A couple of thoughts on the lizardman roster

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A couple of thoughts on the lizardman roster

Unread postby Jcrozier » Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:02 pm

The lizardman roster looks good, especially the different grades of lizardman, which should allow players to fit the various models in their collections in easily (I have lizardmen ranging from about human child size to ogre size). I note that the "classic" SoBH lizardman is now a "veteran lizardman"!. I did wonder, though, if a couple more profiles could be added to reflect some widely available figure types.

First, why not have a "giant lizardman" with the Big trait? Miniature-wise, there are a lot of troglodytes and other very large lizardmen kicking around - creatures for which a C4, Big profile suggests itself. I'd suggest something like this:

Giant Lizardman
Points:66 Quality:3 Combat:4
Amphibious, Big, Heavy Weapon, Tailslap

Second, while the Giant Lizard Rider profile is great, I think there's also a place for a different sort of cavalry. Most lizardmen cavalry miniatures are mounted on fast, fierce-looking dinosaur-type creatures of roughly horse size, rather than larger beasts that look like candidates for the Big and Clinging Traits. So it might be an idea to add a War Lizard Rider along these lines:

War Lizard Rider - Personality
Points:80 Quality:3 Combat:4
Dashing, Greedy, Long Move, Mounted, Savage (P)

This gives a profile that fits with a lot of miniatures. I think Savage/Greedy is a good couplet - so you get something that quite literally startles the horses - but which also tends to stay behind to feast on their corpses!

I know that space is a constraint, but I'd prefer to see something like this to the three Giant Lizard Rider variants at the moment (one of them only differentiated by the Poison trait). Also, the text at the top and foot of the lizardman entry could be "squeezed" a bit - happy to help here if required!

One other observation: might it be an idea to give the Veteran Lizardman Archer C4 rather than Good Shot? That would save a line of space, but - more importantly - it might be a better reflection of miniatures. I think it makes sense to give a veteran human or dwarf archer Good Shot to differentiate them from a more heavily armed veteran soldier. But lizardmen with bows tend to be pretty much identical to those without, as a lot of their arms and armour are natural - teeth, tails, claws, scales. "Veterans", I suspect, will generally be drawn from the many lizardman models that are a bit bigger than humans (but not Big in game terms). In other words, when you look miniatures for human archers and warriors, it's obvious that the warrior should be better in melee. But I don't think that usually holds for lizardmen miniatures.

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Re: A couple of thoughts on the lizardman roster

Unread postby Andrea Sfiligoi » Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:49 am

Yes I think I can squeeze them in.

Remember that each race will have their own army book -- I have given a lot of space to Lizardmen here only because they are, basically, the main antagonist of the humanoid races on Norindaal, and their own book is not going to be published anytime soon.

Good call on the shooting C score. My idea is in general that the weakest member of the bulky/strong races learn to be shooters because they are bossed around by their stronger brethren and they know they can't win in a melee. Buit of course your reasoning is valid too

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