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Recent news and blog entries from Battle Reporter

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Database Update (24th Sep 2014)

Current edition army books only filter, 5,000 searchable battles archive, double batrep notes and more exclusive member accolades. Hi folks, I've been tweaking the database and current pages in the run up to version 2 which I'm working on no ... Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Batrep Database - with over 1,000 Batreps (13th Jun 2014)

Looking for good Fantasy Battle Reports ?LillLegend StudioLook no further. See the best rated battles on (save it to your favourites). There are over 1,000 links to written and YouTube batreps (click "R" to view a written Batrep or "V" ... Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Stats from 2,400 Battles and hundreds of gamers (11th Apr 2014)

WHFB statistics based on over 2,400 Warhammer Fantasy battles, with nearly 600 evidenced by battle reports (over 500 of which have links to reports with photos and maps or YouTube videos).Slayer by Myles David of LilLegend snapsho ... Read More

Army Success by Battle Points Value (25th Mar 2014)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Army Performance by Battle Size (pts value)My Warhammer Fantasy database now caters for army pts value in the Army vs Army analysis. It's something I added a couple of weeks ago but forgot to blog about.You can now filter on th ... Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Army - Enemies (27th Feb 2014)

I've added a new section to Sigmar's Warhammer Fantasy Battles ArmiesVs page - Battle CountThe new section shows which armies most regularly face each other on the Fantasy battlefield*.* The data all comes from the battles added by memb ... Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Update - Professional Mercenaries & Fun Foes (21st Feb 2014)

The Battlefields page now includes a section named Professional Mercenaries & Fun FoesThe new section found in the last accordion pane shows which member armies had the most fun and demonstrated the most skill* in defeating or drawing with their enemi ... Read More

Warhammer Tournament Rankings now on (20th Feb 2014)

Sigmar's Warhammer Fantasy Battles - member's roster rankings now includes a tournament / friendly / all games filterI'm pleased to report that I think I will now be able to find some time to get back to development work on's been a f ... Read More

New 8th Ed Dwarfs Warhammer Fantasy (9th Feb 2014)

Just in case you missed the news, because Dwarfs are easily overlooked ;-), the stunties are back with an 8th edition WFB army book update !It's been a long wait but then Dwarfs are fairly patient folk - which is just as well because I think it's been 9 y ... Read More

Share your Fantasy Batreps (23rd Dec 2013)

You can save links to all of your Warhammer Fantasy Battles on and then share a single link to all of your batreps spread across multiple forums and blogs in your forum signature or on blogs and MiniMonsters.euFor Blogs & Web ... Read More

WHFB Tournament Army Performance (21st Dec 2013)

You can now select All Battles, Friendlies or Tournaments on the Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Army League more Bretonnia...I've added a drop down to the "ArmiesVs" page (see below) because we have quite a lot of battles now (over 1,0 ... Read More - are Dark Elves now the strongest Warhammer Army ? (5th Dec 2013)

by's Warhammer Fantasy Battles - UpdateRecent enhancements, future plans and highlights since my last update on 1st November.WFB site highlights735 members1192 Fantasy battles (incl. 500 with battle notes and 198 ... Read More

Making Warhammer Batrep Videos (28th Nov 2013)

Excellent instructions for creating Battle Reporting videos by OnceBitten360 (one of the very best Warhammer Fantasy battle reporters out there)Watch OnceBitten's reports, and check out his battle rating on{My suggestion, which I've tr ... Read More

Popular Warhammer Fantasy Armies (22nd Nov 2013)

I've added a section to showing commonly collected WFB army combos.The new table also shows which other armies each collector most wants, loves, loathes and fears and which other armies they are likely to have painted (use the dropdown box t ... Read More

Best Fantasy Battles & Luckiest Winners (15th Nov 2013)

"Merry Slaughter" (most enjoyable Warhammer battles) and "Chosen of the Dice Gods" (luckiest winners) added to the Battlefields page The new sections take the fun and luck ratings from the add Battle page.Merry Slaughter...shows the most enjoyable en ... Read More

WHFB Army Strengths & Weaknesses Opinion Poll (8th Nov 2013)

A Poll has been added to Warhammer Fantasy Battles ( to find the strongest and weakest characteristics of each Warhammer Fantasy Army.Cauldron of Blood by  www.LoserStudio.blogspot.comIt's a question that is frequently asked by new play ... Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Battles ( Update (1st Nov 2013)

Sigmar's Warhammer Fantasy Battles News & Highlights by'm continuing to develop new pages and features for, here's a brief summary and some highlights since my last update on 21st September.Everybody ... Read More

WFBattles - Battle Notes page now shows carriage returns (new lines) (21st Oct 2013)

The Battles, Campaign Battles, Leagues and your personal Battle editing page now correctly format line feeds in your (used with permission)Sorry for the wait, I had to put this issue to one side a couple of times before ... Read More

Best Army, Codex and Miniatures Polls (WFBattles - update) (16th Oct 2013)

