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Recent news and blog entries from Analogue Hobbies

Entry #4 to AHPCX: Cartel Gangers and their Hideout (2nd Jan 2020)

Happy New Year Everybody! This is a book-end entry to my SAS post from last week. Here we have a nasty band of cartel members, in the midst of a shoot-out next to their seedy caravan hideout.Similar to my previous post, these figures are all from Spe ... Read More

Entrry #3 to AHPCX: SAS Jungle Operators and a Huey (29th Dec 2019)

Hi All!Today Sarah's Balloon drops me onto Bromley's Butte to challenge its mysteries. Dave asks us for: 'An individual figure or squad of tactical stealth troopers.' With this in mind, I present a team of SAS operators (or perhaps pr ... Read More

Agnes Baker - Entry #2 to AHPCX (26th Dec 2019)

Hi All!As I need to traverse Challenge Island for a future entry I've prepared this lass as my transit fee on Sarah's Balloon. This is Agnes Baker, one of our favourite characters in Fantasy Flight Games' series of Cthulhu-themed games. A ... Read More

Hook - Entry #1 for AHPCX (22nd Dec 2019)

The Captain twirls his moustache and glowers at the headland. Another blasted reef! He wanted to make landfall at the shallows. He'll have to have a few choice words with that fathead First Mate of his, Smee.  That git's navigation is for the ... Read More

'X Marks the Spot!' The 10th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (20th Nov 2019)

It's that time of year again! If you're interested in participating in the event, head over to the Painting Challenge blog to see what shenanigans are being planned this year. ... Read More

Sisters of Battle for FriendsCon (14th Oct 2019)

On top of my 2mm madness, another project I've been working on these past few months has been putting together a Sisters of Battle force for a friends tournament that we just had just a few days ago. Byron hosted all six of us at his house with a deli ... Read More

2mm Napoleonics! (Or, 'What I did During my Summer Vacation, Part I') (23rd Sep 2019)

We had a very nice, restful summer, with lots of lazy days and bright sunshine to sit back and recharge the batteries. While I did spend a lot of time outside puttering with some landscape projects, I did manage to get to grips with a couple hobby things ... Read More

Worst Case Scenario #19: SCW Rearguard during 'la Retirada' ('The Retreat') - Northern Spain, February 1939 (22nd Aug 2019)

This past spring we spent a few wonderful weeks vacationing in the south of France in the Roussillon area.  This region is ruggedly beautiful and steeped in history extending back to the ancient period. Roman ruins, medieval castles, an excellen ... Read More

Worst Case Scenario #18: 'Time Machines, Cultists and Samurai - Oh My!' (24th Jun 2019)

Its been a while since we revisited our rollicking Strange Aeons campaign of manly, two-fisted adventure and cliff-hanging derring-do, so I dug up the character sheets and dusted off the pulp figures so we could play another chapter in our story.To recap: ... Read More

Jorõgumo from 'Rising Sun' and Ashigaru from Perry Miniatures (13th May 2019)

We recently returned from a nice, long vacation and so I thought I'd catch up with some figures I had done since the last time I had posted. First up is this rather creepy-crawly lass, Jorõgumo, from the CMON game 'Rising Sun'.  ... Read More

Syrian White Helmet Rescue Workers (24th Mar 2019)

This was my closing post for the ninth annual Painting Challenge. I wanted to return to our overarching theme of 'Fellowship' and decided to do a small vignette honouring a group of people whose selfless efforts I've admired for several years ... Read More

Pink Horror Daemons (21st Mar 2019)

Hi All!Once again, something a little off the beaten path today.This time it's some Pink Horrors from the Warhammer universe. I did up a batch of these for a few reasons. First, they're wonderfully weird miniatures, with lots of animation and tons ... Read More

LotR Warg Riders (18th Mar 2019)

Here are two Lord of the Rings Warg Riders. These are metal castings from the early releases and were a real joy to work on. Funny enough, I've had these two bad lads done since the first few weeks of the Challenge, but I wanted to bulk them out ... Read More

NATO Scuba Assault Team (13th Mar 2019)

Here is a contemporary scuba assault team with their fast attack boat all ready to take down targets like a hijacked freighter, a terrorist controlled oil platform, or perhaps even a suspicious water skier.This set is from Eureka Miniatures. I thought it ... Read More

Viet Minh Infantry and Palm Trees (11th Mar 2019)

One project which I'm happy to revisit is my slow foray into 1950s French Indochina. I've been working on this collection since 2013 and, heaven forbid, with this group done, I think I may actually have enough to put on a game. So yes, it may take ... Read More

3mm Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry for Blucher (7th Mar 2019)

Hi Folks,Quite literally, I have a small update today.Here are a few more brigades of 3mm Napoleonic Portuguese infantry to add to the collection for 'Blucher'. These are 3mm Napoleonics from Pico Armor (sourced from Oddzial Osmy ou ... Read More

The Fellowship of the Ring in Balin's Tomb (5th Mar 2019)

