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Recent news and blog entries from Board Game Quest

PARKS Review (3rd Jan 2020)

I remember stumbling across the PARKS both (technically the Keymaster Games booth) at Gen Con 2019 and thinking “wow that game is pretty”. My friend then says to me “Oh, that’s PARKS, it’s gamer’s Tokaido“. Consider my interest piqued as I’m a fan of Toka ... Read More

Tudor Review (2nd Jan 2020)

In Tudor, you will be a Lord during the time of King Henry the VIII trying to win prestige and influence. While my personal knowledge of King Henry VIII is mostly limited to what Herman’s Hermits have told me, the gist of it seems to be that he loves jewe ... Read More

Aeon’s End Digital Review (1st Jan 2020)

When it comes to deck-building games, the digital realm is a great place to experience one. Not only do you get to avoid the long clean up time of tearing apart decks and sorting cards, but you don’t have to constantly reshuffle your cards every few round ... Read More

Slide Quest Review (31st Dec 2019)

Back in the 1940s, I’m not quite sure what they did for entertainment on a consistent basis. There was no Netflix, video games, or even the internet in general. What you did have was a wooden box and a marble. That’s right, who hear remembers Labyrinth? N ... Read More

Monolith Arena: Academics Expansion Review (30th Dec 2019)

Last year I reviewed Monolith Arena, the newest version of, essentially, Neuroshima Hex (which has been in my top 10 games ever list). Since then, I’ve decided I probably don’t need both of those games in my collection, and I chose to hang onto Monolith A ... Read More

Kickstarters of the Week: 12/30 (30th Dec 2019)

We are just about through 2019. It kind of feels like this year has flown by, not only is 2020 right around the corner, but it starts a new decade too. Wonder how we will look back on the 2010’s? Anyway, we are thick into the yearly Kickstarter drought, i ... Read More

Top 10 Board Games of 2019 (27th Dec 2019)

For the past 7 years (has it really been that long?) I’ve been posting my Top 10 Games of the year. With the glut of new releases every year, this has been an increasingly harder and harder task. Not only are there so many good games coming out each year, ... Read More

Sixpence Bakery Review (27th Dec 2019)

“Sing a song o’ sixpence, pocket full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie.” So goes the nursery rhyme, which offers its theme for Sixpence Bakery, a 2-6 player card game from Dan Kriss Games. Play duration is 10-20 minutes and aimed at chil ... Read More

Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Review (26th Dec 2019)

There are usually two camps of thought to the following question: Is Die Hard a holiday movie? While the answer is obviously yes, they’re many who surprisingly don’t believe this to be true. This can spark a rather spirited debate in and around the holida ... Read More

Call to Adventure Review (23rd Dec 2019)

The hero’s journey is the template on which many beloved stories are crafted, with the components of the archetype of the monomyth appearing in fiction throughout history and into the present day. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings jump out as the prototypic ... Read More

Kickstarters of the Week: 12/23 (23rd Dec 2019)

It’s Christmas week so, understandably, it’s a super light week for our Kickstarters. That being said, I’ll keep this short and sweet since everyone is busy with the holiday madness I hope you’ve had a great holidays season! And if you are scrambling for ... Read More

Flotilla Review (20th Dec 2019)

For the history buffs out there, the Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll probably brings back striking visuals of mushroom clouds. But what if one of those tests went horribly wrong and the earth was devastated by earthquakes, tsunamis, and irradiated oceans? ... Read More

Beatdown: Streets of Justice Review (19th Dec 2019)

Pop culture derives iconic characters from many sources. The current overarching fears of the time, the multiple layers of media that bring new and old narratives into our collective consciousness, and the day to day churning of business as it seeks to pr ... Read More

At the Gates of Loyang Review (18th Dec 2019)

If you ask modern board game fans to list off their favorite board game designers, it won’t take too long for Uwe Rosenberg’s name to come up. He’s had some massive hits, including Agricola and Le Harve, which make up the first two games of his “Harvest T ... Read More

Carpe Diem Review (17th Dec 2019)

Carpe Diem is one of those great Latin phrases that somehow just stuck around as part of the vocabulary of English speakers. Maybe it’s just the succinctness of Horace’s expression on the importance of the present that translating it lost too much of what ... Read More

PAX Unplugged 2019 Recap (16th Dec 2019)

PAX Unplugged 2019 breezed into Philadelphia for its third go-around, providing gamers with a weekend of all the tournaments, panels, speakers, demos, play areas and gaming that they could handle. PAXU has solidified itself as a “gamers’ game convention,” ... Read More

Kickstarters of the Week: 12/16 (16th Dec 2019)

