on Sundays for a ... Read More

Spotsylvania Court House game at Cold Wars 2012 (8th Nov 2011)

The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House was the second major battle in Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant’s 1864 Overland Campaign of the American Civil War. Following the bloody but inconclusive Battle of the Wilderness, Grant’s army disengaged from Co ... Read More

Cold Wars 2012 convention preview (4th Nov 2011)

Most readers of this blog will soon realize I love gaming in 54mm. Reader and contributor John Mike Priest will be running a Spotsylvania Court House miniature wargame at Cold Wars in March, 2012 and has graciously provided some preview pictures. Quoting ... Read More

Nero Gaming Dice releases Civil War dice set (3rd Nov 2011)

This will be of interest to all of the American Civil War miniature wargaming fans. I already have several sets of the World War 2 dice sets made by Nero which are of good quality and the service I have received from the team at Nero has been great. I wou ... Read More

Pro or Con convention photos (26th Oct 2011)

Here are some pictures from the Pro or Con gaming convention which took place last weekend. ... Read More

Sharp Practice Review (14th Oct 2011)

Sharp Practice Is a set of large scale skirmish rules for the Black Powder era by Too Fat Lardies. These rules are more Beer and Pretzels than a serious simulation, with typical battles between 30 and 50 figures. Included are more than 70 pages of rules, ... Read More

54mm Napoleonics (8th Oct 2011)

The year is 1813 and a force composed of Austrians, Russians, and Prussians are united against the French and set to fight. The game was a basic meeting engagement played using Songs of Drums and Shakos. Given the terrain, it is no surprise the action foc ... Read More

Explorers (1st Oct 2011)

Here are three explorers I painted up for a variety of pulp, jungle exploration games. The background miniatures are Northwest Frontier Afghans I am finishing up. ... Read More

Ultramarines (22nd Sep 2011)

I haven’t had much time to paint or game in the last few weeks but I was able to finish up some Ultramarines for 40K or In the Emperor’s Name. ... Read More

15mm Roman Civil War (9th Sep 2011)

There were several Roman civil wars, especially during the late Republic. Using a variant of DBA, last night the club gamed a meeting engagement battle from this period. The action was fairly standard, cavalry tried to flank as sword, pike, and axemen cha ... Read More

Cutlass pirate game tokens (6th Sep 2011)

Laser Dream Works has released a set of tokens for use with the new pirate based miniatures game Cutlass by Black Scorpion. From the announcement: Avast! This set of game counters is perfect for use with the Cutlass! rules system published by Black Scorpi ... Read More

Toy Mallet 40 Cents rules review (25th Aug 2011)

Seeking yet another option to use our collection of GW miniatures, we played a game of the Warhammer 40K parody rules Toy Mallet 40 Cents. These are a very streamlined and simple set of free rules allowing fast games of 40K without need for expensive code ... Read More

In the Emperor’s Name rules review (21st Aug 2011)

In the Emperor’s Name is a free set of skirmish level rules set in the Warhammer 40K universe. Created by The Forge of War Development Group, each player plays a Hero or Villain with a Retinue of five to ten figures. This can include any miniatures ... Read More

Militaria Auction (14th Aug 2011)

I attended another Militaria auction this weekend and took some photos of many of the great items that were on the auction block. There were some great WWI items which are getting harder to find. I bid on a number of items including a WWII land mine sweep ... Read More

Destroyed building terrain (13th Aug 2011)

I needed to make some quick terrain to go with my 54mm Civil War (ACW) and namely wanted a burnt out farm house. I plan to add to some store bought resin buildings in the near future as well. The base is pink foam, with foam core board as the wall base. F ... Read More

Chaos Space Marines for sale (2nd Aug 2011)

I am cleaning out the lead pile and getting rid of some miniatures I will never use. This lot includes more than 50 Chaos Space Marines, many Khorne Beserkers. There are a few metal heavy weapon Havocs that are primed white and 2 metal lord figures. Most ... Read More

Cygnar Trenchers (29th Jul 2011)

I finished painting some more Cygnar although I have yet to play a game. For the trenchers, I tried to stick with the same color scheme as I have seen online but took some liberties here and there. The leather is GW snakebite leather and the armor is GW m ... Read More

Thunder over Michigan air show 2011 (24th Jul 2011)