Sigmar's Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Member Polls page updated.The Member Profile > Polls page has been changed to allow members to "opt out" of rating an army book / miniatures they haven't seen and armies they haven't faced in battle. (use the white ... Read More

WFBattles Member Prestige & Ranking (12th Oct 2013)

Rank and Reward system added to Sigmar's Warhammer Fantasy LoserStudio.blogspot.comI have added an awards and ranking system to named:-"Member's Prestige" (under the Members section).In a nutshell it rewards members for their part ... Read More

Your Fantasy Battle Reports Ranked (1st Oct 2013)

Add your Warhammer Fantasy batreps and have them rated and ranked.Some new features in Rankings to enable members to rate battle report links & videos (Battles).Battle reporter rating for ranking best to worst batrep w ... Read More

Sigmar's Fantasy Battles News (21st Sep 2013)

Warhammer Fantasy Battles News & Highlights ( continues apace on the site and you should notice several new features and improvements over the next few weeks. Here's a brief update and some highlights since Go Live on 31st August ... Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Batrep Ratings - (coming soon) (14th Sep 2013)

WFB Report ratings (on will soon include the option to rate battles and gain battle reporting reputation (I'm naming it Battle Scribe Rep).I've been working on Star Ratings for Battle Report notes & related batrep links on other WFB ... Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Domination (8th Sep 2013)

Battlefields page added to the WFB Stats Reckoning section.I've just added a new page which analyses member battles by Warhammer Faction, ie. Forces of Order, Forces of Destruction and non-aligned Armies.The Scales of WarYou will find:- a pie chart named ... Read More

WFB - Most Feared & Revered Armies (2nd Sep 2013)

The Warhammer Fantasy Battle Leagues website gets a new stats page (under Reckoning)...The Revered !It shows the most feared and worshipped WFB Armies (from member's profile choices) Miniature Images used with the kind permission of Rafal Maj of www. ... Read More

WHFB Leagues, Best Armies & Players (online now!) (30th Aug 2013) is online (and FREE, forever* !) and inviting players to post their battles, get ranked, create leagues and join campaigns.* if you're wondering how come it's free, where are the catches..? There are none, I created the site to learn abo ... Read More

Online Warhammer Fantasy Leagues, Battles, Campaigns & Stats (24th Aug 2013)

Record your Fantasy Battle details, notes and report links online, compete in Warhammer Fantasy leagues and campaigns and check out heaps of WFB Fantasy Battles - Incoming! (Aug 2013)I'm pleased to announce that WFBa ... Read More

Huge Warhammer Fantasy Army Book Update (30th Jul 2013)

Albion, Amazons, Araby, Estalia and Norse updated to 8th Edition Warhammer army book pdfs + 24 other superb unofficial Fantasy Battle armies.Excellent news for collectors of unofficial, fan-made Fantasy Battle armies; Mathias has recently revised and fine ... Read More

Warhammer Fantasy Battles League - Campaigns & Alliances being added (14th Jul 2013)

I'm adding a new Campaigns and Alliances feature to my Warhammer Fantasy Online Leagues website - (going live soon!)For anybody who is unfamiliar with WFBattles it's a new, completely FREE (with no catches !) interactive Warhammer Fantasy w ... Read More

KIILING BLOW - Flames of the Phoenix (12th Jun 2013)

A new High Elf themed incarnation of the famous Battle Reporter forum game.We're switching from the outright slaughter fest which was the Chaos version of killing blow to a slightly more balanced High Elves version with a bit more in the way of magical de ... Read More

Warhammer FAQ, Errata (2013 updates) (23rd Apr 2013)

Games Workshop, April 2013 - new Frequently Asked Fantasy Battle Questions/Answers, WFB Army Book Errata and 8th edition Warhammer and Storm of Magic rule book clarifications.Warhammer Errata and FAQ updates - Fantasy Rules and ArmiesThe April 2013 update ... Read More

Sigmar's Warhammer Battle Recorder is now online (21st Apr 2013)

My Fantasy Battle recorder and Warhammer league table website is now quidam Corvus (see footnote)Battle Recorder SummaryThe website collects your battle details, archives them and summarizes the results. You can include links to your website ... Read More

New High Elf Miniatures (20th Apr 2013)

The new High Elves army book and presumably some (although probably not all) of the new miniatures are released at the beginning of May, here's a sneak peek of some of the new models.I reckon these minis will receive a mixed reaction (personally, I love t ... Read More

Cathay Warhammer Fantasy Army PDF (2nd edition) (16th Apr 2013)

An genuinely amazing (!!!) full-colour comprehensive update for the Cathay Fantasy Battle Army.Click the army book cover for the PDF download link or to view the book online. If you have any comments or would like to feedback your appreciation to Mathias ... Read More

Interview with a Fantasy Army Designer (23rd Mar 2013)

Mathias has created an impressive range of 20 very unique and inspiring unofficial Warhammer Fantasy Battle army books, expansions and supplements.With the speed at which Mathias manages to turn around new and updated armies I'm amazed he found the time t ... Read More

