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Recent news and blog entries from Jon's Minis

Trying out a kickstarter (25th Jul 2013)

If you frequent TMP much you'll have noticed that Kick-starters have taken off in a big way the last year or so. Up until now I have quite happily avoid them for various reasons. Two nights ago though I found a link to Ramshackle games ... Read More

The £40 Dark Angel army (17th Jul 2013)

Playing 40K these days can be an expensive business so I was pretty happy when I scored a big lot of GW miniatures of ebay for £30. As well as all the plastics from the Dark vengeance box set I got a full set of  marines from Assault on Black reach s ... Read More

Hellbrute (10th Jul 2013)

OK I've become very bad at updating this blog still here are a few pictures of a Hell brute (painted in the Sons of Malice colour scheme) that I converted up and painted for a competition on the DakkaDakka forum. This was a cheap rescue job from eBay ... Read More

Chaos cultists - finished (6th May 2013)

Haven't posted for a while. Not that I've been idle  a few weeks back I picked up a bargain load of GW stuff on ebay (all the miniatures from Dark Vegance box set plus all the marines from Assualt on Black Reach) for £25.00. I only wanted the Ch ... Read More

Chaos Cultists (14th Apr 2013)

I have finished off my first unit of  converted chaos cultists for 40K. The models are based on WFB Empire flagellants with alsorts of extras from my bits box and plenty of grenstuff for the hoods. Now this unit is finished I've order some arm s ... Read More

Chaos cultists and more scenery (31st Mar 2013)

Still plugging away at my 40K project the wastelands board is pretty much done though I have now added a ruined Imperial chapel. The chapel is another Amera piece though unlike the other pieces this one was a kit that needed to be built I decided not ... Read More

40K table (19th Mar 2013)

I have now painted up most of my Amera terrain (just a couple of buildings and a large hill to go) and I have knocked up a couple of 2x4 ft boards to make a small gaming table for 40K games. The Amera terrain got it's first outing on Saturday when myself ... Read More

Amera terrain (11th Mar 2013)

I was looking around for some 40k scenery toi go with my new IG army. I had look at GWs offerings which are very nice but quite pricey (no surprise there). Looking around I came across a company called Amera that supply v ... Read More

Imperial Guard (2nd Mar 2013)

Haven't got much achieved recently on the hobby front. I have managed to knock up a few more imperial guard using the Defiance games USMC plastics (I got cheap in Northstars Jan sale), my bits box and and some resin heads from Anvil Industr ... Read More

WIPs (4th Feb 2013)

I have had a lot on at work recently which has reduced my painting time some what so I haven't got much to show but I thought I'd stick up a couple of WIPs  of what I have managed to do.Firstly I am now starting to build up my first unit of highlande ... Read More

Somerled project - Isle-men (20th Jan 2013)

 After a break over Christmas I've been back on the on the painting trail for a couple of weeks now... and at last some results. I finished off this first unit of Isle-men for Somerled's army this morning. These guys are going to be Somerle ... Read More

Interesting book find....Britan Before The Norman Conquest (13th Jan 2013)

I found this book in my local Oxfam bookshop for the princely sum of £2.49. Published by the ordnance survey in 1973 it is a slim A4 hardback which contains 30 pages or so of brief descriptive text about the makeup of the British Isles pre- ... Read More

Christmas Reading... (4th Jan 2013)

So I got this book for Christmas (Somerled Hammer of the Norse) and have now finished it. If your interested in this period this book gives a reasonable outline of the politics of the era and of Somerled's raise to Lord of the Isles. Sadly it gives n ... Read More

The Hobbit (3rd Jan 2013)

Finally got to see the Hobbit tonight. I'm kind of in two minds about this movie really. I think if I'd never read the book I would have really enjoyed the movie (like my son did) but sadly having read the book several times all the little chang ... Read More

Happy new year everyone (3rd Jan 2013)

Slightly belated happy new year to everyone.So Christmas is over a whole week of over eating, increased alcohol consumption and visits to friends and family is done the Christmas decorations are now down and it's time to make all sorts of h ... Read More

The arrival of the dreaded lurgy (22nd Dec 2012)

Sadly no painting this week as a plague of biblical proportions descended on the family home knocking down myself, the wife and both kids. True to form myself and number one son took to our beds (and whinged like only a man can can according to the wife) ... Read More

Command stand - Thorfinus filius Oter (17th Dec 2012)

Another command stand this time Thorfin (or Thorfinus filius Oter) , described as the most powerful jarl of the Hebrides, who convinced Somerled to depose Godred the II King of Mann by suggesting that Somerleds own son Dugball become t ... Read More

