Savage variant? Fearsome

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Savage variant? Fearsome

Unread postby Jcrozier » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:58 am

I'm not sure if this forum, rather than the Yahoo group, is the correct place to post this, but as it arose from the discussion about the Savage rule in FiFu, I'll post it here for now (apologies if it's out of place).

With Savage now a personality rule in FiFu, I wonder if there's room in the game (SBH variants generally, rather than FiFu specifically) for a non-personality Fearsome rule. I like the Savage rule as a means of differentiating monstrous troops (big orcs, beastmen, etc.) from humans without simply upping their C score to 4, but the consensus seems to be that too many Savage troops can be game-breaking. At the same time, preserving the personality Savage as a simple "all kills are gruesome" rule is elegant and user-friendly. But how about something that would allow warbands of nasty monsters or notorious killers to dent morale without driving all before them? Here's an attempt at such a trait:

Fearsome characters are sufficiently vicious in appearance or reputation to unnerve opponents when they cause casualties in combat. When a Fearsome character kills an opponent, the opponent's comrades within one Long take a morale test on two dice. This does not apply to models that are already in combat (who will be focused on self-preservation). If the Fearsome character triples the opponent's score, follow the normal rules for a gruesome kill instead.

I haven't tested this out yet, but I think it would give a markedly different effect from Savage, in that it would cause opponents to scatter/retreat in piecemeal fashion, rather than rout outright. The two-dice test and melee exemption mean that it would rarely cost a warband losses, but would lead to backing off and disorderly retreats.

Any thoughts? And again, apologies if this is inappropriate!

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Re: Savage variant? Fearsome

Unread postby Andrea Sfiligoi » Tue Apr 14, 2015 8:37 am

It sounds good. No time/space to add this to Fightin Fungi but I might fit in the next supplement.

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