Warhammer Painting and Modelling Inspiration (1st Mar 2013)

The Battle Reporter forum is now playing host to almost 3,500 amazing Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures - check out our slideshows below.I've been so impressed by some of the inspiring model ideas for unique units that I've decided to write a post on my ... Read More

NEW Chaos Daemons have arrived ! (23rd Feb 2013)

Games Workshop have put their new WFB and 40K Daemons on "Pre-orders".They certainly look interesting and suitably Daemonic !The news release from GW:-New Daemons Available to Pre-OrderTo earn the ire of a Daemon is to sign your own death warrant. Gruesom ... Read More

Warhammer Painting Contest - Reminder (21st Feb 2013)

Three days left to enter our Fantasy Battle, 40k and LOTR painting and modelling competition. Just show us what you plan to paint (you then have a month to paint it) - we have 17 entries so far.We're accepting entries from 40K and LOTR (although Fantasy B ... Read More

KILLING BLOW - Tides of Chaos (11th Feb 2013)

A new faster, more furious and brutal incarnation of the famous Battle Reporter forum game.In keeping with the recent new Warriors of Chaos releases, Killing Blow Game #5 has adopted a Chaos theme with more powerful attacks, limited defence and some new s ... Read More

NEW Nippon Warhammer Army Book - Free PDF (9th Feb 2013)

A comprehensive update of the Nippon Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army for 8th Edition rules.This army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop!Mathias has just released a major revision of the Nippon Army book. This is a significant re- ... Read More

Warhammer Painting Competition - accepting entries now (7th Feb 2013)

Our Prestigious and World Famous (er, kind of !) GW Miniature Painting Contest Returns.This year we're again accepting entries from 40K and LOTR (although Fantasy Battle or related fantasy type minis are preferred because that's what we're really all abou ... Read More

Warriors of Chaos Close Up Video by Games Workshop (4th Feb 2013)

GW releases an excellent close inspection YouTube video of the new Warriors of Chaos minis.The video does a superb job of showing all the new miniatures and model kits in 360 and zooms in on some of the detail. You get a much clearer picture and feel for ... Read More

Warhammer Special Characters Supplement PDF download (24th Jan 2013)

A FREE fan-made Fantasy Battle PDF Supplement featuring 127 Lord and Hero level Special Characters that have all been updated to 8th Edition Warhammer rulesMathias has been hard at work again with this superbly realized WFB Supplement that is free to down ... Read More

Save your Fantasy Battles online and assess your performance in our Warhammer Leagues Website (25th Nov 2012)

A NEW (unofficial) Warhammer website for assessing your battle performance and that of all the Fantasy Battle ArmiesHi folks, I have been beavering away on a WFB project in recent weeks to try to boost membership of the Battle Reporter forum and to learn ... Read More

Empire Knightly Orders Expansion PDF Review and links (18th Nov 2012)

An Empire Army book PDF expansion (unofficial) for  Warhammer Fantasy Battle.If you like the thought of charging highly disciplined (generally!), loyal (mostly!) Knights across the field of battle but are turned off by the Fleur de Lis and fancy raim ... Read More

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Forum News (19th Oct 2012)

Battle Reporter Forum reporting...It seems people have recently been registering on the Battle Reporter forum but not receiving their activation emails. I think this is probably my fault for sending out too many updates recently - too much exciting n ... Read More

Become the MASTER ASSASSIN ! (17th Oct 2012)

Fancy yourself as a Fantasy Battle killer ? Read on...Join the Warhammer forum KILLING BLOW text game and earn yourself the MASTER ASSASSIN accolade and avatar for killing off the most units.It's dead simple:-1) Post a unit (any Warhammer Fantasy Battle u ... Read More

Killing Blow Game #4 - Payback ! (enter your unit) (14th Oct 2012)

A new WHFB "Hurt or Heal" text based game in the Battle Reporter forum for anybody interested in cracking a few Stunty skulls together ;-) and having a good laugh :-DTo enter : just post your unit in the forum link (any Warhammer Fantasy Battle unit at al ... Read More

Kislev Warhammer Army Updated - PDF (13th Oct 2012)

Winged Lancers coming to a Fantasy Battlefield near you soon - right now actually - duck !Mathias has been busy with the people of Kislev and the Land of the Great Bear and presents to us another top quality army book.This army is completely unofficial an ... Read More

Warhammer Army Book PDF update - Araby (28th Sep 2012)

The Araby (unofficial) Fantasy Battle Army book has been updated.Mathias has been beavering away again (does he ever stop !?) This time he's really gone to town on the presentation (check out the excellent new in-book fonts) and it really does look incred ... Read More

The Hobbit - Official Movie Trailer #2 released (21st Sep 2012)

For Lord of the Rings fansThe LoTR trilogy (the books not the game) is, I suspect, the reason many of us old timers got into Warhammer Fantasy in the first place. I suspect the LoTR films were the reason many others joined us a few years later.Anyway, if ... Read More