Hello Everyone!Well, anyone who saw my opening entry for the Painting Challenge in December won't be too shocked with this post.Picking up from my Frodo and Sam, here are the the seven remaining Companions of the Ring-bearer. All of these figures ... Read More

40K Penitent Engine (1st Mar 2019)

Hi Folks!Just a small past to end the work week. This time out we have a Penitent Engine from the 40K universe.Taking a dip into the GrimDark, penitent engines are mechanical constructs piloted by super-bad sinners serving penance for some particularly he ... Read More

Sisters of Battle Tactical Squad, Immolator and Tribute Figure for Iain (24th Feb 2019)

The first 40K army I collected was Sisters of Battle way back in 1997. They were an all-metal range and so quite expensive to create a viable force (though I understand new plastics are now on the horizon). Nonetheless, I slowly amassed a decent ... Read More

Casualty/Status Markers (Crows and Stiffs) (22nd Feb 2019)

Just a small post from me to top off the workweek. A few years ago Paul posted some fabulous crows from Zombiecide and I knew I had to get a set for myself. I managed to pick up a box on sale this past summer and then duly forgot about them ... Read More

1/300 Freighter and Explosion Markers (19th Feb 2019)

We've been enjoying 'Cruel Seas' and so I thought I'd finally finish the freighter that came with the initial expanded release. So, I give you a poor stricken freighter, with a violent explosion amidships, soon to be added to the tonnage t ... Read More

Assorted Miniatures for 'Dark Heresy' (12th Feb 2019)

Hi All,Last week our gaming group started up our second campaign of 'Dark Heresy'.  For those not familiar, 'Dark Heresy' is a role-playing game set within the 40K universe.  The game was originally produced by Fantasy Fligh ... Read More

Renaissance French Pike ('Mauvais Garcons') and Great Gun (4th Feb 2019)

The French, with a few notable exceptions, were not especially renown for fielding effective pike formations. Where the Swiss cantons and German landsknechts had the pike market pretty much sewn-up, the French expertise lay more in their heavy cavalr ... Read More

Alastair Grimsby, 'Titus' and 'Bigby' aka: The Big Bad Wolf (27th Jan 2019)

Hi All,Here we have the pugnacious Alastair Grimsby and his mastiff 'Titus', minding their business, tending their flock of sheep, while The Big Bad Wolf (or simply 'Bigby', for those who have read the brilliant 'Fables' series) lo ... Read More

Pulp Denizens - 'Val' Sakura, Remi Choppinet and Carson Sinclair (24th Jan 2019)

I thought it high time to get a little pulp adventure going, so here are a few figures that I've added to my collection of all things noir, eldritch and slightly odd.Yoshio 'Val' Sakura - 'The Kamikaze Grifter'1949 San Francisco. Val i ... Read More

William Tell's Apple Shot (21st Jan 2019)

Early in the 14th century, Swiss legend has it that William Tell was made sport of when Albrecht Gessler, the Austian vogt (officer) of the Swiss principality of Uri, demanded that he shoot the apple resting on Tell's son's head.Mosaic at the Swis ... Read More

Warbringer Titan 'The Crucible of Terra' (16th Jan 2019)

Late this past summer GW reissued 'Adeptus Titanicus', a game which caused a bit of a stir for some geeks of a certain vintage. The new ruleset is great homage to the 1988 version - easy to learn, fun to play and very evocative of the Horus Heresy ... Read More

British Exploring Officer, Iberian Peninsula, 1810 (7th Jan 2019)

Last week I picked up David Brown's 'General d' Armee' rules and realized that I haven't painted a Napoleonic figure (much less a unit) in an age. This is amazing as when I started this blog years ago that's ALL I painted. It's ... Read More

Fighting Fae - 'Tom Thumb' and his Furies (2nd Jan 2019)

Elves are wonderful. They provoke wonder. Elves are marvellous. They cause marvels. Elves are fantastic. They create fantasies. Elves are glamorous. They project glamour. Elves are enchanting. They weave enchantment. Elves are terrific. They beget terror. ... Read More

The Seven (Female) Samurai' - Onna-Bugeisha (31st Dec 2018)

A few months ago I saw these female samurai (Onna-Bugeisha) from Warlord Games and immediately knew I had to pick up a set. Funny enough, there's a bit of synchronicity involved as well as I've had a Samurai-themed game rattling around in my head ... Read More

German E-Boats for 'Cruel Seas' (28th Dec 2018)

Weirdly, as a prairie boy, I've always had a great fascination for naval warfare, being an enthusiast of the large ship games like 'Wooden Ships and Iron Men', 'Fleet Action Imminent' and 'General Quarters III'. So, w ... Read More

Opening Entry to AHPC IX: Frodo & Sam - The Beginning of the Fellowship (25th Dec 2018)

In keeping with tradition, I try to open the show with the first entry of the Painting Challenge. _____________________________________________This past summer I began reading through the Tolkien canon following the chronological order of the st ... Read More

Simple Play Aid for Adeptus Titanicus (18th Dec 2018)

Like many in the hobby, I often enjoy modding the games I play. Whether its through custom markers, bespoke player aids, or with special rules to help drive the narrative, I really enjoy adding that little extra gloss to my games. Straight out of the ... Read More

