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Recent news and blog entries from Josiah's Blog

Private James C. "Jim" Burba, Co. B, 9th Regiment, 1st Kentucky (Orphan) Brigade (CSA) (20th Feb 2012)

This is one of my wife's ancestors, and he fought with the famed Orphan Brigade. Because of this, there are a wealth of books and information available for research.He enlisted as a Private in Company B on October 2nd 1861 at Camp Green River in Kentucky. ... Read More

Redoubt Confederate Casualties and Skirmishers (14th Jan 2012)

I'm really enjoying painting these figures.  The sculpts are really nice and the figures are full of character.  I'm also enjoying taking my time and painting these 2-3 at a time with no hard deadline to finish Regiments, etc.The casualty's musk ... Read More

"Ragged Reb Wounded and Stragglers" (7th Jan 2012)

These are from Redoubt's "Ragged Reb Wounded and Stragglers" set.  They are really nice figures and were a lot of fun to paint.  They are really shiny but when I base them they will get a spray of matte coat. ... Read More

First post of 2012! Redoubt Casualties (2nd Jan 2012)

Happy New Year everyone!Here are some casualty figures from Redoubt.  Hopefully what I'm lacking in quantity I will make up for in quality.  I've put a lot of effort into improving my flesh painting, and it seems to be paying off.  I've als ... Read More

Redoubt Confederates (1st Jan 2012)

Well what do you know!  I'm posting actual miniature related content!  I have actually been painting a small amount but with our continued computer problems I haven't really been uploading/posting anything.  I'll try to get some more up soo ... Read More

Merry Christmas! (25th Dec 2011)

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! ... Read More

Paintings on the Stones River battlefield markers (3rd Dec 2011)

In a previous post I mentioned the paintings on the markers at the Stones River battlefield.  I couldn't find the artist's name so I e-mailed the park and after a few days had a response!  The artist is Andy Thomas and the paintings were co ... Read More

Stones River National Cemetery (21st Nov 2011)

Adjacent to the Stones River battlefield is the Stones River National Cemetery, final resting place to 6,850 soldiers.Click to enlarge if you'd like to read the marker explaining the history of the cemetery.Position of Loomis' Battery, 1st Michigan Light ... Read More

Stones River Battlefield. Part 2: The Battlefield (19th Nov 2011)

After visiting the museum, we did the driving tour of the battlefield, and stopped and walked around at several locations.  The battlefield itself is huge and would take a couple of days to see on foot.  I took a lot of pictures and I'll just po ... Read More

Stones River Battlefield. Part 1: The Museum (20th Oct 2011)

The obligatory picture of myself, to prove I was there... This was not my favorite battlefield museum, but there were some great pieces and several that were connected to specific individuals, which added to their interest a great deal. Pri ... Read More

Eyewitnesses at the Battle of Stones River by David R. Logsdon (2nd Oct 2011)

I own three of the books in this series (Perryville, Franklin, and Stones River) and they are all excellent. I just finished this one and wanted to recommend it.Mr. Logsdon does an outstanding job of compiling eyewitness accounts and presenting them in a ... Read More

Old excuses and new projects (24th Sep 2011)

Well, I've been quiet post-wise but still lurking around. The summer is definitely a hobby killer! I've painted a small amount but thanks to continued computer problems (USB port issues) I've been unable to upload any pictures.In other news I got a big or ... Read More

General Braxton Bragg (4th Sep 2011)

Anyone else ever think this? ... Read More

McGavock Confederate Cemetery, Franklin, Tennessee. (18th Aug 2011)

Near the Franklin battlefield is the McGavock Confederate Cemetery, the largest privately owned military cemetery in the United States.Each state represented in the cemetery has a monument with the number of soldiers resting there.Most of the stones are s ... Read More

Franklin, Tennessee Battlefield. (16th Aug 2011)

How's that for a teaser shot? Sweating and smiling like an idiot! The Franklin battlefield was my favorite part of our whole vacation. It's a little surprising to stumble across such a bloody battlefield in the middle of a suburban neighborhood but that's ... Read More

Nashville National Cemetery (13th Aug 2011)

Our first day in Nashville we got a little bit turned around and accidentally found the Nashville national cemetery.The first soldier was buried there in 1864 and it was established as a U.S military cemetery in 1867. There are over 33,000 interments from ... Read More