Somerled king of Kintyre (16th Dec 2012)

Slowly painting up my Islesmen and have finished up one of my command bases. This base is going to represent the Norse-Gael Warlord and king of Kintyre Somerled.Somerled is a Gripping Beast Norse-Gael warlord from the Saga range, his standard be ... Read More

Heros of the Dark Ages (13th Dec 2012)

I came across this company recently and thought they looked interesting (and not to expensive) so I ordered a few miniatures from them. I was looking for a few different miniatures to add ... Read More

Christmas trees.... (12th Dec 2012)

OK a quick heads up for UK gamers about Christmas trees. Over on  TMP every festive season there is always a thread about cheap snow covered model Christmas trees for model Christmas villages. Well I've never seen them here in the UK  until I wa ... Read More

Gripping Beast Islemen - WIP (11th Dec 2012)

I've made a start on the Gripping Beast figures that came in the post though I'd show a couple of pictures of the progress. These guys are going to to be Somerleds household troops (hence the armour) so I've tried to make them more Gael (hence the proto t ... Read More

Arival of the the post (6th Dec 2012)

My order from Gripping Beast arrived to day on the plus side they are very nice minatures on the down side I plundered figures from different ranges mostly the Dark age Scots and the Saga Norse-Gael ranges and the two ranges are quite noticably ... Read More

Mann Norse command bases WIP (5th Dec 2012)

Having now finished the Hird for my Mann Norse I've ordered some suitable miniatures for Somerled's Gaels from Crusader miniatures and Gripping Beast. While I'm waiting for them to turn up I decided to keep my new found enthusiasm tick ... Read More

MIA (3rd Dec 2012)

Well it's been rather a long time since I posted...mainly because it's been along time since I did anything hobby worthy to post about. Real life has a habit of getting in the way of my hobbies and real life for me culminated in being diagnosed with ... Read More

Cheap Black Hawk Helicopter (2nd Sep 2012)

Picked up a new collectible magazine at the news agents today with a very nice US Black Hawk helicopter in 1/72 scale for a bargain price of £2.99. As usual with this things the next issue is cheap (a Sea ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - The Almoravids (19th Aug 2012)

Here are my Almoravids ready to invade Spain and Ben Yusf's command. It ways in at around 1000pts in WAB consisting of2 units of 10 bow armed skirmishers3 units of 20 Berber spearmen and Archers (50-50 mix)1 unit of 19 Blackguard (large shields)1 general ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - the Spanish (19th Aug 2012)

Right here is the (roughly) 1000pts of Christan Spanish for the late 11th century we have2 units of 8 Knights2 units of 20 peones1 unit of 8 skirmishers1 GeneralAll the miniatures apart from the skirmishers are plastics from Conquest games Norman range w ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - part 9 (19th Aug 2012)

Well .......I did it and managed to finish both 1000 pt armies in the nine days (even left myself time to do a bit of gardening and listen the the Southampton game on the radio today)I'll post up pictures of the two armies in separate posts. A few musings ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - part 8 (18th Aug 2012)

Ok two days to go. So far I've managed to paint, dip, base and varnish 16 cavalry and 84 infantry. I have the last 60 Moorish infantry to do these figures have now been cleaned up, based and primed. Today's task is to get them block painted and their bas ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - part 7 (17th Aug 2012)

Ok yesterday I got the blackguard unit finished and managed to the 38 skirmishers block painted and dipped. Today's task is to finish the skirmishers and get the last 60 Moorish infantry cleaned up, based and primed.3 days to go (although 2 are actually ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - part 6 (16th Aug 2012)

Yesterday saw the first four units finished to completion with the bases finished off and a healthy dose of anti-shine spray the results aren't half bad (my poor photos aren't doing much for minis hopefully I'll do some proper ones when the project is co ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - part 5 (15th Aug 2012)

Yesterday's plans changed when I got home to find my parcel from Northstar had arrived I was really keen to try out the army painter dip (seemed like more fun than cleaning up and gluing moors to bases). So yesterday I dipped all the Spanish miniatures.W ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - part 4 (14th Aug 2012)

Last night's session saw the finishing up of the Spanish infantry who are now based and ready for dipping. The Spanish are now done except for a small unit of skirmishers which are coming from Northstar (and so haven't arrived yet along with the army pai ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - part 3 (13th Aug 2012)

OK Sunday saw me finish of the all 16 Spanish knights including basing and ready for dipping (when the dip gets here) I also managed to block paint in about 85% of the 40 infantry leaving me mostly scabbards and belts left to paint in. Today is a work day ... Read More