'Fellowship': Challenge IX Begins December 21st (20th Nov 2018)

The Ninth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has just been annonced. Head over to the Challenge blog to get the details.  ... Read More

'From the Prairies to the Trenches - Part V: Amiens, Armistice and Aftermath, January 1918 - June 1919' (11th Nov 2018)

If you have a moment, please check out the concluding chapter of our 5-part video series focusing on Saskatchewan's involvement in the First World War:Saskatchewan Remembers. ... Read More

A Candy-Apple Reaver Titan, Proxy Carapace Weapons and Some Terrain (29th Oct 2018)

In my last post I had a Warhound scout titan sporting a candy-apple paint job, so this time out I have a Reaver medium war engine decked-out in a similar scheme.The inspiration for these came from an excellent YouTube airbrush tutorial I sourced from Mogg ... Read More

A Pack of Warhounds for Adeptus Titanicus (24th Oct 2018)

For any who have been following my recent posts, it's fairly easy to see that I've been swept up collecting and painting stuff for the recent release of Adeptus Titanicus. This time out, I have a hunting pack of 'light' Warhound titans (ye ... Read More

Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver Titan 'Canis Lex' (28th Sep 2018)

My Adeptus Titanicus riff continues with the addition of a Reaver medium titan, a half dozen Imperial Knights and a few more bits of terrain.To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the Reaver. I've never really taken to the quasi-reptilian 'head/co ... Read More

Adeptus Titanicus: Legio Mortis Warlord Titan (17th Sep 2018)

Following on the heels of my previous Adeptus Titanicus post, I've managed to complete the second Warlord titan from my boxed set. This fella is in the colours of Legio Mortis. In 30/40K lore, Legio Mortis is one of the oldest titan legions in ex ... Read More

'Adeptus Titanicus': Opinion of the Redux Version (6th Sep 2018)

The new edition of 'Adeptus Titanicus' was released a week or so ago and having had great nostalgia for the original 1988 version (ye gads, has it been that long), I felt compelled to pick up the new release. I have to confess, my love f ... Read More

With a Little Help from my Friends: Italian Wars Stradiot Light Cavalry from DaveD (13th Aug 2018)

A couple of years ago, while we were lucky enough to take in the Partizan show in Newark, DaveD very kindly agreed to paint up a unit of Stradiot light cavalry for me. Being a gentleman and a scholar, he sent back the beautifully completed models jus ... Read More

A Trio of Baddies for Star Wars: Imperial Assault (5th Aug 2018)

Continuing on my Star Wars riff, here's a trio of Imperial baddies to help make our our heroes, well, more heroic.I found these to be quite nice miniatures on the whole. Great animation and while they're a bit softly cast in a few places, the ... Read More

At Trio of Heroes from Star Wars Imperial Assault (23rd Jul 2018)

For a bit of pulp summer reading, I picked up 'Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View'. Wow, what a page turner!  I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it. The book is comprised of 40 short stories, all centred on the ... Read More

SAS / JTF2 Operators & Defender Series 1 (10th Jul 2018)

A few more special forces operators to add to the collection, plus a venerable Land Rover Defender Series 1 for them to roll out in.The figures are from the Empress Miniatures SAS range, though I think they'll stand in nicely for Canadian JTF2 as well ... Read More

Some Modern Vehicles & 'What a Tanker!' (4th Jul 2018)

I've been fairly busy with work, outdoor stuff and some home renos, but I've not entirely neglected my hobby desk and have managed to get a few more things added to my ACWII project.I figured that if I'm going to build a modern miniature colle ... Read More

Hello Ladies! Modern Female Operators (14th Jun 2018)

In the interest of equal opportunity, here are five female operators working towards gender-balancing my ACWII collection.Similar to the Russians from my previous post, all of these figures are from Spectre Miniatures. I quite like the mix of both ci ... Read More

Modern Russian Urban Assault Team (9th Jun 2018)

I needed some Russians for my ACWII storyline and found that this great range from Spectre Miniatures fit the bill nicely.These are Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) in urban assault gear, ready to holiday in the Crimea, Syria or any other vulnerable loca ... Read More

ACWII - Prelude Scenario - Damascus, 2020 (14th May 2018)

Damascus, Syria. December 2020.The year is 2020 and the Second American Civil War has been raging for almost a year. Ten months ago the POTUS declared martial law due to a crisis threatening the safety of the United States. The catalyst to the c ... Read More

A New Project: The Second American Civil War (2020-?) (26th Apr 2018)

_______________________________This project is a pure flight of fancy, a bit of shameless self-indulgence. I've always had a dark fascination for contemporary conflicts - the brutal, kinetic and extreme violence that seems to pick away at the edg ... Read More

Renaissance Duel Prize for IainW - The Knight of Gabbiano (22nd Mar 2018)

Last year Iain and I had a Renaissance Duel to which he soundly trounced me. (What was I thinking? Well, obviously not much as I did the exact same thing this year...) As a prize I offered to paint him an Italian Wars figure. He graciously offered to send ... Read More