146th New York work-in-process 2 (8th Aug 2011)

I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. The summer has been busy and we just got back from vacation in Tennessee (pictures of the Nashville National Military cemetery, Franklin battlefield, McGavock Confederate cemetery, Stones River battlefield, an ... Read More

Civil War Ancestry Research and The Official Records (12th Jul 2011)

I stayed home from work today with a pulled muscle in my neck, so I ended up reading a lot of 'The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies' and researching my ancestor; Pvt William Henry Stiner of Co ... Read More

Mounted British Waterloo Colonel from Victrix (25th Jun 2011)

Here's my first foray into Napoleonics. Not sure if this will ever turn into a full blown project but I'd like to paint a few just for fun because the uniforms are so interesting and colorful. I used the picture from their website as a guide so I hope it' ... Read More

"Bullet Pens" (22nd Jun 2011)

Just wanted to show off two AMAZING pens that my friends Dad made for me. He made them by hand and let me say that the pictures do not do them justice. The top one is a 50 cal pen, and the bottom is a Civil War bullet pen. You can see more of them here. ( ... Read More

Test figure for 146th New York Volunteer Infantry (19th Jun 2011)

I've started painting the 146th New York, which is my first Zouave unit at this scale. I'd like to fix anything now before I paint all 20, so I did a test figure first. Any suggestions or tips?Below are some of the pictures I used as reference and inspira ... Read More

Computer problems... (13th Jun 2011)

I'm still unable to upload any pictures from my camera to my laptop. So that has limited the amount of posts I've been able to put up. I have gotten a fair amount of painting done, and I will hopefully be able to upload them somewhere else and have a few ... Read More

100th Post! (30th May 2011)

Thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and follows! ... Read More

This and that.. (23rd May 2011)

Well I made it through three straight weekends of weddings, hopefully now I can get back to somewhat of a normal schedule! The past few weeks I have gotten a small amount of painting done. I've painted a few Games Workshop Lord of the Rings miniatures (I ... Read More

1962 Topps "Civil War News" Card Set (28th Apr 2011)

Apparently Topps put out a "Civil War News" playing card set in 1962. I love finding obscure things like this. You can see them all online at Thanks to US Military Railroad for the link! Definitely something interesting to look at. ... Read More

Johnny Reb's finished! (24th Apr 2011)

It's finally finished! It took me a lot longer then I'd expected, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. You can click on any pictures to enlarge them. I apologize for the photography, I took these inside with poor lighting (it's been raining ALL w ... Read More

Johnny Reb's (8) (15th Apr 2011)

I've finished painting the last seven figures for this Regiment. It took longer then I'd liked, but I made it!This weekend I'll be painting their flag and basing them. I'm still undecided what Regiment to make them, I haven't decided if I want to start ad ... Read More

Johnny Reb's (7) (6th Apr 2011)

I'm almost done with this Regiment, and I know I've already posted pictures of all of these, but while I'm finishing up the rest of their comrades I thought I'd post a few group shots I had taken a while ago. Please forgive the glossiness and bad photogra ... Read More

Johnny Reb's (6) (3rd Apr 2011)

Here's the next little group I've finished. This Regiment is definitely taking a long time to finish, but I've made it a point to paint them to a higher level, so I'm hoping that once they are all completed and based that it will be worth the extra effort ... Read More

Private David Rogers Beeler, Fifer Co. C 8th Tennessee Infantry (US) (31st Mar 2011)

This is the husband of my second cousin, three times removed- He was a fifer for Company C, 8th Tennessee Infantry (US). He enlisted in Union County TN on February 1st 1863 when he was 22 years of age. The 8th was part of the 1st (Reilly's) Brigade, 3rd ( ... Read More

Union Cavalry in 15mm (27th Mar 2011)

I just finished up a Brigade (based for Fire and Fury) of generic Union Cavalry in 15mm. I think the manufacturer is Musket Miniatures, they were given to me by a friend. These are to a war gaming standard, I was just trying to get them table ready as qui ... Read More

Top Ten Things On My Wish List! (10th Mar 2011)