Two armies in nine days - part 2 (12th Aug 2012)

OK so I made a start late yesterday afternoon and have now primed (in two different shades of brown and black for the armoured knights) all the Spanish miniatures are blocked in most of the colours on the Spanish knights (a couple of blurry pictures of th ... Read More

Two armies in nine - days part 1 (10th Aug 2012)

Ok the wife and kids leave to go to her mothers tomorrow afternoon so project El Cid is go. I've cheated a bit as I've already assembled the Conquest Games Normans (both infantry and cavalry) and used some Green Stuff to add a a few turbans and tassels to ... Read More

El Cid.... (7th Aug 2012)

It's my Birthday today which means I've had extra cash to spend. Now if I was sensible I would have used this to finish off some off my unfinished projects...but in time honoured wargamer fashion I decided to start a new project. I'm now the proud owner ... Read More

D&D miniatures re-paints - part 3 Drow (19th Jul 2012)

Right this is the last batch of my recent painting sessions this time the Drow evil elves of the underdark worshippers of the spider queen Lloth. Ever since reading the Drizzt novels I've been fond of Drow. Sadly cool as they are Drow aren't much fun ... Read More

D&D miniatures part 2 - Devils and Demons (18th Jul 2012)

A few more D&D re-paints this time various denizens of the lower planes. From top to bottom we have1) Barghast - nasty creatures that can be giant blue goblins or big canine creatures2) Chaos creature - large lump of constantly mutating flesh3 ... Read More

More D&D miniatures part 1 - Random Monsters (17th Jul 2012)

I've been slowly painting up D&D miniatures both from the Legend of Drizzt game and from a big job lot of random miniatures I picked up cheap on ebay. I spent last night photographing the last few weeks work and to night up posting up v ... Read More

The underdark - first bits of terrain (20th Jun 2012)

As well as playing the D&D Legend of Drizzt boardgames I thought it might be nice to have some solo games using the old 2nd edition Battle system skirmish rules. Basically the Battle system skirmish rules are the AD&D roleplaying games combat s ... Read More

Companions of the Hall (19th Jun 2012)

Managed to finish a few more miniatures from the Legend of Drizzt games this time Drizzt and his friends. Not overly loving some of these miniatures the picture at the top is from the first Drizzt book and I guess that is how I always imagine the ... Read More

Orcs and Bugbears (8th Jun 2012)

A few more D&D miniatures, this time all Heroscape re-paints, at the top we have some bugbears and at the bottom some orcs. As per the previous miniatures I relied on the 2nd edition AD&D Monstrous Manual for my colours.Hence yellow skinned ... Read More

First D&D miniatures (6th Jun 2012)

Well the long weekend is over and I managed to put brush to miniature for the first time in ages so here are a few pictures of various D&D plastic miniatures from the legend of Drizzt and Heroscape games that I managed to paint (re-paint in the ... Read More

Still here... (2nd Jun 2012)

Well it's been a while since I posted anything. I just ended up in one of those places, I guess a lot of us do at sometime, where I just couldn't motivate myself to do anything hobby related. I haven't bought anything, played anything or painted anything ... Read More

The Albion IV Imperial Guard (11th Apr 2012)

Finished these guys last night. Basically I wanted to do some Imperial Guard for 1st edition 40K the original 80s ones where a bit expensive on ebay .....the new GW ones where a bit expensive to. I did come across someone selling some Cheap Warlord g ... Read More

Another Ogyrn (11th Apr 2012)

Just a few pictures of the second Scibor space ogre I picked up cheap on ebay. This guy in the sergeant or bonehead armed with a ripper gun. The shotgun is from the first space ogre model, who got an axe instead and replaces the powerfist this miniatu ... Read More

Ogryn (4th Apr 2012)

Well it's been very quiet on here for a few months as I've been totally caught up in my post apocalyptic project (which if your interested you can see on my specific post apoc blog here In the mean time I've bee ... Read More

2012 - end of the world (4th Jan 2012)

Among finishing off various projects this year I've decided to launch into something new for 2012......namely some post apocalyptic gaming which seems fitting given the date.The plan is to build up some skirmish sized gangs/warbands very much in the Holly ... Read More

2011 -thank goodness that's over. Looking forward to 2012 (31st Dec 2011)

It would be fair to say 2011 hasn't been the best of years on the hobby front "real" life has found away of making sure that it has intruded on my hobby several times this year.Putting my back out, financial wobbles with the family budget, risk of redunda ... Read More