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Table Warfare Miniatures

World War Two LCI1 Landing Craft £6.25
Whore's Blade Heroics - Book and Miniature Combo Pack £16.00
Decreation Sentinal £1.50
Ms Zen £4.00
Decreation Swarm Elite £2.00
Russian Army Riflemen Firing £3.00
German Army Observation Post Group, with Bi-focals and Plotting Equipment £4.25
Ogre Gore Master with Horror Head 1 £19.50
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Table Warfare Website News

The Final Diary

The Final Diary

24th Apr 2014

Follow the diary of William Daniels as he strives to survive in a world where the infected hunger for human flesh.

Dark Art Studios Products For Sale

Dark Art Studios Products For Sale

9th Oct 2012

Table Warfare are please to announce that we have added a new selection of miniatures, bases and scenery objects to the shop, sculpted and manufactured by Dark Arts Studios.

The Dark Arts ranges are all made from high quality resin, and include a selection of large monsters for 32mm gaming, dungeon and graveyard scenery, and some sculpted resin bases.

Dark Art Miniatures
Dungeon Scenery
Graveyard Scenery
Sculpted Resin Bases


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