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Recent news and blog entries from Little Odo's Blog

Happy New Year (3rd Jan 2020)

I would like to wish my readers a happy and prosperous New Year for 2020. I can only apologise for the lack of updates recently.I have not been able to get to the computer in quite a while to update what is happening in my little gaming world. Work has be ... Read More

A Brief Pause in Production (2nd Jul 2019)

You may have noticed that my gaming output, and therefore my blogging, has dropped off a little over the last couple of weeks. There are a few reasons for this, but I will only be discussing one of them here today. This is a good news/bad news post that w ... Read More

Fomorians, Ushabti and Wolfen (19th Jun 2019)

My Other Fantasy Army Factions (Prepped and/or Undercoated)There are not so many figures in each of these factions, so I will run through what I have prepped and undercoated so far for each of the three armies; Fomorians, Ushabti, Wolfen.As mentioned prev ... Read More

My Lord of the Rings armies (15th Jun 2019)

Now that I have finally got nearly all of my Games Workshop Lord of the Rings figures out of their boxes, cut off their sprues, pulled from their blisters, tidied up and, in many cases, undercoated I will stop and take stock of what I have. There are prob ... Read More

LotR Easterling/Harad Army (7th Jun 2019)

Lord of the Rings Easterling/Harad Army (Prepped and/or Undercoated) I managed to get a lot of this work done yesterday alongside the Isengard stuff, so an early post today.I have decided to combine these two factions into one post as I think they ally ve ... Read More

LotR Isengard Army (6th Jun 2019)

Lord of the Rings Isengard Army (Prepped and/or Undercoated)This is the first of the main evil armies (Moria is only a small army in comparison, so doesn't really count) to be photographed after being as completed as much as can be with the tools and ... Read More

LotR Gondor Army (5th Jun 2019)

Lord of the Rings Minas Tirith Army (Prepped and/or Undercoated) Today I think we get onto the big one. This Gondor army has taken on a life of its own and been appended to with third party stuff that, to me, makes more sense.I had a certain idea in my he ... Read More

LotR Rohan Army (3rd Jun 2019)

Lord of the Rings Rohirrim Army (Prepped and/or Undercoated) Managed to get some work done on things over the weekend in between running the kids around and various other stuff on my plate, so this post is being published a little earlier in the day than ... Read More

LotR Free Peoples and Mordor Armies (31st May 2019)

Lord of the Rings Free Peoples Army (Prepped and Undercoated) Third entry in this series of summaries - this is not really an army as such, more a collection of individual heroes and some back up troops. Here is what they looked like pre-prep...And how th ... Read More

LotR Khazad Dum Army (30th May 2019)

Lord of the Rings Khazad Dum Army (Prepped and Undercoated) Today, I can present to you the second of my Lord of the Rings miniatures armies; the Dwarfs of Khazad Dum. These can be used against the Goblins of Moria featured yesterday, or in fact any other ... Read More

LotR Moria Army (29th May 2019)

Lord of the Rings Moria Army (Prepped and/or Undercoated) This is the first in a series of follow up posts to the one I made way back in January 2015. The previous post "My Lord of the Rings Armies (The Boxes)" contains details of what I had back then whe ... Read More

Glorfindel and the Witch King (22nd May 2019)

I was away for the weekend (Friday thro' Monday), so only just getting back to the gaming stuff. Just a quick update today based on a little bit of work I was able to complete. Whilst working on the non-LotR fantasy miniatures over the last week or so ... Read More

Battle of Pelennor Fields (16th May 2019)

This is just a quick update post on some new stuff that is due to, or has just, come out recently for the Rohan faction on the Lord of the Rings side of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.A friend of mine (RM) has just recently bought the Battle of Pel ... Read More

Scouring of the Shire mk II (15th May 2019)

As I am unable to progress with any figures prep today (and most likely not tomorrow either) I thought I would add in a couple of supplemental blog entries about the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.Whilst surfing the good ol' int ... Read More

Wolfen (14th May 2019)

The final set of non-LotR miniatures I have assembled over the last few days is my pack of Rackham's Confrontation Wolfen. Over the years, at trade shows, I have been lucky enough to pick these up very cheaply in deals. Ordinarily these would have cos ... Read More

Fomorians (13th May 2019)

The weather has been much brighter and warmer today, so I was able to get into the garden and begin undercoating a few miniatures previously featured, as well as prepping some more of those still on my work bench. Today's miniatures come from the Celt ... Read More

Breelanders (10th May 2019)

