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Recent news and blog entries from Dust Tears Dice

Elizabethan Zombie Wars revisited. (4th Jan 2020)

In an attempt to keep some focus during 2020, I planned on separating each month into the various projects planned or already underway. This month is the return to the Elizabethan Wars, a weird mix of historical, what if and fantasy.I have a number of uni ... Read More

The first post of the year.... Yet More Haitians. (1st Jan 2020)

Happy New Year to one and all.The pre-new year lull has been pretty productive with 2020 starting the same way as 2019 and yet more Haitians to enter the campaign. I was on the look out for more Irregular types to flesh out the slave armies and came acros ... Read More

2019 - A Year in Review (28th Dec 2019)

Well another year draws to a close.I lost track of the painting tally but it felt like a good year on the brushes, I'll put this down to the launch of the Haitian campaign which drives the painting queue as the games started to creep up in size, it ... Read More

Merry Christmas (24th Dec 2019)

Well that's work wrapped up until the new year a chance to relax and start the plans for 2020 with a couple of new projects planned and expanding others.Merry Christmas everybody thanks for stopping by and commenting over the past 12 months. I hope yo ... Read More

War of the Roses - Wyvern Christmas Game. (21st Dec 2019)

The last game of the year of at the Wyverns.Christmas. A time to bring families together so why not a multi-player game set during the War of the Roses in the pleasant land of Borsetshire County . The people of Ambridge will not be pleased.The old lord ha ... Read More

Saturday Paint Table - Yet more Haitians. (14th Dec 2019)

Just a short post today as pressure is on to venture into the loft for the numerous Christmas boxes. Deck the Halls etc, etc....These are the latest releases from Trent Miniatures more rebellious slaves armed with knives, swords and axes. They come with a ... Read More

Battle around Janow, Lemberg, Galicia 1914 - Mud & Blood (8th Dec 2019)

Back in 2015 we started a short WW1 Campaign.See the earlier battle here.Events Previously.Early Austro-Hungarian advances into Russian Poland had been made from Galicia northwards to the city of Lublin. During the advance the Austro-Hungarian First Army ... Read More

Haiti - Spanish Officers (1st Dec 2019)

Finally managed to get these off the paint table, they must have been hanging around since the summer. Having painted up a couple of Spanish units in recent months, these two Front Rank officers will represent Brigadier Joaquin Garcia y Moreno and one of ... Read More

Warlords of Erehwon Army List - Spanish Army - Anglo-Spanish War (23rd Nov 2019)

Limited painting time this week, but I did get the opportunity to work through a few more ideas on the Spanish forces for the Anglo - Spanish War/ Elizabethan Zombie Wars within Warlords of Erehwon.Digging through the box of shame I dug out a couple of un ... Read More

Warfare Loot and a sound thrasing (19th Nov 2019)

Some what later than planned the customary pic of the Warfare loot...Reading seemed quieter than usual on Sunday, speaking to many of the traders it sounds like most people had done their shopping on the Saturday.It's been several months since my last ... Read More

Haitian Shock Markers and other ramblings.... (16th Nov 2019)

A couple of items that have been in the queue for quite a while.First up Haitian Regular shock markers, as the games have got slightly larger the need for more shock makers has reared it's head, these started out as British Militia from Trent Miniatur ... Read More

V the Mini Series - The Alamo #2 (11th Nov 2019)

After painting up the Visitor shuttle craft back in the summer it was high time it got an outing on the table. I say an outing more a crash site.The rebels in Zikanga had scored a rare victory catching a shuttle craft with an RPG round that had brought it ... Read More

Dispatches from the front III (9th Nov 2019)

Time to upgrade the blog front page as all the Kickstarter's have now landed. Just in time for the BBC's adaption of the War of the Worlds, Grey Fox Game's two player card building game landed. Each encounter lasts around an hour and it c ... Read More

QH Miniatures - Havana Volunteers (4th Nov 2019)

I spotted these a few months back when looking to bolster the Spanish forces for the Haitian Campaign produced by QH Miniatures out of Spain. One of the benefits of playing one of those periods that lacks source material is you can be a little more f ... Read More

Warlords of Erehwon Army List - Forces of Darkness. (2nd Nov 2019)

After last weeks horror outing I thought it would be useful to post up the Army of Darkness, which I have priced up using Rick Priestley's latest fantasy rule offering. Warlords of Erehwon.Given the demise of Yahoo Groups in the week ahead at least pu ... Read More

Halloween Special - Elizabethan Witch Wars. (31st Oct 2019)

With the Crowz fresh off the paint table perfect timing for a Halloween outing and the Elizabethan Witch Wars. Strange things were happening in England's green and pleasant land since the Spanish had launched their invasion, the plague pits were ... Read More

Zombicide: Black Plague – Murder of Crowz (27th Oct 2019)

I was looking for something a little extra to add to the zombie games whilst it's a fantasy setting I wanted to keep it realistic as possible so not to many strange elements. A Murder of Crowz is perfect an evil feel without being to strange.Google th ... Read More