We are halfway through December and the games keep rolling on. The conventions are done (our PAXU recap is coming today), but there are still a lot of games left to be played this year. And if you still have some holiday shopping to do, don’t forget to ch ... Read More

Vast: The Mysterious Manor Giveaway (13th Dec 2019)

This week, Samir posted his review of the asymmetric board game Vast: The Mysterious Manor. This was Leder Games’ second take on the Vast concept, a game where each player controls a wholly unique faction. You can read all the details and Samir’s full tho ... Read More

Paris New Eden Review (13th Dec 2019)

What’s this? A new post-apocalyptic board game? Oh yeah, now we’re talking. For some reason, a good post-apoc setting is one that I immediately gravitate to. From Wasteland Express Delivery Service to Fallout: The Board Game to Outlive, I’m always down to ... Read More

The Island of El Dorado Review (12th Dec 2019)

There’s a store in the mall near me. It’s called Marbles: The Brain Store. It’s a shop for people interested in jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, abstract strategy games, and physical puzzles of many kinds. They sell lots of items from ThinkFun; Gravity Maze co ... Read More

Vast: The Mysterious Manor Review (11th Dec 2019)

Quite a few companies are releasing second editions of popular games. Fantasy Flight Games and Red Raven Games seem to particularly love releasing a box with “Second Edition” somewhere on the cover. Sometimes, the point is to refine old rules, improve com ... Read More

Wingspan European Expansion Review (10th Dec 2019)

The cube pile had grown bigger. Words were not spoken. Andrew’s hand simply appeared from behind Mount St. Cubeville holding a copy of the European expansion for Wingspan (core game review here). My eyes Gollumed. “My preci…” and I lept forward, greedily ... Read More

We Need To Talk Review (9th Dec 2019)

While I expect that real interventions are pretty serious business, We Need to Talk is a party game based on the idea of staging interventions for… less serious… problems. The lightheartedness of the afflictions makes the game friendly for all ages. But t ... Read More

Barrage Review (6th Dec 2019)

I’ll cut to the chase: Barrage is one of those games that is in the discussion for the best release of 2019. There are many that will continue to get that same talk that are a little more accessible such as Tiny Towns, Watergate, and Wingspan. Barrage is ... Read More

Quick Hits: Marvel Champions: The Card Game Review (4th Dec 2019)

It’s time for another Quick Hits from the Vault, the series where many of the BGQ team gathers together to give you our quick thoughts on a new or popular game. Today we are going to look at the hotness from Fantasy Flight Games, Marvel Champions: The Car ... Read More

Kickstarters of the Week: 12/9 (4th Dec 2019)

We survived this year’s PAX Unplugged and are busily working on our convention recap article. If you didn’t make it to the show, a great time was had by all. We played new games, chatted with publishers, and even spent some of our hard-earned gaming dolla ... Read More

Unmatched: Battle of Legends Review (3rd Dec 2019)

Back in the early 2000s, I stumbled across a sealed copy of Star Wars: Epic Duels at a second-hand store. While Star Wars was not shy to throw their license at pretty much any crappy game, I figured I’d give it a shot for . Little did I know that a grea ... Read More

Songbirds Review (2nd Dec 2019)

A dense rulebook and a table full of components are not necessary for tough decisions to be present in a game. In fact, some of the hardest decisions I’ve seen in games come from those that are just a deck of cards and maybe a couple of tokens. Examples f ... Read More

Kickstarters of the Week: 12/2 (2nd Dec 2019)

This week not only launches us into December but is also the last big convention of the year with PAX Unplugged. A bunch of the BGQ team will be on-site at the convention to cover it, so be sure to check back after the con for our full PAX Unplugged recap ... Read More

Board Game LYFE!!! (29th Nov 2019)

I want my readers to know how old I am. It will help stave off the flood of negative comments and rage-infested emails when I release my pre-written review of Ethnos 2nd Edition: Slovenia Too. I am old enough that I had to check UrbanDictionary for “lyfe” ... Read More

Top 10 Board Games from BGG CON 2019 (27th Nov 2019)

BGG CON is a wondrous place where brand new hotness meets a library full of games you’ve never heard of (or perhaps own but still never got around to learning. This year I was able to play a mix of games right from Essen, classic Euros I’ve somehow never ... Read More

Conspiracy: The Solomon Gambit Review (27th Nov 2019)

Two of the most subjective aspects of board game reviewing are components and the illustrative art that goes along with them. In addition to this, game publishers will usually push designers to minimize the number of components needed in a game for effici ... Read More

Cities: Skylines – The Board Game Review (26th Nov 2019)

If you’ve never played it, Cities: Skylines is a video game publisher Paradox Interactive and it’s utterly fantastic. In fact, I’m completely unashamed to admit it that I have bought it twice (Steam, PS4) and will probably get it a third time for my Switc ... Read More