A quick win today; this session's work consists of a few models I bought from EBob before they were discontinued. He also made a certain ranger with a dog (I think) that took my fancy but it was always out of stock when I tried to order it prior to it ... Read More

Ushabti (9th May 2019)

This is the first of a few posts that are not really, but kind of almost are, Lord of the Rings hobby related. There will be more LotR posts soon, but these are kind of linked in by the fact that in one of my imaginary worlds, these will be allies for fac ... Read More

The Library of Planarium - D&D 5e (8th May 2019)

The Library of Planarium - D&D 5e - 6th May 2019 Even though my recent circumstances have dictated that I cannot get out for my usual mid-week gaming sessions, I have been very lucky to have been able to play in several weekend and holiday sessions th ... Read More

Free Comic Book Day 2019 (7th May 2019)

Free Comic Book Day - Saturday 4th May 2019 Time flies...Free Comic Book Day is here again, and this year it coincides with Star Wars Day. The cosplayers were out in force (pardon the pun) and the day had the makings of a great one, despite the inclement ... Read More

Tolkien - the film (some spoilers) (3rd May 2019)

I happened to catch sight of an advert for this film on the side of a bus as I was driving my youngest to his child minder last Tuesday morning. On a whim, I decided to take the littluns to the cinema to see it this afternoon/evening as it was only a 12a ... Read More

King Conan (2nd May 2019)

Following on from the post a couple of days ago, here is my collection of King Conan comics related stuff. Again, like with the Conan, Kull and Solomon Kane collections, these are the items released by Dark Horse when they held the franchise for Robert E ... Read More

500th Post and 10 Years of Blogging (1st May 2019)

This post for today is a bit off topic but I thought it would be nice to say "Thank you" to my loyal readers and casual browsers for staying with me through the thick and thin of the last few years.For me, it will also be an an aide de memoir for how my l ... Read More

Conan (30th Apr 2019)

Another early posting today as most of the work had already been done on this over the weekend.The final Robert E Howard character I have a comic collection for is Conan. Actually, make that two collections as I have one for Conan and another for King Con ... Read More

Red Sonja : She Devil with a Sword (29th Apr 2019)

First post of the week, and I am still carrying on with the comic book based theme as FCBD is rapidly approaching (Saturday 4th May). I still have posts on Conan and King Conan to follow this one over the next couple of days, and one or two similar before ... Read More

Pendragon - Session II (26th Apr 2019)

Last night saw me return to my Pendragon character, Sir Docimedis, for another session of adventure and courtly derring-do. I have only played in two sesions of this game so far (and had three or four years of catch-up played by email) and I can only say ... Read More

The Saga of Solomon Kane (25th Apr 2019)

After completing the reading of Kull, I will move onto another of Robert E. Howard's characters; Solomon Kane. I have to admit to never having read any comics or books about this character in the past - I only have the James Purefoy movie version to g ... Read More

Kull the Conqueror (24th Apr 2019)

As you already know, I am a bit of a comics fan; 2000AD, Judge Dredd, some Robert E Howard characters (Conan, Red Sonja, Kull and Solomon Kane), the Alien/Predator universe and a few other minor one-offs that looked good at the time. Although, in my youth ... Read More

Comics Week and FCBD 2019 (23rd Apr 2019)

This will probably be a bit of a rambling post, so apologies in advance. This week is a shorter working week due to the bank holiday for Easter, so there will be fewer entries. Friday just gone was a bank holiday too, so last week was also a shorter week, ... Read More

Top Trumps Quiz with a Twist - Dinosaurs (21st Apr 2019)

Another random entry for today. Whilst I had my youngest son at home with me and the time to actually have some quality time together this Easter weekend we got out a few games that haven't been played in a while. I have already mentioned the game of ... Read More

Risk (21st Apr 2019)

This post is a bit of an ad-hoc one as it came to me as a bit of a surprise. The girls took themselves off to the cinema this afternoon and my eldest went out to see a football match with his friends, so I was at home with just my youngest son for company ... Read More

Heroquest (19th Apr 2019)

Due to my eldest being back from uni and the rest of the nippers being down at their mum's for Easter I had an evening free for a bit of gaming. D&D and Pendragon were not for various reasons (lack of prep time and the Pendragon GM being on holida ... Read More

Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series (18th Apr 2019)

Rumours had it that the new TV series about to be produced by Amazon was to be set between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and focus on a young Aragorn, but it may well be set way before then ... in the Second Age if the latest released map and stori ... Read More

Erkenbrand's Redshields (17th Apr 2019)

