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Recent news and blog entries from Bob's Blog

Yes, more Zeds. Sorry. (4th Jan 2020)

Happy New Year! Okay, so these truly are the last of the Zombies for awhile. The Toxic Mall box had zombie versions of the characters from the first Zombicide box.So I painted them up to finish off the Toxic Mall box.The Zed-versions are pretty beat up. I ... Read More

Battle of Long Island (31st Dec 2019)

I had Richard, Terry and Scott over this past weekend for some 54mm AWI action. I chose Grant's attack at Long Island (the pinning action) as the scenario.The British can gain a victory point by occupying the town and two points for the exit road hex ... Read More

15mm Jadgpanzer 4s (28th Dec 2019)

I finished off the last of 15mm vehicles I have over the break. These are four jadgpanzer 4's tricked out for Russian (or Poland, or eastern Germany...) or Normandy.Three have skirts and one is without. Two have crew poking their head up. All are deca ... Read More

Some 15mm artillery (24th Dec 2019)

Happy Life-Day Eve, nerds!I finished up some 15mm German WW2 artillery over the weekend. This was part of a job lot that I got last year and then sat around awaiting some love.There were four bases of towed guns and they were a real mess. I have added the ... Read More

Christmas Eve Terror (21st Dec 2019)

The guys at the club let me run a winter-themed game for our last session of the year.  I always wanted to use the huge lego ship my daughter got for a birthday present and I figured it looked enough like the HMS Terror that it would do.The scenario ... Read More

Job lot of painting (17th Dec 2019)

An oddball week on the painting table. I bought a working Bat Signal. A bit big for 28mm but who knows how big it is in real life?I also painted up some 15mm WW3 German recce. I got these guys in a big lot that I am almost finished with.They were a real m ... Read More

Adapting War at Sea for Star Trek (14th Dec 2019)

A few weeks back, I played War at Sea (CMG) at the club and thought that the rules could be easily adapted for Star trek. I've been looking for a set of rules to play with the tiny Trek ships I bought a few years ago. I basically ported the rules ... Read More

Survivors, or not. (10th Dec 2019)

I finished up eight more figures from the Toxic Mall expansion box. There were four new survivors in this zombie game.The interesting wrinkle in the expansion was that eaten survivors could return as special Zeds, so zombievore figures were also available ... Read More

Crossfire at the club (7th Dec 2019)

We had six guys out at the club this week. Bruce out on a game of Lunar Wars for Richard, Terry and Chen. I'm not sure what point Bruce is making in this photo, but I suspect Chen is learning his lander will be late arriving because it stopped for an ... Read More

15mm WW2 Germans softskins for sale (3rd Dec 2019)

For a change of pace, I painted up sixteen 15mm German soft skins. These are resin Battlefront models I got in a job lot. I have added them to my 15mm WW2 for sale page.Nice enough models, suitable for France, Russia or the desert. A bit of grass could be ... Read More

Zeds, Naps and gangsters (30th Nov 2019)

A bit of a job lot of figures today. First up are the last of the zombies for awhile, I hope. There were some of the larger guys. Judging by the neck lanyards, I would say civil servants who just got layoff notices?There were also three regular toxic zeds ... Read More

Sorry, still more Zeds. (26th Nov 2019)

So, still more Zeds from the Toxic Mall box. I know you are likely bored looking at them. Rest assured, I'm tired of painting them. But we're nearly done.I knocked of a mixed lots of regulars zombies (including some bigger ones) as well as a bunch ... Read More

War at Sea! (23rd Nov 2019)

We had five guys out at the club this week (bad roads) but Red Claw was packed with painters and gamers. Bruce hosted Chen and Mike in a game of Congo Gulch. At one point Chen was being berated for killing the objective (!) but the game continued.I played ... Read More

Comment function update (23rd Nov 2019)

Just a quick note. I fiddled the comment function because it has been giving folks problems. The new approach seems to be be working well enough; I hope you are finding it an improvement.Comments on posts older than 14 days are moderated to prevent spamme ... Read More

More gangsters (19th Nov 2019)

In between other projects, I have been grinding away at some Pulp Figures gangsters I bought back in September.I finished five more figures this past week. I was happiest with the one below because he could work for a flamboyant 1930s gangster or a crime ... Read More

More Lunar Wars (16th Nov 2019)

Bruce took us back to the moon with four game of Artifact this week using his Airfix figures. He was porting over some scenarios from Marine 2002 so we were doing some play balance testing.First was a Soviet ground convoy being attacked by US moon skimmer ... Read More

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu (12th Nov 2019)

A long-postponed project has been painting the 35 figures that came with the board game Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. I think Jessica got this as a Christmas present in 2017. I planned to roll this out as a Halloween post, but things intervened... .The figu ... Read More

