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Recent news and blog entries from Cianty's Blog

Island Natives from Firelock Games (2nd Oct 2019)

Island natives are must when playing adventurous pirate games in the Caribbean. My buddy Jens got some island natives from Firelock Games to form a "crew" of their own.Firelock Games released their Island Natives as part of their No Peace Beyond the Line ... Read More

Vauban Fort from More Terrain (1st Oct 2019)

When it comes to pirate settings Vauban Forts are greatly iconic "buildings". I have been wanting to add such a mighty fortification to my collection of terrain pieces for years. In this post I take a closer look at my recent acquisition: the Vauban Fort ... Read More

Dogs Ahoy Pirate Campaign 2019 (29th Sep 2019)

This week we had our half-yearly pirate campaign. At 5 and a half days it has been the longest yet and also one of the most productive ones. Here's a brief summary with some photos.Days 1-2: In the TownThe first two days saw our crews fighting it out ... Read More

Legends of the High Seas Resources (3rd Feb 2019)

Legends of the High Seas coverJust a short update: After a recent request I have just uploaded some old resources for Legends of the High Seas to the LotHS section of the blog:Crew reference sheetRandom HappeningsScenario: Mine, All Mine!Scenario: Do ... Read More

Review: Merchant Shop from Tabletop World (13th Jan 2019)

The Merchant Shop is the latest addition to Tabletop World's range of medieval/fantasy buildings. In this blog post I take a closer look at the model and explain why I believe that it is their best building yet.In November last year, Tabletop Wor ... Read More

Résine Miniatures (4th Jan 2019)

Résine Miniatures is a French manufacturer of 28mm scale terrain and scenery for historical and medieval fantasy games.I stumbled across their beautiful buildings on Pinterest where photos of their great work kept on appearing in my stream. It i ... Read More

Inspirational Amsterdam (3rd Jan 2019)

I spent the last days of 2018 in Amsterdam. As someone who is interested in old buildings and shipping, the city has a lot to offer in terms of sight-seeing and museums. Thus, the visit was my first inspirational boost for hobbying in 2019.BuildingsThe mo ... Read More

Walls from Games of War (23rd Dec 2018)

A few months ago, Games of War released some Spanish-style walls as the latest addition to their pirate buildings range. I finished painting my lot this weekend to show them off just in time as my last painting project for the year.I have been loving the ... Read More

Animal tokens (7th Dec 2018)

For a long time I have been wanting to do some animal tokens. Now I finally had the time to do some.The basic idea is to have a number of "empty" bases that accompany my normal miniatures. Obviously, they have to be the same bases as usual so they are, as ... Read More

Battery by Slug Industries (25th Nov 2018)

In this post I take a look at the battery terrain piece which was produced by Slug Industries as part of a kickstarter project for their Spanish Fort.In my recent review of the 28mm Spanish Fort I already mentioned that I also got the battery piece that w ... Read More

Pirates of Treasure Island (23rd Nov 2018)

In August this year, there was a kickstarter campaign for releasing a range of 28mm pirates of Treasure Island. I'm not only going to say that these are really nice miniatures. But I have also been waiting for almost ten years for them to be released. ... Read More

Personalized Movement Gauge from LITKO (11th Nov 2018)

While I was browsing the LITKO website recently I came across their offer for personalized movement gauges. With its lengths of 1/2", 1", 3" and 6" this is a very handy tool, not only for Age of Sigmar. The surface can be customized with your own logo and ... Read More

Spanish Fort by Slug Industries (9th Nov 2018)

The Spanish Fort by Slug Industries is a terrain piece modeled after the actual Fort Matanzas and successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign early this year. In this article I take a closer look at the model and present my painted ... Read More

Night Watchmen (11th Aug 2018)

After I have been gathering a number of highwaymen and other 17th-18th century scoundrel over the last years it is time to bring some appropriate opponents for these criminals to the table. I always found night watchmen to be equally stylish and character ... Read More

Longboats from Games of War and Firelock Games (4th Aug 2018)

In this blog post I take a look at the longboats from Games of War and Firelock Games.Longboats from Games of WarAs I had already bought some of the other boats (tenders and jolly boats) from Games of War as well as their bigger ships (such as the Cu ... Read More

Walls from Empress Miniatures (27th May 2018)

To complement my Caribbean pirate town I recently painted up a set of walls that I ordered together with the Spanish Church from Empress Miniatures.Simple walls like these can be used in a variety of settings. With the pantile roof of the gateway these wa ... Read More

British Unrated Cutter from Games of War (11th May 2018)

The British Unrated Cutter "Fly" 1763 from Games of War is the latest addition to my shipyard. In this blog post I describe the painting and building process of the vessel, its sails and other accessories.1. The ModelThe Fly is a medium sized ship from Ga ... Read More

