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Custom Miniature Commissions

32mm Ogre 32mm Dwarven Vampire 15mm Sogdian Cavalry 28mm Hatchet Bird 32mm Vampress 15mm Incan 28mm Fantasy

From here you can request a quote for a sculpted miniature commission. No payment is expected at this point.

After receiving your request we will get back to you with some suggestions of sculptors who meet your budget and scuplting needs. At this time our database contains 26 freelance sculptors who have provided information for a profile. We can also put you in touch with a large selection of sculptors who do not wish to have an active profile, but are still more than happy to take on a custom sculpting commission.

The miniature commission process may also include the creation of artwork for concept or advertising purposes, or digital CAD's for 3D printing or injection moulding. We can also put you in touch with a large selection of freelance artists and digital sculptors.

We are confident that through our existing contacts we can locate any sculptor or artist, establish if they are taking on commissions, and put you in touch. If you are looking to commission a specific sculptor or artist, please let us know and we will endevour to locate them for you.


Once a commission has been agreed, you will be invoiced for 10% of the sculpting quote for your commission (GBP15.00 minimum). This is a non-refundable commission fee, and pays for the time and costs involved in keeping both parties feeling happy and updated. Should you chose to come through Table Warfare for subsequent commissions with the same sculptor, the commission fee will be reduced to 5%

Following payment, we will pass contact information between the sculptor and yourself, and at this time any agreed deposit will be paid immediatly to the sculptor. We will continue to liaise between both parties, and will offer opinions on any WIP images provided (if required).

Once a channel for communication is open between the sculptor and yourself, we recommend sending them an email (or making a telephone call). After all, everyone is happier when there are no 'chinese whispers' between the source of imagination, and the sculptor employed to bring it to life.

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Clicking the following button to request a quote, will submit the contents of the above form and send an email to Table Warfare, who will get back to you as soon as possible. We will go over your requirement in more detail, however in order to respond to you we need to be able to contact you. Please ensure that your name and email address has been included