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Recent news and blog entries from Dave's Blog

well, that didn't go so well. (9th Dec 2011)

a new record, out of a period before I even post a picture! well true enough but there are extenuating circumstances. I haven't really had a ton of time to paint with working about 50 hours a week and a minor rant. For a while I was very interested in g ... Read More

Let's restart the blog Man! (10th Sep 2011)

Well, alt has happened since my last post, I finished my degree at 44! moved across country with my wife and cat. (San Diego to Western New York) and started a new job as a Registered Nurse. oh and moved into our 130 year old house. So time to restart the ... Read More

Failed my morale check! (24th Dec 2010)

ugh, I can't paint anymore Civil war. I just don't have it in me. oh well, maybe latter! Well the year proved to be somewhat good. I finished 100 Napoleonic, 40 civil war figures and Nursing school. Bonus to me. and since the new year is just around th ... Read More

First Figures (1st Nov 2010)

First figures are complete. 32 union figures. I have used just the sack coat figures for the advancing figures to represent the standard union uniform. The firing figures are a mix of sack coats and shell jackets . this unit will represent a Illinois regi ... Read More

Pea Ridge Project (25th Oct 2010)

When asked what I find appealing about war games my stock answer was always that I could recreate a historical battle and change the results. Now I know that's a little simplistic but it has always been a factor in my thinking.But it never happens. and I ... Read More

A not so new period (24th Oct 2010)

It has been a long time since I lasted posted anything. The summer and fall have been spent finishing school. And I have not had any time to paint. Of course now that I can paint I am pretty much out of naps for the moment . So what to do ? Huzzah, a new ... Read More

Artillery (20th Jun 2010)

Just finished this weeks batch. 12 artillery figures and 3 12lb guns. Old Glory figures and guns. I liked the figures and they painted pretty up easy but I used really thin paint for the undercoat and keep seeing specks of silver where I missed the primer ... Read More

The Regiment is finished. (13th Jun 2010)

Well, I did not get a chance to finish my 8 figures last week. But I was able to make up the difference this week and finish the last 8 fusiliers completing the 72 figure regiment. It is both satisfying and intimidating to think this is just the tip of t ... Read More

voltigeurs (30th May 2010)

Here are this weeks 8 figures. the regiments light companies of voltigeurs. These are 2 companies. for both battalions. 8 more fusiliers and the regiment is complete hopefully I will have time over the rest of the memorial day weekend to polish off the re ... Read More

Grenadiers (23rd May 2010)

Here are this weeks figures. 8 Grenadiers. which makes both battalions grenadier companies. I really like this batch of old glory figures lots of animation and differences between figures. a total of 7 weeks 56 figures. ... Read More

reinforcements have arrived! (22nd May 2010)

First, how many projects start out this way massive outlay of money, diminishing painting returns and finally back of closet never to see the light of day. well this time is different because of 8 a week. 8 a week is my new wargame philosophy. I will just ... Read More

8 a week, that's all we ask (16th May 2010)

I have always had the attention span of a moth when it comes to painting. Even this blog shows my fluttering from one project to the next. but what if...What if I could paint just 8 figures a week. in a year I would have over 400 figures painted. can you ... Read More

This weeks figs (8th May 2010)

I am turning into a veritable painting machine! I have never had output like this before. in fact in the 20 + years, 24 to be precise, this is the most I have ever painted including 15's! So enough self congratulations here is this week's French. 10 more ... Read More

1st battalion 40eme Ligne (2nd May 2010)

First battalion is finshed sans the elite companies. with the pre 1808 organization of 7 line fusiler companies and 2 elite companies. a total of 36 figures.I am going to do a historic organization and have chosen General (The future Marshal) Suchet divs ... Read More

And yet more French (28th Apr 2010)

Something is wrong, more finished French, what is happening to me, I am actually painting! Here are this weeks 9 painted figures. in 3 weeks 28 figures painted, enough for a whole battalion. Crazy. ... Read More

A score on Ebay! (28th Apr 2010)

I have been going to used books stores since I was a little kid. The fun of the hunt and the thrill of the not knowing what you will find has always been a great part of the experience. I have had lots of great finds but one of my all time best coups came ... Read More

More French (18th Apr 2010)

Well, those that paint certainly know the dreaded doldrums when nothing is interesting and there is no motivation fora period. but I am having the opposite effect with the wind at my back and the excitement of painting is making it fun again. here are the ... Read More

In praise of Old Glory (10th Apr 2010)

I have seen a lot of postings on sites bashing old Glory by people that do not like them . First, I have to say to a large degree figure beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone remember the old mikes models? They where definitely in the eye of the be ... Read More

huzzah! a new period (3rd Apr 2010)

Well, only sort of a new period. These are Helion miniatures Austro-Prussian war of 1866 figures. I bought them back in October but have just started painting them. This is part of a great line that should encompass all of the major troop types for this p ... Read More

5th Lancers (30th Jan 2010)

Here are the latest figures for the week. Cavalry proved to be very valuable during the Boer war. scouting, finding, chasing the Boers but not so much the charge. Lances proved to be even less valuable and soon most lancer regts would forgo the lance for ... Read More

wargames factory (26th Jan 2010)

Here are some wargames factory British infantry. I finished last week. The army painter really makes painting quick but I find I don't enjoy the painting process nearly as much. I find I am much more satisfied with the end result when I layer paint. The ... Read More

2nd batch (15th Jan 2010)

Here are the latest from the work bench. 2010 has got off to a good start of 10 figures, not bad for me. just 8 more KRRC to go to finish up what I have for the battalion. Instead of doing the "dip' on these I used a paint brush to put it no them . I lik ... Read More

Kings Royal Rifle Corps (10th Jan 2010)

Here are the 1st 5 figures of the new year. Note the black belts and equipment and rifle green patch on side of helmet. 2nd five just need a dull coat and hopefully I will finish the last 8 this week. Figures are old glory 28mm figures which I like but wi ... Read More

new year part 2 (10th Jan 2010)

Well, I meant to start a new theme year with a napoleonic army however,... I started reading a Wilbur Smith novel on South Africa and I was hooked! back to Africa for another year. so instead of starting a new theme which came mighty close I decided to re ... Read More

a new year (8th Dec 2009)

well, Its almost new year which always makes me want to start a new period. So this year I am going to start a Napoleonic Russian army. I will continue to work on some existing armies but I am looking forward to starting something new. So my lovely wife h ... Read More

Belgians (7th Nov 2009)

here are some shots of the Belgian 7th line. Just finished the light company this week. I have 2 more companies and this unit is done at 35 figures. the picture behind the light comapnie is La Haye Sainte. ... Read More

Perry Fench (7th Nov 2009)

well finally back into a period just to bad I don't have more time to paint. the story of life. here are my latest( this morning). they are the plastic French Napoleonic infantry. What a great time for wargaming! Perry figures are my favorite sculptors an ... Read More