Gangs of Rome: Blood on the Aventine (28th Apr 2018)

One of the new games that I have been following with keen interest recently is Gangs of Rome by War Banner. Since I prefer small scale skirmish gaming with a focus on the individual fighter and great terrain, Gangs of Rome appears to be just right. As a m ... Read More

Spanish Style Church from Empress Miniatures (11th Apr 2018)

No village is complete without a church. To complement my Caribbean pirate buildings I got the Spanish style church from Empress Miniatures.I had been tempted to buy the Church from Empress Miniatures for quite some time. Then, while I was painting the pi ... Read More

Spanish Pirate Buildings from Games of War (8th Apr 2018)

A pirate gaming table for the Caribbean is made up of more than jungle and a beach. Interesting games require buildings so I got me some Spanish-style pirate buildings for my Caribbean pirate table.Captain Blackbeard raids a Caribbean townThe pirate build ... Read More

Aquarium Decoration Plants for Jungle Terrain (7th Apr 2018)

Aquarium decoration is a great source for all sorts of wargaming jungle terrain. I recently showed off some very nice ruins, today I want to share some useful plastic plants.Plants form the core of any jungle-themed gaming board. The occasional palm tree ... Read More

Aquarium Decoration Jungle Ruins (21st Feb 2018)

Decor Brick Gate from Europet Bernina (234-105382)In preparation of some upcoming pirate gaming on tropical treasure islands I purchased a few aquarium decoration pieces to enhance my jungle gaming board.I bought the first aquarium deco piece years ago wh ... Read More

Jungle Terrain Sections Finished (11th Feb 2018)

Many years ago, I built some jungle terrain sections which I never finished. Now, as I am focusing on my Caribbean jungle board, I took them out again and finished them.The first step was to paint the bases and stones. Then, I ordered some aquarium p ... Read More

Dice Bag with Compartments (10th Feb 2018)

Something I wanted to share quickly: My girl-friend made this dice bag with compartments for me. It is especially useful since I use quite a number of markers and counters for my Dogs Ahoy game. I am super happy with it. ... Read More

My Wargaming Goals for 2018 (7th Jan 2018)

The beginning of a new year is always a good occasion for recapitulation and contemplation. However, I don't want to look back but ahead: What do I want to do in 2018 in terms of tabletop wargaming hobby activities?Firstly, I have to say tha ... Read More

Civilian Figures for Pirate Games (9th Sep 2017)

In this post I collect civilians and other miniatures that are great additions for wargames in a 17th/18th century pirate setting.When I first started pirate gaming in 2008 I compiled a list of manufacturers of pirate miniatures which I still keep updated ... Read More

Tutorial: Painting Stonework (20th Aug 2017)

In this article I describe the way I paint stonework on my models. From cobblestone streets to the walls of medieval houses - they all are painted following this recipe.First off, as with all artistic things there is not the one right way to do things. St ... Read More

Pirates at the Port of Gierburg (26th Jul 2017)

After finishing the basic section of the Port of Gierburg gaming board, I thought it would be a good opportunity to set up a little diorama on the new board. It is also a good opportunity to finally present my pirate crew painted by Simon Bradley a b ... Read More

The Port of Gierburg - Part 5: Dock Section II Ground Level Painted (23rd Jul 2017)

In the previous installment of my Port of Gierburg project I described how I built the base board for my dock section. Now that part is finally finished.Section I, the Water board and Section II set up togetherWow, time sure flies. And, wow, am I good at ... Read More

Dead Man's Hand - German Edition from Stronghold-Terrain (5th Oct 2016)

Stronghold-Terrain have released the German edition of the Wild West skirmish game Dead Man's Hand and I take a look at the rulebook.The Wild West skirmish game Dead Man's Hand was originally released by Great Escape Games and later on translated ... Read More

Cobblestone Gaming Mat from Kraken Wargames (28th May 2016)

At the end of 2015 I backed the Kraken Mats kickstarter thanks to a convincing unboxing video over at Beast of War. Today the mat has arrived - does it hold up to my expectations?The Kraken Wargaming mats are now available from FantasyWelt and today I rec ... Read More

The Wachau Meeting House from GrandManner (9th Apr 2016)

The Wachau Meeting House from GrandManner is finally painted up and ready for the battlefield.As I began to write this post I looked up my review of the buildings from GrandManner, which I wrote shortly after I received the order. This was almost four yea ... Read More

The Mansion from Tabletop World (4th Apr 2016)

More than a year after ordering the impressive Mansion from Tabletop World I finally managed to finish painting the beautiful building.As I described in my initial review the Mansion from Tabletop World is a highly impressive piece of terrain. The logical ... Read More

Tabletop World Gallery (2nd Apr 2016)