War of the Worlds: The New Wave (26th Oct 2019)

Well that was a nice surprise for a wet Saturday morning Grey Fox Games Kickstarter drops through the door. Fantastic art work and a very professional feel to it. The extra mouse mat playing area was a great add on.War of the Worlds - The New Wave is a de ... Read More

Escape to the Country - Part 2 (21st Oct 2019)

Having your own gaming space does have it's advantages, it means you can keep the table set up to continue where you left off. So part 2 of our walk in the Worcester countryside.I am sure those sneaking dead fella's had crept forward since last we ... Read More

Warlords of Erehwon - Elizabethan Zombie Wars (19th Oct 2019)

The latest Antediluvian Miniatures got me thinking about scaling up the Elizabethan Zombie Wars. I took the plunge and picked up a copy of  Warlord's Warlords of Erehwon rules.The rules are well put together and well laid out, although a touch mo ... Read More

Wyvern Wargamers - Sunday night is Sharp Practice Night (16th Oct 2019)

A little behind on postings....Club Night and all things Sharp Practice are on offer over at the Wyverns.First up a cracking outing in the woodlands of North America, a French raiding party is about to have the tables turned on them as they attempt to rai ... Read More

Antediluvian Miniatures - Kickstarter - Conquerors of Mictlan - Painted (Finally) (13th Oct 2019)

Time to catch up on some of the outliers. Last September I picked up the Antediluvian Miniatures - Kickstarter - Conquerors of Mictlan Range. Well a year later they finally made it off the paint table.... Shameful.These will be perfect for the Ghost ... Read More

Zombieland meets Countryfile - Part 1 (9th Oct 2019)

A cracking zombie outing and something a little different for this weeks midweek game, two teams of survivors seeking out supplies of food, water and a safe place to rest.The setting our own backyard and the village of Stoulton in Worcestershire.Backgroun ... Read More

Red Phoenix Project - 6mm Korean Village (6th Oct 2019)

Back in the summer I kicked off the Red Phoenix Project, the fictitious invasion of South Korea in the mid 1980's based on the novel by Larry Bond.I rebased the infantry and armour to be able to use them with the Seven Days of the Rhine Rules but lang ... Read More

Russo Japanese Village clash. (2nd Oct 2019)

A little behind on my postings.With the latest Cossack releases by Tsuba Miniatures it got me thinking about going back to the RJW project and converting it to Sharp Practice 2, but more on that later..It was high time the Japs and the Russians got an out ... Read More

The Pearl of the Antilles. - The Haiti Campaign - Day Eleven - 11th August 1791 (29th Sep 2019)

After a delay over the summer the latest moves are in and the country is split between the quiet south and raging north.In the Western tip of the island the British under Thomas Maitland remain encamped watching and waiting to see how the rest of the isla ... Read More

Napoleonic Haitian Cavalry. (27th Sep 2019)

Finally..... After what seems an age the Haitian Cavalry are finished. In my reading of the battles in Haiti there are scattered reports of Haitian cavalry, Osprey's book on Napoleon's overseas forces depicts Colonial Dragoons but I wanted so ... Read More

The Pearl of the Antillies. - The Haiti Campaign - The 2nd Battle for Bahon 10th August 1791 (21st Sep 2019)

After the first battle 4 days had past, the French under Viscount de Blanchelande starred out from the stockade, he had been bolstered by additional troops but was unable to stop the forces of Dutty Boukman as they surrounded the fort.Dawn on the 10th Aug ... Read More

Dispatches from the front II (14th Sep 2019)

I bloody hate cavalry...… I have been sitting looking at the same cavalry unit for the best part of three weeks, if I can't break the back of them tomorrow they might have to be bounced from the queue for a while. I am not sure if it's the mass o ... Read More

Cotswold Wargaming Day - A cracking days gaming. (7th Sep 2019)

Last weekend saw a fine days gaming down in the Cotswold in the town of Northleach, now not only famous for the BBC's This Country but also a day of summer gaming before the autumn sets in. All credit to Keith Flint (of "Honours of War" fame) for ... Read More

Cobbaton Combat Collection. (31st Aug 2019)

Sneaking away whilst the family did the usual beach and shops, I had a morning at the Cobbaton Combat Collection, well worth the visit if you happen to be in North Devon. First things first it is not a museum, more a collection that as the owner put it a ... Read More

Drawing in the outposts - Pearl of the Antilles Campaign. (29th Aug 2019)

The summer months are always a testing time with campaigns as the lag between games can kill off peoples interests or the gap between games is extended the Pearl of Antilles campaign in Haiti is no different. There is also the risk that as the action hots ... Read More

V the Mini Series - Visitor Sky Fighter. (27th Aug 2019)

Whilst I wait expectantly for Crooked Dice to produce a Visitor Sky Fighter. ( More in hope and I guess depending on how well the Alien packs have sold.) The Reptiles need some air power to help them keep the humans in check.The Sky Fighter was a very sli ... Read More

