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Mind Control clarified

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:25 pm
by Andrea Sfiligoi
I modified the text for Mind Control spell to make clear that you can't control more than one creature at a time, and that mind controlled creatures count as out of action while they are being controlled.

Mind Control
Tags: Variable Range, LoS Required, Resisted, Affects Only Living Targets, Enchantment
The caster tries to control the mind of an opponent. If the target fails to resist, the model will be controlled by the caster’s side until the caster is affected by any spell backfire, is knocked down, put out-of-action or casts another Mind Control spell. No caster can control more than one model at a time. Creatures count as out-of-action for Morale purposes while they are controlled.
Backfire: Caster must pass a Q roll on one die or be put out-of-action.