Imperial Settlers at the Club (9th Nov 2019)

We had six guys out at the club this week but Red Claw was PACKED, with 22 gamers and painters. Maybe the busiest I've ever seen it on a Tuesday? I was glad Terry was there early to get a table.Chen and Brandon played Kings of War, while Terry hosted ... Read More

Gangsters (5th Nov 2019)

Earlier this fall, I picked up some cops and robbers from Pulp Figures. The cops were finished right away but I set the gangsters aside during Zomtober.I got back to these this week and finished three. The fellow in the grey suit has been painted up as a ... Read More

Take me to church (2nd Nov 2019)

I've been looking to add a church to my Gotham layout for awhile but have had zero luck finding one I liked. Most model railway church are clapboard country chapels. The more gothic models tend to be huge and expensive.I was at the the model railway s ... Read More

Zomtober: Toxic Zeds (29th Oct 2019)

As I work my way through the Zombicide: Toxic Mall box, I decided to switch up the skin colour of the toxic Zeds. Apologies for the photo quality; I had some weird lighting effect happening, perhaps interacting with the white undercoat and washes for ... Read More

Low rental housing for Gotham (27th Oct 2019)

At the model train swap meet last weekend, I picked up a couple of cheap buildings. My favourite was this apartment building (there are never enough places for people to live (or eat!) in model towns). This building was built. All I did was paint, wash ... Read More

Zomtober: Sporting Zeds (22nd Oct 2019)

Not my best entry for Zomtober, but sometimes you have to post what you have done. And today that is nine Zeds from the Zombicide Toxic Mall box painted up as athletes. The repetition of poses in the Zombicide boxes is a bit of a grind, so I tried to ... Read More

An Arkham Halloween (19th Oct 2019)

I hosted a Halloween-themed game at the club this week, using the Gotham adaptation of Tribal and a bunch of horror-themed 28mm figures I've collected over the years. Chen, Richard, Terry and long-time lost club member Mike played along with me.Each f ... Read More

Zomtober: Doc Frank and Freddie (15th Oct 2019)

The International Rules of Zomtober require one Zed per week. I am a bit behind on painting this week but I did finish a 28mm Frankenstein kit from Pulp Figures.Here we have Igor and Doctor Frankenstein animating a corpse. Overall, happy with the figures ... Read More

Lunar War playtest (12th Oct 2019)

Bruce was keen to playtest his Lunar Wars game using the sweet "new" Airfix models he bought. We played on a printed hex grid he made. We started with two quick goes at a single scenario that allowed us to compare Artifact and Marine 2002 (the two ru ... Read More

Zomtober: Call the doctor! (8th Oct 2019)

I'm grinding my way through the Zombicide Toxic Mall box this Zomtober. A challenge with these boxes is limited poses. I thought I would do a small number up as medical staff from a hospital or clinic that had turned.Overall, they are a touch drabber ... Read More

Cops, supers and astronauts? (5th Oct 2019)

No chance to game this week due to work commitments,but I did do some painting. First up are some 28mm heroclix cops. Just a quick highlight, wash, dull coat and rebasing.In a addition to the five street officers, there was a detective in the bunch.I also ... Read More

Welcome to Zomtober (1st Oct 2019)

With October upon us, a young man's paint brush turns to zombies. These are from the Zombicide: Toxic Mall expansion I picked up last year.Nothing too special here. Lots of runners and some new poses. The painting is nice and easy!Up next: No club gam ... Read More

Some 28mm Coppers (28th Sep 2019)

I found myself with some birthday cash this month and no pressing purchases so I decided to buy some additional figures for modern gaming. I was short on cops for Gotham the last time I played so I ordered some packs from Pulp Figures.I painted up the cop ... Read More

Last of the Ghostbusters (21st Sep 2019)

So I finished off the Ghostbuster box painting this week.This batching included the four ghostbusters plus the bad guy (Vee-Ger or Gozer? I can't recall). So-so figures for the ghostbusters. A bit cartoonish and with limited raised detail.They fit in ... Read More

Gotham redux (17th Sep 2019)

So Bruce dropped over last week and we re-played the Gotham scenario that I ran at the club the previous week. I was interested in his take on the rules.Same scenario (find the tapes and get them to the police station or TV station). Bruce played the hero ... Read More

Yet more Ghostbusters (14th Sep 2019)

More Ghostbuster figures rolled off the painting line. I'll start wth Stay Puft. Big but nice and easy. I looked at painting on some burn marks (lovely examples online) but decided against it.I finished off all of the rank-and-file ghosts, this t ... Read More

Gotham at the club (10th Sep 2019)

