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Next in the production queue at Fife and Drum Miniatures (31st Dec 2019)

British Flank Company Skrimish figures.The Saratoga British greens are at Griffin Moulds and they will start making production moulds once everyone is back from their holidays. The release date will likely be in early February.More light infantry figures. ... Read More

Something Wicked This Way Comes (31st Dec 2019)

Sand Worms from Acheson DesignsUh oh, it looks like there is trouble on the horizon. Graboids have been sighted in Moravia. What implications can this have in the mid 18th Century?The sand worms are made by Acheson Designs and come with five parts for ass ... Read More

Croat Terror Skirmish Rules Play Test Game (30th Dec 2019)

Master of His Domain surveying His realm.On Saturday December 28th the Terrible Trio of der Alte Fritz, Major General Pettygree, and the White Menace held our annual post-Christmas game at Schloss Seewald (also known as my house). This year I decided to b ... Read More

Croat Terror Skirmish Game Today (28th Dec 2019)

Dismounted Prussian Hussars spring the ambush trap!This morning Bill P. and Kieth L. are visiting Schloss Seewald to play in a little skirmish game, set during the SYW, to play the Charles Grant "Ambush" scenario. The game will also allow me to play test ... Read More

The Ultimate Library (27th Dec 2019)

The stuff that dreams are made of....Continuing my random journey around the internet in search of visual treasures, I found what certainly must be The Ultimate Library. I found this picture on Pinterest this morning. Wouldn't it be grand to have a tw ... Read More

Boxing Day Recap (27th Dec 2019)

Christmas Day at the dinner tableWe don't really celebrate Boxing Day in the United States, but I seem to be seeing the name being used more and more here. These are mostly Boxing Day sales, but I have heard the term used on several radio stations tod ... Read More

Transylvania Fortified Church (26th Dec 2019)

My internet browsing turned up this little article about the town of Viscri in Romania and this nifty looking Fort caught my eye. The building is actually a fortified church. I really like the architecture and look of this building.  The article is c ... Read More

A Great Looking Vauban Fortress (26th Dec 2019) was scrolling through my Blogger "reading list" of other blogs that I follow and I stumbled upon this awesome Vauban Fortress in a game that the Alde Gard wargame  club ... Read More

Merry Christmas From der Alte Fritz (24th Dec 2019)

The official Christmas Tree of Hesse SeewaldMrs. Fritz, Princess Lelia Jane and der Alte Fritz wish all of my blog readers a Merry Christmas with your family and friends and a happy and successful 2020.While Christmas is the primary Christian religious ho ... Read More

Boys of All Ages and Their Toys (22nd Dec 2019)

H. G Wells and friends, circa 1910Little boys will one day become grown men, but the love of toy soldiers will never leave them. I have enjoyed playing with toy soldiers for as long as I can remember.I recall the excitement when the annual Sears Christmas ... Read More

The Top Twelve Best Songs of Christmas (21st Dec 2019)

Aw, who can resist Golden Retriever puppies.Merry Christmas everyone.Now that we have the "Worst" list out of the way, let us turn to something more joyful, the Top Twelve Christmas songs for 2019. Once again, our guest list maker this year is my daughter ... Read More

They Say It's Your Birthday! (18th Dec 2019)

Their song says it all - thanks to The Beatles for the Birthday SongYep, 67 years ago Der Jung Fritz was born in Cleveland, Ohio. A week later, on Christmas Eve, my parents brought me home from the hospital and placed me in a wicker basket under the Chris ... Read More

Twelve Worst Songs of Christmas (16th Dec 2019)

We are not amused.It's that time of year again. Time to release der Alte Fritz's annual list of the twelve worst Christmas songs ever imaginable (at least to Fritz).This year, we have a guest provider the dastardly dozen songs: my daughter Lelia J ... Read More

Litko Bases and a Dice Tower Too! (14th Dec 2019)