Alien Artifacts: Breakthrough Expansion Review (26th Nov 2019)

“Here. Review this,” said….Andrew? He briefly glanced up from a significant pile of wooden cubes to hand me the newest expansion to Alien Artifacts (review of the core game here), Alien Artifacts: Breakthrough. “Where is Tony?” I asked as I took the game ... Read More

Power 1 Review (25th Nov 2019)

Power 1 gives rummy a twist. In addition to making sets, you’ll work towards building up and clearing sets of your own or other players to clear your hand first. Fewer numbered cards will limit your opportunities, but jokers add an opportunity for power p ... Read More

Kickstarters of the Week: 11/25 (25th Nov 2019)

November is just about over and its Thanksgiving week here in the US. Time to stuff ourselves on turkey, carbs, and pie…and then cap off the day by falling asleep on the couch to some football. All in all, a great day. Friday, of course, is Black Friday. ... Read More

Board Game Gift Guide 2019 (22nd Nov 2019)

In less than a week, the whole house will be smelling like turkey, gravy, potatoes, and stuffing. And you know what comes after you gorge yourself silly and fall to sleep watching football? That’s right, the official start of the holiday shopping season. ... Read More

Magnate: The First City Preview (21st Nov 2019)

Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. This post was a paid preview, you can find out more information here. Residential brings in commercial businesses. Industry create ... Read More

Ticket To Ride: London (20th Nov 2019)

Walk into any friendly local game store and you are bound to see countless versions of Ticket To Ride on the shelves. Multiple base games, expansion maps, and the small box Ticket to Ride: New York. Well, today we are adding more options to that shelf. Ti ... Read More

Glorantha: The Gods War Review (19th Nov 2019)

I love Cthulhu Wars. So with that in mind, when Tony received Glorantha: The Gods War, he asked me if I wanted to review it. I was not familiar with the title and asked for some more details. He described it as an area control game with similar mechanics ... Read More

Cthulhu: The Great Old One Review (18th Nov 2019)

PUNY MORTALS! It is I, the GREAT CTHULHU once again in your electronic presence. The human Tony has again summoned me from my slumber in R’lyeh to review games of human interest. For those of you unfamiliar with my great works, feast your sanity on my pre ... Read More

Kickstarters of the Week: 11/18 (18th Nov 2019)

We are halfway through November and inching closer to the final few conventions of the year. We are also getting close to the start of the holiday shopping season. With that in mind, this week we’ll be posting our Board Game Gift Guide if you need suggest ... Read More

Horrified Review (15th Nov 2019)

When it comes to monsters, they come in all shapes and sizes. Be they Lovecraftian horrors dwelling from outer space or gibbering mouthers in your DnD campaign, monsters have only been limited by a person’s imagination. Yet you’d be hard-pressed to find m ... Read More

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game Digital Review (14th Nov 2019)

One of the obvious sources for digital games are pre-existing board and card games that have already grown in popularity or have an established fan base. These games bring with them a great deal of expectations and presumptions by players, especially for ... Read More

Dino World Review (13th Nov 2019)

It’s hunting time for your pack of dinosaurs. The field is flush full of archaeopteryx, ripe for the picking. But beware, because not every dinosaur is an Apex predator. Even the quick velociraptor isn’t safe from the mighty T-rex. That’s right, there is ... Read More

Escape from Iron Gate Review (13th Nov 2019)

The Big House. The Slammer. The Joint. You’ve been a guest for long enough and now its time to make your break. But apparently you’re not the only human with a plan, and now the race is on to see who will Escape from Iron Gate before the alarm is sounded. ... Read More

Queens and Kings Preview (12th Nov 2019)

Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. This post was a paid preview, you can find out more information here. Playing traditional games like Chess, Checkers, or Backgammo ... Read More

AlderQuest Preview (12th Nov 2019)

Note: This preview uses pre-release components and rules. What you see here may be different from the final, published game. This post was a paid preview, you can find out more information here. I’m working my way through the Dark Tower series from Stephe ... Read More

Pigasus Review (11th Nov 2019)

Croco-bird? Lobste-phant? Peli-shark? In Pigasus, mixed-up animals will twist your perception as you race to collect matching sets of smashed together creatures. Are those elephant legs? Lobster antennae? Is that one even mixed up at all? Pigasus will hav ... Read More

Kickstarters of the Week: 11/11 (11th Nov 2019)

November rolls on and with it come the holidays and the last few conventions of the year. We are busily working on our BGQ Board Game Gift Guide, so look for that soon. In the meantime though, we’ve got a nice group of Kickstarter campaigns for you to che ... Read More