10. M1114 Armored Humvee's from Irishserb's Miniatures.I'm not really into modern gaming, but these are some great miniatures and I'd love to model my platoon from the old war days.9. Mixed tents from Renedra Limited.Picture is from Architects of War. Aga ... Read More

Johnny Reb's (4) (28th Feb 2011)

I'm slowly making progress on this regiment. I've now got 11 figures painted and waiting to be based. My painting time has decreased significantly with a 5 month old, but I've still been able to get a little time to myself which is great! These figures ar ... Read More

15mm Union Cavalry WIP (27th Feb 2011)

I've been working on a Brigade pack of Musket Miniatures Cavalry for the past few weeks or so. Not a whole lot of variety in poses, but painted to a gaming standard they look good on the table. I've got to finish the remaining 24 or so mounted troopers an ... Read More

WWPD Shirt (26th Feb 2011)

A few weeks ago I received my FREE shirt from Steven and the guys at What Would Patton Do. It is a really nice shirt, and the logo is awesome. Thanks again guys! ... Read More

Civil War Silliness (15th Feb 2011)

I was going through some old pictures and found these of my best friend Ethan and I playing Civil War as boys. I think they are hilarious so I thought I'd share them. Here we are defending Virginia(the back yard).Here I am in the infamous "trench" that we ... Read More

Quick update (12th Feb 2011)

I'm still alive and kicking! I still cannot figure out the issue with my USB ports, so I am unable to upload any pictures unless I do it on a friends computer. So needless to say, uploading pictures has been scarce!I have however, been painting a fair amo ... Read More

I won something? (25th Jan 2011)

The guys over at What Would Patton Do did a contest for their followers and drew my name to win a free WWPD T-shirt! I am super excited so I thought I would give them a quick shout out! If you haven't been there already, check them out. They've got tons o ... Read More

Pvt Peter Franklin Stiner Sr. Co E 7th TN Infantry (CSA) (1st Jan 2011)

This is my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather. Pvt Peter Franklin Stiner Sr. This top picture is not a Civil War era photo, but I think it is the epitome of a grizzled Confederate Veteran! The next photo is from 1856 and gives a better idea of what he looked l ... Read More

Johnny Reb's (3) (31st Dec 2010)

I was REALLY pleased with how this guy came out. Especially his blanket.Here is a group shot. We just finished moving into a new house so hopefully this week I'll be able to jump back into painting and get this regiment finished. ... Read More

Still no miniatures? (5th Dec 2010)

Sorry for the lack of miniature related posts. I STILL cannot upload any pictures from my camera. Words cannot express my frustration! ... Read More

Pvt William Henry Stiner Co E 2nd Tennessee (Mounted) Infantry (US) (5th Dec 2010)

This is my 2nd cousin 3 times removed (or my Great-Great-Grandfather's Cousin). William Henry Stiner, born around 1843 in Claiborne County Tennesse. He enlisted as a Private to fight for the Union in Company E, 2nd Tennessee (Mounted) Infantry on June 1st ... Read More

Still alive! (8th Nov 2010)

Well I'm still alive, I probably won't get any new pictures up for a little while. Something is messed up with my laptop and my USB ports aren't working so I can't upload pictures from my camera. And wouldn't you know it my desktop crashed at the same tim ... Read More

Perryville, Kentucky Battlefield. Part Two: The Battlefield (25th Oct 2010)

After the museum we walked the battlefield for about 2-3 hours. The battle was fought on October 8th, so we were just a few weeks off. And it was also fought during a drought, which we are currently enjoying in Kentucky. With those two factors it was easy ... Read More

Perryville, Kentucky Battlefield. Part One: The Museum (24th Oct 2010)

My Mom and two of my brothers visited from Ohio this weekend so I took the boys to Perryville. Here are a few of the pictures I took in the museum. Click the images to see full size versions. I apologize for the lighting and blurriness, I had to turn my ... Read More

Who am I kidding? (18th Oct 2010)

Well I can definitely say that my life has changed. I was hoping to get at least a little bit of painting done these last few weeks but we've been so busy with family visiting and adjusting to having a little girl. Hopefully things will slow down this wee ... Read More

Priseis Rose (1st Oct 2010)

I haven't posted in a little while, I've been a little busy with a brand new baby girl! She got a Greek name so maybe she'll get into Ancients! ... Read More