Litko dice towerI ran out of my regular 2-inch square MDF bases that I use for my cavalry figures and my local FLGS did not have in stock. So what to do? I ordered what I needed from Litko Bases. For good measure, I also ordered a dice tower.I could attac ... Read More

Russian Horse Grenadiers in Summer Waistcoats (12th Dec 2019)

Russian Horse Grenadiers in Waistcoats. The officers always wore their blue coats.I finished painting a 12-figure squadron of the new Minden Russian Horse Grenadiers in Summer waistcoats. The regiment can be made using one pack of MRC-006 Horse Grenadier ... Read More

The Wargamers' Annual 2020 Has Arrived (10th Dec 2019)

The new Wargamers' Annual 2020 by Charles S. Grant and a host of other wargamers .My copy of the Wargamers' Annual 2020 ("Annual") arrived in the mail today. Charles S. Grant organizes and edits the Annual each year and it is published by Partizan ... Read More

Battle of Leuthen Day (6th Dec 2019)

Entrance to the Leuthen churchyard, defended by the Rot Wurzburg regimentDecember 5th is the anniversary day of Frederick the Great's victory in the Battle of Leuthen, fought December 5, 1757. Leuthen was Frederick's signature battle, featuring th ... Read More

Tiberius Canis (5th Dec 2019)

Ty is highly focused on the love of his life, Mrs. FritzWe got the biopsy back on Tiberius ' ("Ty" for short) and he has hermangia, cancer of the blood vessels. And while the doctors removed all of the cancerous tumor several weeks ago, we were told t ... Read More

Sale 20% Discount Extended One More Day to Tuesday Dec. 3rd (3rd Dec 2019)

A couple of people were having problems with the shopping cart not adding items that are ordered. So I am extending the Black Friday Week Sale by one more day to Tuesday December 3, 2019 to accomodate anyone having a gremlin glitch. Enter coupon code LP19 ... Read More

Black Friday Week Sale - Three Days Left (30th Nov 2019)

Minden officer figures inspect the French field hospital at the Battle of Fontenoy in 1745.Vignette by Danny FoglemanThis is just a quick reminder that the Fife and Drum Miniatures / Minden Miniatures Black Friday Week Sale runs through Monday December 2, ... Read More

SYW Camp Scenes Thanksgiving (28th Nov 2019)

King Louis XV of France and his retinue are enjoying an afternoon picnic.Thanksgiving perhaps?Vignette created by Ed Phillips.Thanksgiving GreetingsI would like to wish everyone in the United States a happy Thanksgiving. Here's to lots of good food, g ... Read More

AWI British Grenadiers Wearing Bearskin Hats (27th Nov 2019)

Fife and Drum Miniatures British GrenadiersRear viewRear view of the British Grenadier Marching poses.I have been working on some AWI British figures for a skirmish game at next year's SYWA Convention in South Bend, Indiana. I painted and based a 12-f ... Read More

Minden Austrian Personalities Painted Figures (26th Nov 2019)

Minden Austrian Personality FiguresVon Browne (upper left corner), Charles of Lorrain (middle, on horse, looking at foot officers) and von Loudon (right)Minden Miniatures Black Friday Sale has started and will run through Monday December 2nd. Get a 20% di ... Read More

Black Friday Sale Week Starts Today! (25th Nov 2019)

The Prussian general staff are all perusing their Fife & Drum / Minden Miniatures catalogs as they anticipate placing new figure orders during the Black Friday Sale.Fife and Drum Miniatures, including Minden Miniatures, announces its first ever Black ... Read More

Sudan Campaign - The Battle of Kharti (21st Nov 2019)

An overview of the deployment of the Mahdist army.Last evening I traveled north to Chez Protz to stage a Sudan battle using 54mm toy soldiers from my collection as well as from Bill's collection. We used a mix of William Britains' hollowcast figur ... Read More

Fitzjames Horse (19th Nov 2019)