The Thunder over Michigan air show was an absolute blast today. My favorite part of the day would be the two WW2 reenactments, one European theater and one Pacific theater. I took plenty of pictures and will work on getting the videos loaded to YouTube. ... Read More

Dust Tactics Landing Craft (22nd Jul 2011)

Dust Studios has released a neat 1/48 landing craft which could easily be modified or kit bashed into a sci fi or steampunk river craft. I can certainly picture some fun things to do with it. is pretty steep but the model does look great. ... Read More

Warmachine Cygnar (11th Jul 2011)

This weekend I got a good deal on some Cygnar miniatures for Warmachine. Most of the army was already painted to really high standard, and with a few hours of work today I was able finish the rest. I am not sure of the point value under Warmachine MKII ru ... Read More

Songs of Blades and Heroes: Dwarves vs. Undead (9th Jul 2011)

What is better than a band of undead pirates searching the shore for buried treasure? A band of Dwarven pirates hell bent on finding it first! The scenario is straight from the Songs of Blades and Heroes rulebook where three treasure chests are hidden aro ... Read More

Crimean War (30th Jun 2011)

The year is 1854 and The Crimean War rages on. An allied expeditionary force has landed at Eupatoria, north of Sevastopol. After crossing the Alma the allies continue to advance while the Russian army retreats to the interior. A Russian assault on the all ... Read More

Black Powder Rules (29th Jun 2011)

Black Powder published by Warlord Games was written by Rick Priestley and Jervis Johnson, with assistance from Alan and Michael Perry i.e. The Perry Brothers. The book is hardcover and of top quality production value. Inside are dozens of great photos of ... Read More

Tank Battle (23rd Jun 2011)

Tonight we gamed Eastern Front. The German column was composed largely of Tiger I’s, a single Panzer III, and 5 Nashorn Tank Destroyers as support. The Soviets had T34′s and Stalin Tanks. All of the tanks are prepainted 1/144 scale miniatures ... Read More

Bunker terrain for Warhammer 40K and Necromunda (20th Jun 2011)

Usually I make an attempt at creating a really stunning piece of terrain when building for historical wargaming. I might research similar builds on wargaming forums, look at pictures of abandoned military sites, and generally try to get every detail right ... Read More

Abandoned Russian Military Location Pictures (18th Jun 2011)

Found a really interesting Russian website thanks to the fine folks on The Miniatures Page. The content is written in Russian but Google translate does a pretty good job. The real treasures are the pictures. This site is great for the historical significa ... Read More

Warhammer Undead lot for sale (15th Jun 2011)

I am cleaning up the game room and need to reduce the lead pile some. I am willing to sell these individually or as a lot. Keep in mind these are long out of print and hard to find so the prices on Ebay are pretty high. I am asking 0 shipped for the lo ... Read More

Necromunda Terrain (12th Jun 2011)

Here are some photos of a terrain piece I recently finished for use in games such as Necromunda, Warhammer 40K, or other science fiction or post apocslypse games. ... Read More

Civil War Miniature game ACW (28th May 2011)

The next set of pictures is of a Civil War miniature wargame from the Drums at Fort Meigs convention. This was a great looking ACW game using modified Johnny Reb rules. ... Read More

54mm Napoleonic’s Game (27th May 2011)

Here are some photos from Brad’s 54mm Napoleonic’s game from the Drums at Fort Meigs convention. I am fortunate in that I get to game with these figures fairly often. I am particularly fond of the photo with the Austrian standard bearer. ... Read More

55 days in Peking Boxer Rebellion game (26th May 2011)

One of the best looking games at the Drums at Fort Meigs convention was a Boxer Rebellion game called “55 days in Peking” using The Sword and the Flame as the rules system. The game table was a beautiful representation of the city with individ ... Read More

Dwarven Warband for Cutlass! (20th May 2011)

In anticipation of getting my hands on the new rule set Cutlass! I painted up some GW Warhammer Dwarven Pirates I had sitting around. These will also be used for Songs of Blades and Heroes. I focused most of the attention on the Captain while painting the ... Read More

Stripping miniatures with Simple Green (13th May 2011)

Once you have been involved in the hobby of miniature wargaming long enough, the topic of how to strip paint from miniatures will come up. Maybe you have some old Space Marines you painted back during the Rogue Trader era that look cartoonish and sloppy b ... Read More

Ral Partha Bashi Bazouk (11th May 2011)

