Composite Bows

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Composite Bows

Unread postby Xenos » Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:20 am

Composite Bow - It has Long range but its last range stick is 1 x Long + 1 x Short.

Could you clarify what "last range stick" refers to?
Does it mean:
Long Range = (180 + 75)
2x Long Range = (180 + (180+75))
3X Long Range = (180 + 180 + (180+75))


Found the explanation in the Ranged Combat Modifiers table on Pg 87.
Long Range = 180
2x Long Range = (180 + 180)
3X Long Range = (180 + 180 + (180+75))

EDIT 2: Idea for rewording description without taking up more page space:
The character is armed with a composite bow of wood, sinew , horn and other materials. It can be used by Mounted figures. It has Long range and ignores the -1 for strong winds, if any, up to 1 x Long. The range bands and modifiers are 1 x Long +1, 2 x Long +0 and 3 x Long & 1 Short -2.

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