Fitzjames Horse in French service. Minden Miniatures figures.I had this beautiful regiment of Minden French cavalry in bearskin hats commissioned to use as a display piece for my vendor booth at wargame conventions. The figures were painted by Michael Siw ... Read More

What Is It? (19th Nov 2019)

This picture defies any explanation. It looks circa WW1 or during the inter-war period. It has a sort of Steampunk look to it.If you have any thoughts, ideas or opinions then please leave a comment. ... Read More

Tiberius is Back! (16th Nov 2019)

Tiberius on the ride home from the hospital.Our Golden Retriever, Tiberius ( or just Ty for short), is back home today after a major surgery yesterday. The doctors removed a large tumor like mass from his abdominal area. It was near the aorta so the proce ... Read More

Artillery Pictures (13th Nov 2019)

Prussian 12-pound artillery battery with guns, limbers, ammo wagons and matrosses.I thought that I would go through my huge catalogue of pictures and pick out some of the best pictures of SYW and AWI artillery in my collection. Click on all pictures to en ... Read More

New Minden Prussian Hussars - Busby Hats (9th Nov 2019)

HR1 Green Hussars in Prussian service.Yesterday I finished the painting and basing of a 12-figure squadron of the new Minden Miniatures Prussian Hussars wearing busbies, in the shouldered sword pose.The unit is painted as HR1 Green Hussars using the follo ... Read More

New Minden Prussian Hussars in Mirliton Hats (8th Nov 2019)

The new Minden Miniatures Prussian Hussars, shouldered sword pose, wearing mirliton hats.DOUBLE CLICK ON ALL PICTURES TO ENLARGEI finished painting samples of the new Minden Miniatures Prussian Hussars wearing mirliton hats. The new figures are all in a m ... Read More

New Minden Russian Horse Grenadiers (3rd Nov 2019)

New Minden Russian Horse Grenadiers SamplesI have been busy painting samples of all of the new Minden Miniatures SYW figures that were recently added to the range. Today I present pictures of the Russian Horse Grenadiers. The new product codes for the fig ... Read More

New Ferdinand of Brunswick & Croat Mounted Officer Pictures (29th Oct 2019)

Croat Officer (left) and Ferdinand of Brunswick (right)CLICK ON ALL PICTURES TO ENLARGEThe latest batch of new Minden Miniatures SYW figures includes two personality figures: Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick (commander of the Allied army fighting the French ... Read More

Painted Samples of the Newest Minden Figures (27th Oct 2019)

For the past several days I have been burning out my paint brushes trying to paint samples of all of the new Minden SYW figures that I received from Griffin Moulds last week.So far, I have finished three of the new Prussian hussars: the officer and troope ... Read More

New SYW Figures Are Now Available at the Web Store (24th Oct 2019)

I have created new product codes for the new Minden Russian Horse Grenadiers, Prussian Hussars at rest, dismounted Prussian Hussars firing carbine, the Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick personality figure and the Mounted Croat officer.I am working on painting ... Read More

NEW Saratoga British Range will be added to Fife and Drum Miniatures (23rd Oct 2019)

British infantry in action at the Battle of Freeman's FarmOsprey Saratoga Campaign book.CLICK ON ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGEI am very pleased to announce that a new AWI figure range is being added to the Fife and Drum Miniatures collection. The Saratoga Cam ... Read More

French Cavalry in Bearskin Hats Pictures (18th Oct 2019)

Royal Allemand (left) and Fitzjames Horse (right)The other day I received pictures of painted samples of the Royal Allemand and Fitzjames Horse from one of my commission painters. The castings were added to the Minden Miniatures range earlier this year:Ro ... Read More

New Minden Miniatures Logo & Packaging Are Coming (15th Oct 2019)

New color coded header cards with the new Minden logo.I recently received the artwork for the new Minden Miniatures logo, created by Henry Hyde, and got all of the header cards printed for each product code pack.Click the pictures to enlarge.The new Minde ... Read More

