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Elven Sword Pack 1 £1.50

Elven Sword Pack 1

Part of the Master Collection, weapons can be used to modify your personal collections of miniatures and modify a miniature so it is now wielding a Elven Sword

Pack contains 3 copies of a Elven Sword ideal for 32mm (heroic 28mm) fantasy warriors or elves. Weapons are also of a size appropriate for 28mm or 30mm miniatures

Weapons are cast from white metal (an alloy containing lead) and are provided unpainted.

This pack is available for personal use only, but is also available with a commercial use license.

© Product, Images and Text are the Intellectual Property of Table Warfare. All rights reserved.

Price: £1.50
Contents: 3x weapons
Manufacturer: Table Warfare
Code: WP6
Product ID: 485
Stock Status: Awaiting Restock
Genre: Any Genre
Era: Any Era
Scale: 32mm
Material: White Metal
Race: Any Race
Faction: Any Faction
Product Type: Weapons

Images of Elven Sword Pack 1

Elven Sword Pack 1 Elven Sword Pack 1 Elven Sword Pack 1