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15mm Starter Shared Mould Package £4.00

15mm Starter Shared Mould Package

Shared Moulds are aimed at sculptors and smaller scale manufacturers.

The 15mm Starter Shared Mould Package allows you to turn a sculpted 15mm figure into a white metal miniature, and is ideal for testing out how well a miniature sells.

Including 1x space in a synthetic master mould and 1x space in an organic production mould, for a 15mm figure.

Dimensions of the mould allow for a miniature sized: 4x50x20mm, 6x40x20mm, 8x30x40mm or 10x20x20mm

Miniatures from Shared Moulds will be available for purchased from the Table Warfare website, and the occassional Tradeshow.

Sales of miniature, will pay you 60% of the price, minus metal costs. Payments will be paid monthly to accounts with balances over GBP50, or used at any time to purchase products or services from the Table Warfare website.

Trade copies will be available for metal cost at our production price, plus postage.

Upon receipt of master to be moulded, it will go into the next space available in a synthetic master mould, and then, based on size, will go into the first production mould containing similar sized figures.

Following addition to the master mould, you will receive 2x example copies included in the price.

By purchasing a space in a Shared Mould, you are stating that you have the rights and permission to mould and sell the miniature. Miniatures reported to be in breach of permission, will be investigated and possibly removed from the website and no longer cast. No refund will be payable in this instance.

© Product, Images and Text are the Intellectual Property of Table Warfare. All rights reserved.

Price: £4.00
Contents: 1x library mould space, 1x production mould space
Manufacturer: Table Warfare
Code: SM2
Product ID: 369
Stock Status: Enquire
Genre: Any Genre
Era: Any Era
Scale: 15mm
Material: Rubber
Race: Any Race
Faction: Any Faction
Type: Any Type
Product Type: Mould

Images of 15mm Starter Shared Mould Package

15mm Starter Shared Mould Package 15mm Starter Shared Mould Package