A couple of months back, Bruce introduced me to this game called Tribal ( on wargames vault) designed for skirmish gaming among low-tech cultures. The key thing about it is no dice: it is card driven. I was skeptical but it was a hoot to play and Bruce ... Read More

More Ghostbusters (7th Sep 2019)

I finished up a second batch of ghouls from the Ghostbusters game. These fellows all got a fleshy treatment.I also finished off a long-neglected Cthulhu mini from RAFM that I think I got from Chen (some kind of undead dragon?).And I painted a 40mm Qui-Gon ... Read More

Napoleonic 20 (3rd Sep 2019)

Last week, Bruce put on a couple of Napoleonic boardgames from the Napoleonic 20 series. We started with Waterloo.The mechanics are pretty simple but the real game is managing army morale (which you can degrade for tactical advantage). I've never real ... Read More

Something strange in the neighbourhood... (31st Aug 2019)

So a few months back, Dan sold me his Ghostbusters game. The game is meh but it had a lot of cool figures. I finally got around to starting on the figures. A bit more Cthulhu than ghostly, but they will make a fine set of foes in a future game.There are o ... Read More

The Battle of Pork Rind (27th Aug 2019)

I ran a game of Rebels and Patriots at the club: The Battle of Pork Rind. This is a War of 1812 scenario based around the Yanks capturing a British supply base. The base is mid-table and there are four loot token for the Americans to win. The British are ... Read More

20mm Indian Allies (24th Aug 2019)

With a game of Rebels and Patriots looming at the club, I found myself short of troops and bereft of Indian Allies for my 1812 British. Irregular Miniatures made a fast shipment after I could not lay my hands on any decent 1/72 plastics (Italeri's gre ... Read More

Finishing off Lasalle game (20th Aug 2019)

Bruce and I paused out game of LaSalle a few weeks back. We finally finished it off last week. When we last left our heroes, the British (bottom of picture below) held the town on the hill, were swinging a left hook, and were rushing to block a flanking a ... Read More

Last of the D&D figures (17th Aug 2019)

Okay, I finished off five 28mm Wizkids figures as part of a commission. These will be the last for awhile, I think.There were  bunch with various magical effects that I dealt with mainly through washes.Above we have blonde Jesus with his Windex web. ... Read More

A few 28mm D&D figures (10th Aug 2019)

I finished off a few more 28mm D&D figures for a fellow. I have five more almost done that will follow next week.The first three are two fighters and some kind of magician or illusionist. Nice sculpts generally.Most of the figures in this batch have s ... Read More

Lasalle (6th Aug 2019)

Bruce wanted to try Lasalle again so he set up a pretty large battle (one of the Waterloo ones that I can never keep straight). British are on the right with one of three divisions on the table. French enter from the left. Objective for French is town on ... Read More

Rebels and Patriots: Baby Duck Ridge (30th Jul 2019)

Bruce popped around last week to try out Rebels and Patriots (part of the Lions Rampant series from Osprey). I pulled out my newly rebased War of 1812 troops and pointed out an encounter battle.The armies were pretty similar except the Brits had light inf ... Read More

A few more adventurers (27th Jul 2019)

A few more figures I finished before heading off on vacation.These are the last two figures from a small commission I took on.They are WizKids elves painted (more or less) to the box art that was supplied.Overall, they turned out okay. They look gritty en ... Read More

Ireland and Gaming (20th Jul 2019)

So the family took holiday to Ireland. We didn't see much gaming related (although I did stop in a few game shops in Cork including on really cool, old model shop), but there were some things that touched on gaming.For example, I was surprised to find ... Read More

Few commission D&D pieces (13th Jul 2019)

A fellow asked me to paint four D&D miniatures for him. I managed to finish two before heading out on holidays.First up is a human fighter with a flaming sword. Grey primer, block paint (with a bit of wet-on-wet) followed by a wash and seal.The sword ... Read More

28mm library pieces (6th Jul 2019)

No gaming for me this week and the family is taking a short vacation. But I did manage to complete some terrain just before we left.This is a library set from Mantic Games and contains 14 pieces. It is cast in brown plastic but I primed it white to do a w ... Read More

Supply train! (29th Jun 2019)

Bruce had me over for some Congo Gulch this week. The scenario was a supply train had to cross the board to get to the fort (Bruce's old west fort was out on loan so we made due with a stand-in). The number of wagon in the fort (of the three that arri ... Read More

Club night and graffiti (21st Jun 2019)

I made it out to the club this week. Bruce hosted four guys in another Congo Gulch game. This time it was a good old election, with each player trying to get to the post office to cast ballots for their candidates.As we had a bit of overflow, Chen and I d ... Read More