Tabletop World produces some of the best terrain pieces in the market. This post is dedicated to the inspiring creations people come up with using their products.Diorama from the Tabletop World Painting Competition 2016 announcementI have been a fan of Ta ... Read More

Tactica 2016 (29th Feb 2016)

The annual Tactica tabletop convention took place on February 27-28 in Hamburg. As in the previous years before I went on Saturday and had a great time.Again lots of great tables and participation games could be enjoyed. A table that particularly impresse ... Read More

Ocean and Cobblestone Gaming Mat from Deep-Cut Studio (16th Feb 2016)

Two new gaming mats have arrived for my collection: The ocean mat and cobblestone mat from Deep-Cut Studio.After my great experience with the cobblestone gaming mat from UrbanMatZ I was looking for an appropriate sea mat for playing piratey ship batt ... Read More

Cobblestone Gaming Mat from UrbanMatZ (24th Jan 2016)

UrbanMatZ produces gaming mats for the tabletop. When I saw the cobblestone mat I immediately ordered one.Until quite recently I had never even considered using gaming mats. I am quite picky when it comes to terrain and building a gaming board. My persona ... Read More

Using SketchUp for Gaming Board Building (26th Dec 2015)

The free 3D modeling software SketchUp is a great tool for planning tabletop wargame boards and I have started to use it for my own projects.I had a brief look at SketchUp years ago when it first became popular after being acquired by Google. Th ... Read More

Tavern from Stronghold Terrain (20th Dec 2015)

The Tavern by Stronghold-Terrain is the latest addition to my collection of 28mm houses. Let's take a look!The contents of the Tavern kitI already painted up a couple of buildings from Stronghold-Terrain's range of medieval terrain: the Townhouse ... Read More

Porcelain (tooth)brush stand (16th Dec 2015)

This is a little thing I wanted to share: A small toothbrush stand.The Porcelain Toothbrush Standfrom MUJIAfter a couple of months pause I recently got back into painting. And I finally got around to see how this little piece worked out... A few months ag ... Read More

Whatsup? (9th Dec 2015)

It's been a long time since my last post and indeed I did as little hobby activity as the lack of updates would make you believe. Nevertheless, as the year draws to a close I feel like a little looking back and ahead.The Port of Gierburg board is stil ... Read More

Weather Dice (15th May 2015)

Recently I ordered a couple of different dice. Among them was a set of six-sided 16mm Weather Dice, which I mostly bought out of curiosity. Now let's see what we can do with them.Once I held these dice in my hands and rolled them for a few times I imm ... Read More

Broom Binder House from Thomarillion (23rd Mar 2015)

At this year's Hamburger Tactica show I bought the newly released Broom Binder House from Thomarillion.Usually the buildings and terrain I collect for wargaming are made from resin. The buildings from Thomarillion (produced by Ziterdes), however, use ... Read More

Town Houses and Mansion from Tabletop World (4th Dec 2014)

Tabletop World released some very nice timber-framed fantasy houses over the last couple of months. After their latest release - an impressive mansion - it was time for my yearly order. As always this means another review of these new products on the blog ... Read More

Golden Tom 2014 - Tom's Boring Painting Competition 2014 (7th Oct 2014)

Games Workshop may have dropped Mordheim, but the community is still well alive. And what better proof could there be than the announcement of Tom's Boring Painting Competition 2014 over at Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum.From Tom's announ ... Read More

The Port of Gierburg - Part 4: Dock Section II Ground Level WIP (22nd Sep 2014)

After completing the first section of my Port of Gierburg gaming table it is time to start with the second module. This one will be a lot more difficult and a lot more exciting. Due to its complexity I will handle the (under)ground level first and then te ... Read More

Review: More Wargame Terrain by Tony Harwood (11th Aug 2014)

Recently my copy of "More Wargame Terrain" arrived in the post. Let's take a look!After the excellent first volume "Building Wargame Terrain" Tony Harwood has released the follow-up book: "More Wargame Terrain" with more articles on how to create top ... Read More

Gypsy Caravans from Sarissa Precision (18th Jul 2014)

In this post I present my versions of the two Gypsy Caravan models from Sarissa Precision.I first saw the two gypsy wagons by Sarissa Precision on the Lead Adventure Forum and I was instantly sold: the designs of the models looked great.Gypsy Caravans (so ... Read More

Building a little Lantern (16th Jul 2014)

In this short tutorial I describe an easy way of making a lantern using remains from the bits box.Lamps and lanterns add a lot to the atmosphere of the gaming table. Unfortunately though, while lamp posts are available from a number of producers (e.g. Yeo ... Read More

Gierburg Gypsies (13th Jul 2014)

The travelling people arrive in the City of Gierburg!Another batch of beautiful paint jobs by Simon Bradley: Gypsies from West Wind Productions' Vampire Wars range roam the dirty streets of Gierburg.But where are their iconic moving houses...?Update: ... Read More