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Table Warfare Miniatures

Ogre Gore Master with Head 2 £18.00
Jetpack Multi Pack £1.50
M2 Half-Ttrack used as an Artillery Tow £7.90
M51 Multiple Machine Gun Carriage, with M45 Quadmount Gun and M17 Trailer £5.80
German Field Kitchen, with Large Spoked Wheels £4.75
Decreation Bazurka £1.50
US 105mm Field Gun £5.80
British Home Guard, including Officer and NCOs £3.00
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Table Warfare Website News

Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter by Ganesha Games

Fightin' Fungi Kickstarter by Ganesha Games

4th Feb 2015

Ganesha Games, and award winner game developer Andrea Sfiligoi [Song of Blades and Heroes] are releasing a new rulebook and set of miniatures via Kickstarter.

Fightin' Fungi.

Check it out and pledge for these miniatures before they become available for general release.

Backers can also sign up for the hidden playtest forum (found on our message boards), check out the kickstarter updates once you've pledged for your recognition code.

The campaign has already funded and passed several stretch goals. You have until lunchtime (GMT) on 16th of Feb to make a pledge.


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