The bashi-bazouk were notorious for being brutal and undisciplined, thus giving the term its second, colloquial meaning of “undisciplined bandit” in many languages. Check the Wiki for further reading. What Sudan miniature collection would be c ... Read More

Last known WWI veteran passes away (5th May 2011)

The last known survivor of the 70 million combatants from World War I, a British sailor who witnessed the surrender of the German fleet in 1918, has died at the age of 110. Claude Choules, who was born in Pershore, western England, died in his sleep at a ... Read More

Nero Gaming Dice (1st May 2011)

Today I would like to welcome our latest sponsor Nero Gaming Dice who are a company based out of The Netherlands. They manufacture dice which can be used for Flames of War, Axis and Allies, or any other World War 2 miniature wargame. I previously ordered ... Read More

54mm American Civil War (ACW) (28th Apr 2011)

Today we have another guest post from Mike Priest using his recently released rule set By The Left Flank . Thanks for sharing Mike! Earlier this month a friend and I field tested the battle for the Cornfield in my room in the basement. It began with the Y ... Read More

Sudan game (26th Apr 2011)

Saturday I hosted a small Sudan game using the Fields of Honor rule system. This was my first time using the rules and the first game I have run using my growing Ral Partha collection. I made a number of mistakes in the setup and troop selection which cre ... Read More

Ral Partha Indian infantry NWF (25th Apr 2011)

I added several units of 25mm Ral Partha Indian Sikh troops to the miniatures for sale page. I am doing Sudan in Ral Partha but decided against NWF so these guys are up for sale along with the rest of my spring cleanout of miniatures. Figures are well pai ... Read More

Game room aka Man Cave (23rd Apr 2011)

Here are a few photos of my game room I thought I would share. After moving into our home a year ago I got the wife to agree to my demands for a proper man cave. I was able to take over an entire section of my basement which has an L shape layout. My [ ... Read More

54mm Civil War ACW (19th Apr 2011)

I recently purchased some beautifully painted 54mm Union and Confederate troops for ACW skirmishing. The figures were painted by a gaming friend of mine who I hold in high regard as a painter. Many of the 54mm after action reports I post are games played ... Read More

Cutlass! rules by Gav Thorpe (18th Apr 2011)

Gav Thorpe recently wrote a blog post about the Cutlass! rules system. The Cutlass! rules allow players to collect a band of fighters and battle for control of a strange island in the Carribean. These are fantasy pirates, so as well as Pirates, Privateers ... Read More

Check your six Germans and Russians (14th Apr 2011)

Tonight the club played an Eastern front Check Your Six game. Each player was assigned two bombers and a fighter to escort them. The mission was to take out the identified ground targets as marked on the map. I began moving up the left flank and was almos ... Read More

New Sponsor Aide de Camp Books (12th Apr 2011)

Aide de Camp Books – Used, New & Rare Military History Books Please help me welcome Aide de Camp Books as a new sponsor for this blog. You may know them from conventions such Huzzah and Historicon. They Specialize in high quality, hard to find, rare ... Read More

Attended an auction today (9th Apr 2011)

This morning I attended an auction which had a good amount of military items such as uniforms, bayonets, patches, and of course guns. I was optimistic that I would get some good bargains but the bidding went really high for many items. For example, the Ge ... Read More

54mm Napoleonic French vs. Prussians (7th Apr 2011)

Last night we played another skirmish game using Songs of Drums and Shakos. The scenario was a meeting engagement with French and Prussian troops both charged with occupying two terrain pieces in the center of the board (the bridge and the supply cart). T ... Read More

French Foreign Legion 1/72 (4th Apr 2011)

If you have ever thought about using 1/72 or HO scale miniatures to run a game then prepare to be inspired by this French Foreign Legion in North Africa game that was played at the Pro or Con convention. Again, I was not able to play in the game but did t ... Read More

Sudan TSATF game (4th Apr 2011)

Once again Ray hosted a magnificent looking Sudan game using The Sword and the Flame rules. I had the opportunity to play in his game last fall and had a blast. At the convention this year, the game filled up quickly. Again, the players all seemed to have ... Read More

Close Action (4th Apr 2011)

Pro or Con club member Chad hosted a naval game using Close Action rules. The British and the French skirmished for several hours with the British gaining an early advantage as one of the three French vessels struck colors. The French were not out of it t ... Read More