Cotswold Wargaming Day - 1st September (23rd Aug 2019)

Next Sunday see's the Pearl of the Antilles taking a road trip down to Northleach, for the Cotswold gaming day. August is always a challenge on the gaming front with high days and holidays so this serves as a great kickstarter to the autumn and hopefu ... Read More

Dispatches from the front.... (17th Aug 2019)

It's been a mad couple of weeks with very little time for gaming and painting all very frustrating.... I really need to put some focus on the hobby as the toys won't paint themselves.With a new job there has been very little time for painting ... Read More

Ghost Archipelago - #7 The Gateway. (10th Aug 2019)

According to locals the Chappata live in a mountain city high where the only why in is through a large gate in the bottom of the mountain, all the parties have to do is push open the gate and enter the city, where a bounty of treasure awaits.The Chappata ... Read More

Spectre Miniatures - African Militia #2 (7th Aug 2019)

More from the cupboard of shame whilst I wade my way through the rebasing of Korean Micro armour and buildings I wanted to clear up more of the African Militia. Another interesting bunch in T shirts and civilian attire - I am loving the graduate, I t ... Read More

SPQR - Rule review and first thoughts (28th Jul 2019)

A little behind on postings, last weekend saw the first run through of the newly released offering from Warlord SPQR, it's Ancients warband sized game. Having just sold my copy of Warhammer Ancient Battles it did very much remind me of these rule ... Read More

V the Mini Series - Clean and Sweep #1 (24th Jul 2019)

Having had a couple infantry based games with the Visitors, I thought it time for the them to crank it up and go on the offensive.The militia player had to prepare for all round defence of the village from the Visitors and their cleansing and food hunt.Vi ... Read More

Seven Days to the Rhine - South Korean Formations.. (20th Jul 2019)

On to the South Korean's.So it turns out I had not painted anywhere near enough of these, time to check the spares box or a quick order to GHQ to flesh out the ranks in the coming weeks for some SP Guns, AA vehicles and recon elements.Once again based ... Read More

The Pearl of the Antilles. - The Haiti Campaign - Day Ten - 10th August 1791 (18th Jul 2019)

Day 10 and with a fresh player taking control of Henri Christophe in the south of the island things are starting to hot up.The forces of General Jean-Jacques Dessalines (Gold) continue their expansion through out the region with another village - St Louis ... Read More

Seven Days to the Rhine - North Korean Formations.. (14th Jul 2019)

Not a bad turn around in 24 Hours I am going to call these done.The Infantry look far more functional on the larger bases and the added flock gives them some depth that was missing before on the smaller 2cm square bases.I am not sure to upgrade the vehicl ... Read More

The North Korean's prepare for war. (13th Jul 2019)

Having dusted off the Korean's from their hiding place in the loft they are in need of some repair and reorganisation.The non-slip basing material in the storage boxes it turns out is not so non-stick and rather ineffective so a number of the vehicles ... Read More

Crooked Dice - 28mm Visitors - V The Original Miniseries - The return. (7th Jul 2019)

Having played out a couple of encounters between the Visitors and African militiamen in Zikanga I had a couple of gaps in the Visitor faction that I wanted to fill. Images of other fellow gamers playing V are still a little hard to come by but Twisted Pin ... Read More

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop - Red Phoenix Project (3rd Jul 2019)

Whilst working my notice I suddenly found that I had more gaming time than I would normally have. Bad news when you start thinking about new projects or those mothballed from years back even before this blog existed.Whilst clicking through the numerous wa ... Read More

The Pearl of the Antilles. - The Haiti Campaign - The Battle of the Sugar Field - 9th August 1791 (30th Jun 2019)

Jean - Charles a name given to him by his plantation owner peered out from the sugar field looking across the estate, an estate that had for so long been his home if you can call 25 years of slavery and imprisonment home. But free he was now and he was no ... Read More

Yet more Spanish - Trent Miniatures Black Militia (28th Jun 2019)

With the varnish just about dry the Spanish Black Militia make it to the table top for the battle between the Spanish regulars and the rebellious slaves of Princess Amethyste.The full battle report should be up this weekend.Some great castings from the gu ... Read More

The Spanish Army in Haiti - 1790 - 1802 (25th Jun 2019)

With a change of job just around the corner, I seem to have a little more time on my hands in the evenings, which is good as the Spanish won't paint themselves, with a self imposed deadline of Thursday evening I wanted to ensure these were off the pai ... Read More

Mortal Gods - 1st Outing. (23rd Jun 2019)

Whilst work on the Spanish continues at pace with a deadline of Thursday to get them tabletop ready, a rather fun distraction with Paul rolling out his fantastic Greek collection for Mortal Gods.The mechanics are simple with each unit/character gaining a ... Read More

Here come the Spanish - Spanish Colonial Troops in Haiti (20th Jun 2019)

Just a short post more for reference than anything else.With the Spanish being one of the more aggressive factions I need to move them up the painting queue to bolster their forces before their second engagement next week.Trent Miniatures have produced a ... Read More