Free forum for your club?

~ If your club would like a free sub-forum, please make a post in here.

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Free forum for your club?

Unread postby 01i » Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:22 pm

In order to maximise the play testing that takes place, we would like to offer a free sub-forum to any gaming club that wants one.

By default we will create you a public forum that you can use to chat with members, and recruit new members. But we will also create you a private club forum if you want one.

We will also create an entry on the Table Warfare gaming club directory if your club is not already listed. Please note that the directory is currently only listing UK and Ireland, however International clubs are more than welcome to have their own free forum. Once we have enough international clubs we will expand the directory to include more clubs.

All clubs are welcome to a forum, regardless of location, however from a moderation point of view, we would prefer all messages to be posted in English (or carry an English translation).

If your club would like a forum, please create a thread with the following information:

  • Club Name :
  • Club Website :
  • Club Contact Email :
  • Club Contact Telphone [optional] :
  • Club Address [including postcode] :
  • When do you meet?
  • Who is welcome?
  • Any Membership Fees?
  • What games to you play?
  • Do you organise a Trade show?
  • Do you organise Competitions?

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