New AWI Regimental Discount Packs (9th Oct 2019)

Fife and Drum Miniatures AWI HighlandersFife and Drum Miniatures is pleased to announce the addition of seven new AWI discount regimental packs to the webstore. The regimental packs cover the British infantry as well as a 2-gun artillery battery pack of f ... Read More

Using Horse Holders in Your War Games (7th Oct 2019)

Minden Prussian dismounted hussar, with horse holders, get into a fire fight with some Minden Austrian Croats.CLICK PICTURES TO ENLARGEAs the owner of a historical miniatures figure company, I am often asked if I could add dismounted cavalry, largely drag ... Read More

Happy 21st Birthday Lelia! (3rd Oct 2019)

Lelia and TiberiusTwenty-one years ago today, at 7:30AM in the morning, Lelia Jane Purky was born. Everyone tells you that becoming a parent really changes your life. You think to yourself, "yes, I can handle this" and then the reality hits you like a two ... Read More

Battle of Freeman's Farm with LWTV (1st Oct 2019)

The game room at Little Wars TV Central is the best looking game room that I have ever seen, bar none.One of my "following" blogs is The Lair of the Uber Geek and it is always a good read. So when a notification of a new post popped up on my screen, I did ... Read More

Bosniaken Painted Figures (29th Sep 2019)

The new Minden Miniatures Bosniaken lancers in the Prussian army.I recently finished a 12-figure squadron of the new Minden Miniatures Bosniaken lancers for my Prussian army. The Bosniaken were originally formed as a single squadron of uhlans, but eventua ... Read More

I've Got Too Many SYW Dragoons! Sale (24th Sep 2019)

Some of those annoying dragoons causing problems for Old FritzI have too many SYW dragoons in stock because Old Fritz double ordered some of the figures from the caster. Doh!Well, my mistake becomes your benefit because Fife and Drum/Minden Miniatures is ... Read More

More Dervish Than I've Ever Scene - 28mm Sudan Game (17th Sep 2019)

Gadzooks! Look at all of those Dervish!28mm Connoisseur figuresThis past weekend we convened at the manse of General Pettygree to play our annual Fall Sudan Game.The long view of the 24-foot game table. There were also two 3-foot back tables on each side. ... Read More

Lancer Officer Conversion Project (14th Sep 2019)

Britain's Egyptian Lancers are ready for wargaming.Now that I have 36 Britain's Egyptian Lancers ( 3 x 12 figure squadrons) repainted and based for wargames I decided that the brigade needed to have its own cavalry commander. I had an extra broken ... Read More

Egyptian Lancers in the Sudan (3rd Sep 2019)

Britain's Egyptian Lancers, basically repainted in matte acrylic paint.Front view of the lancers.Over the long holiday weekend,  I started basing individual Britain's toy soldier Egyptian Lancers for our Battle of Ferket toy soldier game late ... Read More

Checkmate King 2, This Is White Rook, Over (31st Aug 2019)

"Cage, why doesn't this damn walkie talkie ever work?"The characters (L to R): Lt. Hanley, Kirby, Cage, Littlejohn, Doc and Sergeant Saunders.I have been binge watching episodes of the 1960s television series "Combat!" over the past couple of weeks. T ... Read More

Gendarmerie de France Painted Figures Update (29th Aug 2019)

Gendarmerie de France - Minden MiniaturesI have painted six of the new Minden Gendarmerie de France figures as the Gendarmes du Dauphin company. The regiment's organization paired two companies, each named after a prince of the realm, together to form ... Read More

Charge of the 21st Lancers Redux (28th Aug 2019)

Painting by Stanley Berkeley (Source: ASKB)The Charge recreated with Trophy Miniatures toy soldiers.I thought that it would be interesting to compare a famous painting of the charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman to the portrayal that I recently presente ... Read More