After much deliberation over last weekend, I decided what to do with the resin shields I had made; one set will be for Erkenbrand's Redshields, another for Grimbold's Helmingas and the final set for Elfhelm's cadre. I don't think I current ... Read More

Grimbold's Helmingas (16th Apr 2019)

This unit of Rohan foot soldiers have been treated to a set of the shields I had made by a professional sculptor. I was going to go for a converted all hand-weapon and/or spear armed unit (this may still happen as I still have a few boxes of Rohan figures ... Read More

They have a Cave Troll (or 4)! (15th Apr 2019)

Although the Moria goblin hordes have been completed (see post from a couple of weeks back), their hard-hitting cave troll brethren needed to be constructed. These are large multi-piece figures that require some modelling skill to put together. Like Shelo ... Read More

Pendragon RPG (12th Apr 2019)

Pendragon - Thursday 11th April 2019A bit of a change of direction for this post today. We go from Middle Earth to post-Roman Britain for a quick visit, and an actual gaming session, albeit an RPG rather than tabletop battle game, even though we ended our ... Read More

Rohan's Elite Warriors 2 (11th Apr 2019)

Whilst building my armies for Lord of the Rings : Strategy Battle Games a few years ago I came across a company that sold unreleased miniatures from the Games Workshop range. As a trial to see how the company worked and to get some minis that would fill a ... Read More

Personal Rohan resin shield options (10th Apr 2019)

Just a quick post for today. As mentioned in a previous post, I put out a commission for a professional sculptor to make me some shields to use with my elite Rohan units. This is what he came up with (ignore the little spiky bits as they are the resin equ ... Read More

In the Clutches of Shelob (9th Apr 2019)

Shelob is one scary looking critter and has the gravitas to back up her presence on the tabletop. This is a great figure but, again, required some fiddly modelling skills to get her right - she took me nearly two days to complete as the legs were so fiddl ... Read More

A short break (8th Apr 2019)

Apologies for not getting around to posting on Friday last week - my eldest son had to be collected from university and the rest of the kids broke up from school/college at different times so I was running around all day doing this and didn't find the ... Read More

Rohan's Elite Warriors (4th Apr 2019)

I think Rohan is my second largest force, after Gondor, number of figures wise. Although, saying that, Isengard (if the orcs and wargs are included) may be pushing for that title too. It will be interesting to do a count up once everything is out of its b ... Read More

Legions of Rhun III (3rd Apr 2019)

Today turned out to be rather more intersting than I originally anticipated. I started out working on my plastic box set of Kataphracts and then did a side-step onto a quick conversion of one of my eBay bought halberd armed Easterling warriors.First up is ... Read More

The Fellowship of the Ring (2nd Apr 2019)

I had a lot of other stuff to get round to today, so I went for a quick win with the hobby stuff. The box set of the Fellowship of the Ring is the subject of today's snips, files and glue. This was one of the first sets I bought from Games Workshop bu ... Read More

Gondor Scouts (1st Apr 2019)

The weekend sees a bit of a slow down for my hobby as that is when the kids are away and I get more time for myself to do social things. Therefore, hobby time at the workbench drops but hobby time at friends' houses increases a little (and other parts ... Read More

Dol Amroth for Gondor! (29th Mar 2019)

As mentioned yesterday, I decided to take a break from the Easterlings and move onto other factions whilst I worried away over what to do with the kataphracts. I decided to go for a quick win by making up a couple of boxes of Knights of Dol Amroth and the ... Read More

Legions of Rhun II (28th Mar 2019)

I spent nearly two hours on these Kataphracts - there was a lot more to them than I anticpated. The plastic horses were almost there and just needed their two halves glueing together and then basing, but the metal ones were extremely fiddly and needed a l ... Read More

Legions of Rhun (27th Mar 2019)

This faction seems to have spawned a life of its own. What started as just a single box of 20 Easterling Warriors has burgeoned into quite a force to be reckoned with. EBay was my friend for this faction as almost everything bar the initial purchase was f ... Read More

Moria Goblins (26th Mar 2019)

Lots of goblins, both plastic and metal, in this faction but also some hard-hitting cave trolls. However, due to the nature of the trolls (large multi-part metal kits) I will probably get onto them last as they will require some extra work, such as pinnin ... Read More

Middle Earth Magic and Mysteries II (25th Mar 2019)

The weekend allowed me to take a breather, put loads of the miniatures into their stortage cases away from harm, and to get out and purchase some more superglue to let me continue with my quest this week. I managed to finish off those pesky one-offs that ... Read More